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Music affects the emotions of listeners, and emotion is the number one factor behind a person’s purchasing decisions. Explore the PremiumBeat corporate music collection to find tracks for your projects that will positively influence your future customers.

Top Corporate Tracks

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Enhance the Professionalism of Your Work

When you add corporate music to your project, you effectively inform your audience that you take your work seriously. Corporate music creates an air of professionalism. It says that you thought carefully about the creation of your project and worked to bring your audience the best final product possible. This can instill future clients and customers with a positive sense of your company.

Keep Your Audience Engaged

Playing upbeat corporate background music during your video or event can help keep the audience involved. Pull them in right away with a joyful beat they can’t help but tap their feet to. Check out PremiumBeat’s “Inspirational” and “Motivational” corporate music selection to find a track perfectly tuned into your company’s message.

Set an Inspiring Tone

Music can tug the heartstrings of our bodies as if we are instruments ourselves. To play a joyful tune in your audience, be sure to include upbeat corporate tracks in your project. The PremiumBeat corporate music collection is home to hundreds of inspirational and motivational tracks that feature a wide range of instruments. Discover your inspiring sound today.
About corporate music
What is corporate music?
Corporate music is music that has been created with the intention of being played in corporate media productions. Upbeat corporate background music can increase the production value of a project and increase the project’s impact on potential customers. These projects may be commercials or presentations or training videos. When it comes to selecting corporate music for your project, be sure to research and consider your target audience. Select music that matches the tone of the geographic location in which you intend to air your commercial or launch your campaign. The ultimate intention of corporate music is to positively affect listeners and leave them in such a good mood that they feel good about buying or investing in your product.
Why use corporate background music?
The positive psychological effects of listening to music are highly relevant to the corporate world. Music aids in mood regulation and can help listeners relax and feel comfortable, an ideal state in which they may open themselves up to the new concepts or products in a corporate commercial. Music also activates the memory, pleasure, and reward centers in the brain, aiding in the retainment of key information shared in the commercial. When the right song is played in conjunction with a corporate commercial, it can play with the emotions of the listener. Certain studies claim that 95% of purchasing decisions are unconscious, and it is emotion that truly drives our purchasing decisions. By playing music that is aligned with the tone of your product or business campaign, you can dramatically influence your audience’s perception of your brand.
How to make corporate music beats?
To start making corporate music beats, you’re going to need music-making software. A quick internet search will reveal a variety of software at different price points. Once you’ve found the software that meets your needs and you’re ready to create your corporate music, think upbeat. You want your audience to feel uplifted by your songs. To create this effect, focus on major scales and chords. Your chord progressions, rhythms, and melodies should all be based on simplicity. This is key for music used in commercials or other corporate videos. You want your songs to be catchy and straightforward, but you can absolutely build up the energy within the song by adding new instruments to achieve a gradual progression. Think natural and dynamic when creating corporate beats. Try using light-sounding instruments like the acoustic guitar, ukulele, piano, or harmonica. Avoid distorted, heavy sounds such as those you might hear in heavy metal music. Skip the slow intros and get straight to the main theme of the song so your audience is swept up in the music right away.
Where can I find upbeat corporate background music?
You can quickly and easily find the corporate background music you need in moments by searching the PremiumBeat library. With over 20,000 songs and counting within our collection, you are sure to find the perfect track for your corporate project. Apply our advanced filters to discover your ideal song. Click “Genres” and select “Corporate” from the corresponding dropdown menu. Subgenres such as “Inspirational - Corporate” and “Underscore - Corporate” are there to help you narrow down the exact sound you’re looking for. Know you want a song that features a specific instrument? Click the “Instruments” filter and select from such options as “Piano,” “Vocal oohs,” “Xylophone,” and more. Other filters include “BPM” (Beats Per Minute), “Mood”, and “Duration.” Once you have found your ideal tracks, add them to your cart and head to checkout. Select one of our flexible license plans and download your music in moments.
Where can I find free music for corporate videos?
A quick internet search for “corporate music library” will show you the various libraries that are out there, but rather than waste time slogging through all your options, simply head to the PremiumBeat search engine. Once there, type “corporate music” in the search bar. Look to the left side of the page and scroll down to the “Advanced” filters option. Click “Advanced” and then select “Free Tracks” from the dropdown menu. Explore free corporate music tracks such as, “Waiting Around,” a bright and shimmering song that features piano and light guitar to put listeners in an inquisitive mood, or “Flies Away,” a flowing electric guitar and synth drums track that leaves listeners feeling encouraged. Add your chosen song to your cart, head to checkout, and select your license. Download your track and use it immediately. Finding free music for corporate videos has never been easier.

Looking for specific corporate music?

Take a deep-dive into our music collection and filter tracks by instruments.

How to use corporate music:

Corporate music for intros

If you are hosting a corporate event in which an important member of your company will be addressing a crowd or making a speech, consider corporate music as a way to introduce your speaker. Music can powerfully affect the way in which your speaker is perceived by the audience. You want to generate positive feelings and associations in your listeners so that they will in turn receive your speaker from an open and optimistic state of mind. Head to the PremiumBeat search engine and check out the “Inspirational” subgenre under the “Corporate” genre. For a speaker who is cutting-edge, try an intro song such as “Pulse of the Future,” which features electric guitar, synthesizer, and synth drums to create a soaring, hopeful mood. If your speaker is playful, an electro-pop track like “Kaleidoscopes,” which is sunny and bouncy, may be the perfect fit.

Corporate music for video

Need to create an engaging onboarding video for new team members? Increase your video’s production value by adding corporate music. An upbeat corporate tune is an excellent way to keep your audience involved in the material. The corporate music you choose to include can wordlessly inform listeners of the sort of company culture you encourage. Classical corporate music may set an elegant and sophisticated tone, while ambient electronic tracks suggest a more technological, future-oriented state of mind. When editing your song into your video, try to sync shifts in the music with important points in the video. This can revitalize the video and clue viewers into the fact that this is information they ought to remember. You can find a wide variety of corporate tracks in the PremiumBeat library by clicking the “Genres” filter and scrolling to the “Corporate” option.

Corporate music for events

Include corporate music at your next event to help set an inspiring tone for attendees. Upbeat corporate background music is an effective way to stir up excitement. Aim to match your music with the mood of the event. If passionate speaking will take place, a song such as “Inspired Storytelling,” which features piano and strings to create a heartfelt and tender mood, may be a powerful way to set the stage. If you want attendees bobbing their heads with smiles on their faces, a light pop groove like “Momentum” that features marimba and pulsing tones may be just the song for you. When you find a track you love, click on the title and scroll down to “More songs like this one” to check out a curated playlist of similar tracks. If you would like to make a playlist for your event, click the “Browse all similar tracks” button and explore all the corporate music that matches the mood of the initial track.
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