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Want to know the best place to get royalty free music? Welcome. You’ve arrived. The PremiumBeat library has thousands of high-quality royalty free tracks. Discover music you love and download today to take your projects to the next level.

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Royalty Free Music for Every Video Project

Wondering what the best royalty free music for video might be? Explore the PremiumBeat library and you’ll have your answer in no time. With our Genres and Mood filters, you can find high-quality music to match the tone of any video. From music made for lifestyle YouTube content to tracks designed to uptick the tension in suspenseful film trailers, PremiumBeat has the royalty free music to take your video to the next level.

Safe for Use on YouTube and Vimeo

Find royalty free songs you love on PremiumBeat, add them to your cart, and head to checkout to select a license. If your content is web-based or non-commercially distributed, go for the Standard license. If you are working with revenue-generating content, choose the Premium license. Both license options cover your content on YouTube and Vimeo so you can share your creativity with the world without worry of muted content or video takedowns.

Best Royalty Free Music 2022

Thanks to the musical submissions of talented professionals from around the world, the PremiumBeat library is always expanding. That’s It is our aim to bring you only the best in 2021 and 2022 alike. Get the most current music so that your videos, podcasts, commercials, and more can blow the competition away. Discover brand-new music to add to your projects today.
The best music for video
What is the best royalty free music?
The best royalty free music is professionally made, created with various customer projects in mind, and enjoyable to listen to. You want royalty free tracks that will enhance your video, podcast, or any other project. The best music will differ depending on the needs of a given project. Fortunately, PremiumBeat has filter options that make it easy to search for songs on a project by project basis. Looking for an intro song for your podcast? Click the “Audio Logos” option under the Genres filter. Want to set the mood for a romantic scene in your film? Select the “Sexy / Sensual” or “Romantic / Sentimental” option under the Mood filter. Need a fast-paced beat for a car chase in your trailer? Search by BPM (Beats Per Minute) and set the sliders to a high number. Explore our library and rest assured that PremiumBeat is bound to have the best royalty free music for you and your project.
Where is the best place to get royalty free music?
There are a number of music libraries you are free to explore, but to quickly discover the best royalty free music all in one place, check out PremiumBeat. Our library has over 20,000 choice tracks created by professional musicians all over the world. The filter options available to you within our search engine make finding songs that will suit your projects an easy and enjoyable experience. Search by Genre or Mood, Vocals or Instruments, and select specific subgenres within those categories. You can also search by BPM (Beats Per Minute) or Duration if the tempo or length of the track are your primary concern. Once you find the songs you want to work with, simply add them to your cart, head to checkout, select one of our license options, and download to start working with your royalty free music. It really is that easy.
Where can I find the best free royalty free music?
The best free royalty free music comes from music libraries such as PremiumBeat that hold all tracks to a high standard. We make it our mission to bring you only the best of the best by carefully screening the music we accept to our library. You can easily explore the free royalty free music on PremiumBeat by heading to our search engine, scrolling down to the Advanced filter, and selecting “Free Tracks.” To instantly check out some of our top free tracks, check our free music collection here. There you will also find helpful tips on using free royalty free music in videos, podcasts, and YouTube content, as well as answers to common questions regarding free royalty free music.
Where can I get the best royalty free music in 2022?
The various music libraries out there are always expanding, but for the best royalty free music in 2022 look for libraries that have a careful selection process for their new music submissions. While some libraries will accept all music submitted, libraries like PremiumBeat carefully consider every track in order to make sure it is both of the highest quality and will be a good fit for our collection. We now have a growing roster of professional musicians from all over the world so that you can discover wildly diverse tracks in our library. Our “World” genres range from African to Scandinavian. Explore the PremiumBeat library to hear the best royalty free tracks our world has to offer.
What’s the best royalty free music for video?
The best royalty free music for video depends on the type of video. PremiumBeat’s library boasts a wide variety of genres to best meet the needs of any video project. Say, for example, you are working on a film trailer. The royalty free music you select for the trailer will depend on the genre of the film. If it is a romantic comedy, head to our “Mood” filter and take a listen to tracks considered “Feel Good,” “Gentle / Light,” or “Romantic / Sentimental.” If, on the other hand, your film is a thriller, you are going to want to try out “Crime / Thriller / Spy,” “Horror / Scary,” or “Suspense / Drama.” Maybe your video project is not a film trailer at all but an informational lifestyle video for YouTube. We have a vast collection of “Fashion / Lifestyle” tracks to match the tone of your video. Ultimately, whatever the topic of your video, you can bet that PremiumBeat has a song that sounds as if it was made with your project in mind.

Looking for specific music?

Take a deep-dive into our copyright free music collection and filter tracks by instruments.

How to use music in your projects:

Best royalty free music for Youtube

While many YouTube users add music from YouTube’s Audio Library to their videos, you can stand out from the crowd by using unique royalty free music discovered on PremiumBeat. If you are looking for royalty free background music for your content, check out PremiumBeat’s “Cinematic,” “Acoustic,” or “Ambient” genre options. Try to match the tone of your video to that of the music. If you are unsure of the tone, watch some videos from YouTube users with content similar to your own and pay attention to their music. Are the songs upbeat and fast-paced or slow and mellow? Are there certain instruments that seem to stand out? Once you have a sense of what sort of music is working effectively in these videos, you can perform your own music search. Download the songs that excite you and add them to your video. Try to align the cuts in your video with musical changes in the song. If, for example, a drumbeat suddenly picks up, that might be a good moment to cut the video to a new shot angle.

Best royalty free music for Twitch

So you’re a videogame aficionado looking for some music to kick your livestream up a notch? Try adding intro or outro music. Intro music essentially introduces your audience to your video while outro music plays at the end to wordlessly inform viewers that the video is ending. To find music that will match the tone of the videogame you are playing, check out PremiumBeat’s advanced filters. Go to the search engine, look to the filters on the left, and select “Genres.” Scroll until you spot the “Games” genre. Take a listen to Adventure music, 8-Bit tracks, Racing tunes, and more. If you will be talking during your livestream and don’t want the music to distract your viewers, go for instrumental music. You can easily find a whole host of those tracks in the PremiumBeat library by scrolling down to the Advanced filter and selecting the “Instrumental Only” option.

Best royalty free music for Podcasts

One of the most effective ways to use royalty free music in your podcast is to set a track as your audio logo. An audio logo provides aural branding for your show. It is basically a theme song played in each episode of your podcast, usually at the beginning as an intro song. It informs listeners of both the tone of your show and the fact that your podcast is professional and consistent. To find the best royalty free music to use as an audio logo, you can simply select the “Audio Logo” option from PremiumBeat’s “Genres” filter. Alternatively, you can download any song that suits you and use the preset 15 second section of the song or edit the track yourself in order to use your favorite little section as your intro.
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Simple licensing

PremiumBeat offers flexible license plans to meet the needs of every music-lover that comes our way. Select the license that’s right for you, pay a one-time fee, and use your track in perpetuity.

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When you select the appropriate license for your project and download royalty free music from PremiumBeat, you can add the tracks to your videos, podcasts, and more with complete peace of mind. Our licenses ensure that you are legally covered. Music to your ears, we know.

An Epic Selection of Royalty Free Music

With thousands of royalty free tracks, an ever-expanding music library, and dozens of genres and moods to choose from, it’s no surprise that PremiumBeat is the best place to get royalty free music. From film scores to audio logos and everything in between, you are sure to find the tracks you need within our virtual walls.

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