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Found your perfect song? Buy one of our two simple music license options and you’ll be set. With a Standard License, you’re able to include a cue in as many projects as you need, forever. That’s one license, unlimited use.

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When you buy a PremiumBeat music license, along with the full track, you also get loops and short clips too. No matter your video’s length, you can easily edit your soundtrack until it fits.

Not quite ready to buy? You can download a preview of any track, for free. That way, you’ll have your ideal cue lined up before you commit.

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With a collection spanning an astounding range of genres - from electro-pop to orchestral and more - your project’s perfect soundtrack awaits. Because each track is handpicked, our library contains only the highest quality music.

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When you choose a PremiumBeat track for your vlog, you can put copyright issues to the back of your mind too. Because our music is royalty free, your online video won’t be flagged or blocked.
How to buy a music license
What does it mean to buy a music license?
Buying a music license involves paying a fee to the copyright holders of a musical track. The music license is a legal agreement between the licensee and the copyright owner. It states the ways in which the song is allowed to be used by the licensee. Music licensing for copyrighted music is an involved and expensive process. The different copyright holders need to be contacted and negotiations generally ensue. Some people wonder if they can legally use copyrighted music after giving credit to the copyright holder.

All music licenses held by the Creative Commons require users give credit to the original creator when a song is shared, but some licenses have further conditions that must be followed. If interested in using music from the public domain, you do not need to buy a music license. This is because copyright law only protects a track for seventy years after the death of its creator. Once this time has passed, the track enters the public domain and is owned by the public. One of the easiest ways to buy a music license is to go to a royalty-free music platform such as PremiumBeat. These libraries offer diverse music catalogs of royalty-free tracks. Users pay a one-time fee to use this stock music in their projects.
What types of music licenses can I buy?
When it comes to traditional licensing, there are a number of licenses that may be required for a single copyrighted song. The synchronization license, or sync license, is the most widely used license in the music industry. The sync license generally comes from the music publishers and is required whenever a song is played in tandem with visual media such as television commercials or YouTube videos. The master license usually comes from the record label. It allows the licensee to use a recorded version of a song with visual or audio media. With this license, the user can add the original version of the licensed track to a video but cannot record a new version. It is the mechanical license that allows a user to record a new version of a track. To reproduce the sheet music for a track, the print license is required. The theatrical license allows for a copyrighted track to be used in a theatrical performance. With popular copyrighted music, no matter the type of license you buy, you will have to pay royalties, or ongoing fees to the copyright owner. With royalty-free music licenses, however, you simply pay a one-time fee. Royalty-free music platforms such as PremiumBeat offer Standard and Premium licenses that cover personal and commercial use projects, respectively, at affordable rates.
How to buy a license for music?
With PremiumBeat, licensing music has never been easier. Pay a reasonable, one-time fee to obtain the music rights for your perfect song. When you pay for one of our perpetual licenses, you never need to worry about relicensing your track for your original project. Use your track in that project in perpetuity, which means forever. The type of license you buy will depend on your project. If you want to buy a music license for a YouTube video, first ask yourself if your content is personal use or revenue-generating.

If it is the former, our Standard license is for you. If the latter, opt for the Premium license. Wondering about buying a music license for your film? Student films should be fine with the Standard license, while TV pilots and public broadcasting will need the Premium license. When it comes to buying music licenses for video games, the Premium license will cover projects up to 1,000 copies or downloads. If looking to buy a music license for Twitch, first determine if your channel is generating revenue. If so, go with the Premium license. If not, the Standard license will cover your music.
Where to buy licensed music?
There are many different music libraries out there offering licensed music. Not all of these libraries are created equal, however. Some libraries accept every song that is submitted into its collection. While at first glance such libraries may appear impressive, thanks to the many tracks available, the overall quality of the music is generally not as high as with curated collections.

Libraries like PremiumBeat carefully evaluate every submitted song in order to ensure that our listeners only hear the best of the best. Professional musicians from around the world have shared their music with us, resulting in a library that boasts a diverse range of available tracks. Our search engine features many advanced filters to help customers find the tracks they want to hear as quickly as possible. Users can search by Genres, Instruments, Mood, and more. Upon finding the tracks they want, all users need to do is add them to their cart, head to check out, and select the license that meets their needs. After the payment of a one-time fee, the royalty-free tracks are ready to download and employ in a creative project.
How much does it cost to buy a license for music?
Wondering how much it costs to buy a music license? Top tracks by famous artists can easily cost thousands of dollars. Many of these artists also expect to receive royalties when their songs are played by others. One of the most affordable ways to a buy licenses for music is to go the royalty-free route. PremiumBeat offers two royalty-free license options. These unlimited licenses allow for a track to be used in a given project in perpetuity, meaning forever.

At $49, our Standard license covers worldwide distribution across most creative projects. This includes web-based and social media projects shared on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, as well as podcasts and advertisements. This license is ideal for personal use projects. Our Premium license, on the other hand, offers expanded distribution across TV and radio, film, apps, video games, and more. This is best for revenue-generating projects. Then there is our subscription plan. Individuals with ongoing projects can sign up to save over 70% on music downloads. The plan includes five Standard license tracks every month for $12.99 each. Every music download includes full tracks, loops, stems, and shorts.
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As a content creator, you want to focus on your creative project, not worry about getting hit with a copyright claim for using music without permission. When you use royalty-free music from PremiumBeat, you can rest assured that your tracks are good to go on YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo.

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Our simple licensing process allows you to buy royalty-free music for your TV show, film, advertisement, or other revenue-generating project in just a few quick clicks. Pay a one-time fee for our Premium license and enhance the production value of your project today.

Subscription Options

If you have ongoing projects and need excellent royalty-free music on a regular basis, check out our subscription option. For $64.95/month, you will get five Standard license tracks. Thanks to the thousands of tracks in our music library, the hardest part for you will be narrowing down which five you want.

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