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Create an Atmosphere

Use background music in your next video to pull viewers more deeply into the world you have created in your film. High-quality music can bring tears to the eyes of those watching a heartfelt drama or send chills down the spines of viewers staring in anticipation at the screen of a psychological thriller.

Fill the Silence

Let the gentle sound of falling rain wash away the silence. White noise backgrounds can be used to soothe anxiety and help the sleep deprived find much-needed rest. You can discover such tracks on PremiumBeat by going to the “Advanced” filter and selecting “ASMR” or checking out “Ambient” tracks under the “Genres” filter.

Set the Tone

The effects of background music on listeners can be quite powerful. By playing high-quality background music in your video, you effortlessly establish a mood for your audience. Consider the tone of your project and then search PremiumBeat by “Mood” to find the music to match.
About background music
What are the types of background music?
Background music comes in a variety of styles. Instrumental background music is free of lyrics and can be played behind those speaking in videos or podcasts without distracting listeners.
There is background music for every sort of occasion: Christmas background music is ideal for holiday parties or shopping centers that want to create a cheery atmosphere, while Halloween background music is best played during spooky events.

The influence of background music on the mood of listeners cannot be overstated. Happy background music can create a positive feeling while sad background music can stir up melancholy. Fast-paced background music played during an action film trailer can make the heart beat faster, while soft background music floating gently through a romantic scene can make the heart melt.
What are some iconic background music tracks?
To hear some iconic background tracks, check out PremiumBeat’s Masterworks collection. These songs consist of live orchestras playing classical pieces. You have likely heard versions of these songs before, as they have stood the test of time and proven themselves to be well-loved across generations.

In our collection we have Tchaikovsky’s Christmas classic, “Russian Dance,” from the famous ballet, The Nutcracker, as well as Rimsky-Korsakov’s “Flight of the Bumblebee,” featured in a number of modern films. Listening to these songs is actually good for you! When it comes to exposure to music, research has found that classical tunes can stimulate the spatial pathways in the brain and prepare them for use. This makes the mind more active, resulting in higher intelligence.
Where can I get royalty free background music?
There are many music libraries out there, but if you are looking for the best of the best, you have come to the right place. PremiumBeat is home to thousands of royalty free tracks perfect for use as background music. We carefully curate our library to ensure that every song you hear is of the highest quality. All our music is 100% original and exclusively available at PremiumBeat.

You can easily search for background music using the advanced filters in our search engine. To do so, click on the “Advanced” filter and select “Instrumental Only.” You can then explore specific styles of background music by clicking the “Genres” filter, or search by emotional impact using the “Mood” filter. When you find tracks you want to download, all you need to do is add them to your cart and go to checkout to select your music license. Pay a one-time fee and the songs are yours to use in perpetuity. It is worth noting that our songs are royalty free, not copyright free. Royalty free refers to the fact that our songs do not require the payment of ongoing fees to the copyright holder. Copyright free refers to music that does not have a copyright, such as the Happy Birthday song.
Does Youtube allow background music?
YouTube allows background music in videos if the user has the rights to the song. This means that adding your favorite music by famous artists to your video is not really an option. If you were to play popular music, chances are that YouTube will mute or take down your video. This is because YouTube runs a software called Content ID to check all YouTube videos against its database and ensure no copyright infringement is occurring. The simplest option is to use royalty free background music in your YouTube videos.

At PremiumBeat, we have many types of background music to explore. From upbeat music to energize your viewers to downbeat music to help listeners relax, and all sorts of genres and moods in between, you are sure to find your ideal background music in the PremiumBeat library. Add your new favorite songs to your cart, head to checkout, select the appropriate license, and download. Just like that you will be ready to add catchy and compelling background music to your YouTube videos without any worry of your carefully created content being flagged.
How do I choose background music for a video?
When choosing a song for your video, consider the intended impact of background music on your audience. Do you want to create a sense of positive emotion? Advertisements, feel-good videos, or helpful vlogs may want to opt for such joyful tunes. If, however, you want background music for a scary movie trailer, then a track that stirs up negative emotions such as fear or anxiety would be more appropriate.

In general, the power of music to affect listeners’ emotions should not be overlooked when choosing a background track. Various studies have examined the influence of music on the brain. Listening to pleasurable tunes can result in the release of neurotransmitters like dopamine, which is associated with a sense of reward, ideal for corporate videos or commercials.

Looking for specific corporate music?

Take a deep-dive into our music collection and filter tracks by instruments.

How to use background music:

Background music as film scores

A unique, carefully selected soundtrack offers your film a professional, polished quality. Such a score can stay with the audience long after the film itself has ended. When selecting background music for your film, consider the emotional impact you want the music to have on viewers. If, for example, your film is a heart-wrenching drama, you may want to go with violin music that can deepen the melancholic mood. An inspirational and uplifting film, on the other hand, would benefit from bright piano instrumentals. You can create a playlist of your favorite film score tracks on PremiumBeat by clicking the “plus music note” icon to the right of the song title. Experiment by rearranging the music in your playlist, considering which tracks would work well as intro music that sets the tone of the film, as well as the songs that could build suspense or add to the dramatic quality during pivotal scenes.

Background music for trailers

The type of background music you use in your trailer will depend largely on the genre of your film. Action or adventure trailers that want to excite the audience can benefit from epic music that quickens the heart rate and moves viewers to the edges of their seats. Romantic or sentimental trailers can instantly inform viewers of the genre by including heartfelt, sweeping orchestral tracks. Because film trailers are only about two minutes in length, it is best to pull viewers in quickly. High-quality music can help achieve this effect by engaging the audience within the first few notes. You can find trailer music on PremiumBeat by searching by Mood or Genres. Any song you download from our music library will come with 15-, 30-, and 60-second clips of the full track, making it that much easier to edit into your trailer.

Background music for Youtube videos

Stay on top of the competition on YouTube by including background music in your videos. This music informs your followers that you have put careful thought and care into the creation of your content, which helps your audience trust that your content is worth taking the time to watch. When choosing background music for YouTube, look for tracks that can be seamlessly incorporated into your videos. PremiumBeat’s advanced filters allow you to search by Mood and Genre, so you can easily find tracks suited to your content. Makeup tutorials may want to use “Fashion / Lifestyle” tracks from the Mood section, for example, while gaming channels could utilize the songs found in the “Games” genre. A study-oriented YouTube channel would benefit from the addition of classical music. Research on the impact of music has found that listening to classical music can improve cognitive performance by increasing concentration and self-discipline. This helps viewers achieve their intended study goals and keep your channel in mind as offering high-quality content.
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