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Lower the lights and turn up the volume. PremiumBeat’s cinematic music collection is here to enhance the emotional impact of your film. With genres such as romance, thriller, and comedy to explore, you will have a captivating soundtrack in no time.

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Establish the World of the Film

When you play cinematic background music as the world of your film is introduced, you effectively inform the audience about the sort of world they are entering. An epic cinematic song with powerful drums may be appropriate to a film in which the people are at war, while a piece of dramatic cinematic music speaks to the emotional depths of the film’s characters.

Express Characters’ Motives

Cinematic music can express what an onscreen character may not be able to put into words. These emotional songs tell the audience what they ought to be feeling in a given scene. If, for example, a character is running through the park, the music played can help key the audience into what the character may be feeling internally. An intense cinematic song will leave viewers with a very different impression than a soft, thoughtful track.

Make Your Movie Memorable

Music has the power to make your movie iconic in part because music makes things more memorable. By adding a cinematic song to an important scene in your film, you both increase the emotional impact the scene will have on viewers and the chances that your audience will remember your film moving forward.
About cinematic music
What is cinematic music?
Cinematic music generally refers to music that sounds epic. These songs are often sweeping orchestral pieces that whisk the audience away into the world of the film. Such tracks are a powerful tool for filmmakers and video editors as the songs can help establish the film’s setting, create a specific atmosphere or mood, foreshadow crucial plot points, add meaning to a character’s actions, and more. Dramatic cinematic music can also be used as a transition tool, seamlessly connecting one scene to the next. This music may be played in a film trailer, during the opening or closing credits, or throughout the film. Music composers such as Howard Shore and Hans Zimmer have forged successful careers for themselves by creating cinematic film scores that become deeply entwined with the audience’s memory of the film itself. Imagine The Lord of the Rings or The Pirates of the Caribbean without their iconic soundtracks. The films simply would not be the same.
How to create cinematic music?
To create that sweeping orchestral sound so often associated with cinematic music, a variety of instruments can be used. String instruments such as the violin, cello, and bass are often used to play up the emotional depth of a scene. The piano is another popular choice in cinematic music. It is often used to intensify a romantic or sad film scene. Other popular cinematic instruments include drums, flutes, and trumpets. As you begin creating your cinematic music, it helps to keep equalization (EQ) in mind. This involves adjusting the volume level of a frequency or range of frequencies within a given sound. For cinematic resonance, equalize to leave space. You can also try using low-end drones to increase the tension in your film score. Nailing all the various elements that go into creating a high-quality cinematic track can be costly and time-consuming. For an easier, affordable option, check out all the royalty free cinematic music on PremiumBeat. With so many professional tracks right at your fingertips, you’ll have the cinematic song you need for your film in no time.
How to buy cinematic music?
The internet is home to a number of music libraries that offer dramatic cinematic music to their customers, but if you want a vast, diverse collection, stick with PremiumBeat. Our search engine’s filter options make it easy to find exactly the sort of epic cinematic music you need. Simply head to the search engine and look to the filters on the left side of the page. Click “Genres” and scroll down to the “Production / Film Scores” option. You can check out “Action” songs, “Horror” tracks,” “Orchestral Hybrid” pieces, and more. With over 5000 film score tracks to explore, you are sure to find the soundtrack that will take your film or theatrical trailer to the next level. Once you have found tracks you love, add them to your cart and head to checkout. Select one of our flexible license plans, pay a one-time fee, and download your tracks. Start editing your intense cinematic music into your film within moments.
Where can I get free cinematic music?
Every single song submitted to PremiumBeat for consideration in our library undergoes a rigorous selection process. This means that every song you hear is of the highest quality, free songs included. To check out our free cinematic music in moments, head to our search engine and scroll down to the “Advanced” filters option. Click that and then select “Free Tracks” from the corresponding dropdown menu. Take a listen to free cinematic music such as the track, “In the End They Parted,” a warm and uplifting song that features piano and strings, resulting in a heartfelt and powerful mood. It might just be the perfect addition to one of the major scenes in your film.
Can you use royalty free cinematic music in movies?
To legally use royalty free cinematic music in your film, you will need to obtain a license that grants you that right. PremiumBeat offers two different license plans so as to meet the needs of our customers. If you are working on a student production, a film you intend to show at a film festival, or a project that is web-based or non-commercially distributed, then our Standard license will work for you. To obtain that license, all you need to do is pay a one-time fee of $49 to use your song worldwide in perpetuity. If, however, your film has a high budget (up to $2 million) and is intended to be revenue-generating content, then you will want to go with the Premium license. For a one-time fee of $199, the Premium license will cover your single project in perpetuity.

Looking for specific cinematic music?

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How to use cinematic music:

Cinematic music for intros

An intro is essentially the first impression your video, podcast, or other project will make on viewers. To make a strong, positive first impression, try using cinematic music that matches the tone of your content. There is nothing wrong with going the simple route when it comes to intros. A simple chord progression can gently introduce your audience to your material. When you choose to download a piece of cinematic music that you love from PremiumBeat, you will get the entire song, as well as short segments that are 15, 30, and 60 seconds in length. Using those short segments can save you time in your editing process. You can also search the PremiumBeat library by Duration to find songs that are short enough to function as an intro when played in their entirety.

Cinematic music for trailers

When it comes to using cinematic music for trailers, it helps to think epic. Watch some trailers that are similar in tone and subject matter to your film. Pay attention to the structure of the music. Most cinematic songs used in trailers will start with an intro, followed by a buildup to the climax, possibly even a second climax, followed ultimately by an outro. Can you spot those sections in each trailer song? What is the length of the intro? The buildup? The climax? What is the run time of the entire trailer? Did you notice specific instruments? Once you have a clear sense of all of the above, head to PremiumBeat’s library and search for similar songs using our advanced filter options. You can search by Genres, Mood, Instruments, and more. After you have found your ideal cinematic tracks, add them to your cart, head to checkout, and select your license. Download your cinematic music and edit into your video editing software.

Cinematic music for YouTube

If you intend to use cinematic music in your YouTube videos, be sure that you have the rights to each song. YouTube’s Content ID software scans every uploaded video against its immense database to ensure that no copyright infringement is taking place. Videos that include songs the video creator does not have the rights to will be muted or taken down. To avoid that unfortunate situation, use cinematic music from PremiumBeat in your next YouTube video. Pay a one-time fee for one of our flexible license options, download your tracks, and add to your videos with complete peace of mind. Cinematic music can make an excellent addition to a wide variety of video content. Run a travel channel? Try adding a sweeping orchestral piece to your next video of natural vistas. Gaming content more your thing? Play some intense cinematic music as you battle a difficult boss.
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