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About Audio Logo Music
What is an audio logo?
An audio logo is a soundbite that serves as an aural representation of your brand. Sometimes referred to as sonic trademarks, these logos may be played in conjunction with a visual logo to strengthen brand recognition or without visuals in audio-only projects like podcasts or radio. Audio logos may be sound effects, short musical clips, voiceovers, or samples. The concept grew out of mnemonic devices that were used in learning and memory. The advertising world uses these mnemonics or sound logos consisting of melodic patterns in order to get consumers to remember a specific brand. This is effective in part because the human mind is wired to look for patterns, so a well-done audio logo can establish a pattern that sticks with consumers and helps that brand stand out from the rest. Audio logos show up in TV commercials, radio advertisements, computer startup sounds, and more.
Where can I get music for an audio logo?
Various music sites offer audio logos for download. For a high-quality, professionally created selection, look no further than PremiumBeat. With audio logos in a number of genres and subgenres, from Corporate to Electronic, Inspirational to Funk, you are bound to find the sound that fits your brand. To get started, head to the PremiumBeat search engine. Look to the filter options on the left and click “Genres.” Then select “Audio Logos” from the corresponding dropdown menu. All subsequent tracks will fall under the “Audio Logo” category. You can further specify the sort of vibe you are going for with your audio identity by selecting a mood, setting the BPM (Beats Per Minute), choosing instruments, and more. If you find a track that is close to what you are looking for, click its title and scroll down to “More songs like this one” to hear similar beats. Once you have found the perfect audio logo for your brand, add it to your cart and head to checkout. Select the license that meets your needs, pay a one-time fee, and download your track in moments. You can then add your track to your content and share with the world.
How to choose an audio logo?
When selecting an audio logo for your brand, it is best to first ask yourself some questions regarding your brand’s culture. What are your brand’s core values? Who is your target audience? What is the main message you want to convey? It can also be helpful to consider the size of your brand. Large companies tend to want to communicate to consumers that they are trustworthy. To achieve this effect, the audio logo ought to be set in the key of C and mainly utilize acoustic instruments such as guitar or piano. Lesser-known companies may want to convey that they are capable despite their smaller size. Deeper, more resonant notes can sound spacious and vast, creating a sense of greater reach. No matter the size of your company, keep in mind that aural branding is most effective when the audio logo has a timeless sound to it. Contemporary music trends change fairly frequently. You want your audio logo to sound up-to-date for years to come.
What are some examples of an audio logo?
Intel: Intel’s simple five note startup sound is one of the most well-known in the world. It was created in the 1980s by Austrian musician Walter Werzowa. When he was hired, Werzowa was told the logo needed to convey innovation, reliability, and trust. He composed the jingle in 10 days using a combination of various synthesizers, xylophones, and marimba. Although it seems short and sweet, this signature sound consists of 20 different audio layers.

McDonald’s: As the largest restaurant company in the world, it is no surprise that McDonald’s has one of the catchiest audio logos. The “ba da ba ba ba” vocal hook adapts easily to different musical stylings and cultures around the world and the “I’m lovin’ it” slogan gets McDonald’s message across in three simple words.

THX: The startup sound for George Lucas’s high-fidelity audio/visual company is appropriately epic. Entitled “Deep Note,” the audio trademark debuted at the premiere of Return of the Jedi on May 25, 1983. The logo glides from one pitch to another, starting off at a low rumble and climaxing in a triumphant high.

Netflix: The audio logo for this streaming service gets right to the point with a “Ta-dum” sound as if to say, “Without further ado, here’s your show.” The logo consists of two 16th note strikes and quickly evokes a feel-good sigh from viewers as they now know they can settle in for a relaxing binge watch. Interestingly enough, the sound comes from two knocks made by fictional character Frank Underwood, star of Netflix’s first original series, House of Cards.
What makes a good audio logo?
A good audio logo sticks with listeners well after they have heard it. The musical notes should be catchy, easily recognizable, and instantly associated with your brand. You want your audio logo to be on the shorter side. Less than five seconds is best with three seconds being the sweet spot. Don’t be afraid to keep it simple and use silence to your advantage.

As audio engineer Daniel Noga has said: “Sometimes silence is the best sound.” Repetition also plays an important role in the effectiveness of an audio logo. The more a listener hears your audio logo, the more likely it is to stay with them and remind them of your brand. This also means your audio logo must be aurally enjoyable and not annoying. Consider the “earworm phenomenon.” Studies have found that fast tunes with a fairly generic and easily remembered melody tend to stick in the minds of listeners. These melodic contours tended to follow a pattern in which the first phrase would rise in pitch and the second would fall. An audio logo may mimic this pattern to achieve its own earworm effect.

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Our Standard License covers the majority of uses and is valid in perpetuity. That means, you can use your licensed audio logo in as many videos as you need, forever. Experience music licensing done right.

Audio Logos That Take Center Stage

Like any powerful superstar, your audio logo should be able to take center stage and hold the audience’s attention immediately. When you brand your content with an audio logo from PremiumBeat, you can bet that your listeners will be paying attention. All of our tracks are created by professionals so that you have your pick of the best of the best. Explore our diverse range of genres to find your signature sound today.

One License, Unlimited Use

At PremiumBeat, we have simplified the music licensing process so that you can focus on what matters: your brand. Simply find the audio logo you love, add it to your cart, and head to checkout to select the license that meets your needs. Pay a one-time fee and use your logo in your project in perpetuity, meaning forever.

Be Heard

With an audio logo, when your brand cannot be seen, it can still be heard. When it comes to audio projects such as podcasts, this aural branding is essential. Even for brands that focus on visual content, a far wider audience can be reached with the addition of an audio logo. In fact, people respond to sound up to 100 times faster than they do to visual images. To amplify your brand’s staying power, add one of our choice audio logos to your content today.

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