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About Dramatic Music
What is dramatic music?
Dramatic music is created with the intention of enhancing a dramatic production such as a film or television show. This music has a powerful, memorable quality to it. It heightens the senses of the audience and can elicit strong emotions and instill specific moods. When paired with film scenes, dramatic music can amplify the action, underscore emotional intensity, create a suspenseful atmosphere, and more. By using dynamics, which means playing musical notes at varying volumes, composers are able to achieve a more dramatic effect. Composers such as the award-winning Hans Zimmer purposefully avoid always hitting the musical cue in his dramatic music so as to avoid giving the audience too much information. His music hits the action a frame ahead of what is on the screen in order to create tension and enhance the drama. The BPM (Beats Per Minute) also affects how dramatic a song will seem to the audience. At 60 BPM, the slowed down pace of a song can seem profound, ideal for some of those big emotional scenes, while a track at 140 BPM can set hearts racing and is a good fit for chase scenes and suspenseful sequences.
What instruments are used for dramatic music?
When it comes to dramatic music, the various instruments serve different functions. String instruments (i.e. violin, cello, bass) and woodwind instruments (i.e. flute, oboe, clarinet) are often played to evoke a sense of melancholy, remorse, or reflection. The strong, steady sound of percussion instruments, on the other hand, often accompany action scenes. Brass instruments (i.e. tuba, trumpet, trombone) are often used to represent courage, power, and strength. Electronic instruments (i.e. keyboard) are usually utilized in futuristic or science fiction films. The ways in which all of the above instruments are played will vary depending on the composer’s intended effect on the audience. To create a sense of tension, the composer may use dissonant harmonies, wide intervals, and ascending lines. For a relaxing effect, the composer can play with consonant harmonies, decreased volume, and descending lines.
What types of dramatic music are there?
There are as many types of dramatic music as there are film genres.

For those with disturbing videos in need of music that will chill their audience, there is dramatic horror music. Such tracks often feature eerie strings and suspenseful piano to create a menacing, fearful mood. Dramedy music, on the other hand, plays up the often whimsical and quirky tone of such films by using pizzicato strings and woodwinds. Meanwhile, dramatic action and adventure music can use soaring brass and tense strings to create a majestic mood that matches the tone of films in which the protagonist must venture out to discover a whole new world. To check out all the dramatic music subgenres we have to offer, head to the PremiumBeat search engine and select “Production / Film Scores” from the “Genre” filter.
Why does film often use dramatic music?
Music has played a powerful role in storytelling since the days of ancient Grecian tragedies and comedies. With music’s ability to reveal the inner emotional lives of characters, foreshadow a crucial plot twist, or enhance the atmosphere of the story world, it is no surprise that filmmakers use dramatic music to this day. Consider the bone-chilling soundtracks that accompany well-known horror films. The theme song from 1978’s Halloween sent chills down the spines of viewers and created a sense of breathless suspense. The same could be said of the famous instrumental tracks from Jaws, The Shining, and The Exorcist. The impact of the intense moments in these iconic films were heightened by the dramatic music. Of course, dramatic music is applicable to far more than just terrifying videos. Human drama films that emphasize the unforgettable journeys that some people go on in a lifetime can utilize sweeping orchestral tracks to play on the emotions of audience members. Dramatic tracks from the “Epic” genre take the big battle scenes of war films to the next level. Ultimately, every type of film can benefit from the addition of well-chosen dramatic tracks, as they can both increase the production value of the film and greatly heighten the audience’s experience.
How to find high-quality dramatic music for projects?
Many music libraries house tracks that could work well in a variety of projects, but for excellent royalty-free dramatic music, look no further than PremiumBeat. To find the perfect soundtrack for your dramatic videos, head to the PremiumBeat search engine. Look at the filters on the left side of the page. Select “Genres” and scroll down to “Production / Film Scores” to explore the available dramatic subgenres. Disturbing videos that want to heighten the fear factor can utilize tracks from our “Horror” section. Sinister strings and deep drones await. Meanwhile, action-oriented projects can check out our “Action” and “Adventure” subgenres for bold tracks with building orchestral sonorities that are bound to inspire. Beyond our dramatic music subgenres, you can also search by “Mood,” “Instruments,” “BPM,” and more. Once you have found the dramatic music that matches the tone of your project, add the beats to your cart and head to checkout. Our affordable license options are here to simplify the licensing process for you. Need coverage for worldwide distribution across most creative projects? Check out our Standard license. Need expanded distribution across television, radio, film, and other mediums? The Premium license has you covered. After paying a one-time fee for your license of choice, you will have the rights to unlimited use of your tracks within your project.

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