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Whether you need a song that’s slow and suspenseful or fast-paced and full of action, PremiumBeat’s extensive library of free background music has you covered.

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When it comes to video, radio, commercial projects and more, nothing quite says “unprofessional” like dead air. Background music boosts the professionalism of all sorts of projects. PremiumBeat’s free background music can help define the mood of a film, aid in smooth transitions from one scene to the next, and create an overall sense of cohesion and flow.

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The free background music you find on PremiumBeat can be reused in a number of different ways. Use the Standard License for unlimited projects, worldwide, in perpetuity. Go with the Premium License to cover a single project in perpetuity. Reuse PremiumBeat tracks in web projects, corporate videos, apps and more.

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PremiumBeat offers different license plans to meet your individual needs. Working with non-commercially distributed content? Check out the $49 single purchase Standard License. Revenue-generating content? The $199 single purchase Premium License will be more your thing. For the best value, activate your PremiumBeat subscription today to get 5 tracks each month for just $64.95 a month.
About Background Music
What is background music?
Background music, sometimes referred to as BGM, is music that is meant to be unobtrusive. It plays in the background of a given place or artistic project and enhances the activity at hand. For example, the soft orchestral music you may hear while dining in a fine restaurant or the rock and roll tracks playing in a dive bar both count as background music. Muzak is a specific sort of background music that plays through speakers in public places, such as elevators or waiting rooms. When playing in the background of a film scene, this form of music can heighten the mood. Think of a romantic film. Without music, those heartfelt scenes where lovers unite might feel a little stiff. Alternatively, consider a spy film without any dramatic background music. It simply wouldn’t be the same to watch a car chase without exciting tunes to speed us along. Background music helps sweep the viewer up in the action.
What is the purpose of background music?
Background music can dramatically affect the mood of a project. In a film, it is a way to wordlessly inform viewers of the tone. Imagine you have just started watching a movie. The main character has just come on screen. If a dark and somber song begins to play, it will be pretty clear that this character is having a fairly rough go of things. If, on the other hand, an upbeat and cheerful tune tinkles out, then you as the viewer will have a sense that this character is in an emotionally good place. Of course, filmmakers can always choose to play up opposites in an ironic way, by playing a feel-good song as unfortunate things happen to the protagonist, for example, a technique sometimes seen in comedic films. Background music has the power to color an otherwise neutral setting with a powerful mood. Watching a protagonist walk alone down a moonlit street probably wouldn’t frighten any viewers. But add a suspenseful song to that stroll and suddenly we’re on the edge of our seats.
Should I use free background music?
Yes, free background music can greatly reduce the amount of time you might otherwise spend attempting to create a song to accompany your project, especially if you don’t consider yourself a musician! Licensing is key to ensure that the video you have worked so hard to create doesn’t later get taken down by a platform such as YouTube for copyright infringement. The PremiumBeat license covers our free background music so that you can use it in a variety of different projects. Internet videos, corporate videos, and non-commercially distributed projects that are created with personal or professional intentions for yourself, your clients, or your employer are all allowed. You can use our free background music in perpetuity as long as the rules of the license agreement are met. It is important to note that free background music cannot be resold except to the extent that it has been embedded in your personal work and has become part of your end product.
Where can I download free background music?
To download free background music, check out PremiumBeat’s extensive, high-quality music library. By using the filters on the left side of the search engine page, you can find the perfect background track for your project. Start by scrolling down the list of available filters to the “Advanced” filter. Click “Advanced” and then scroll through the options within that dropdown menu until you get to the “Free Tracks” option. Click the square beside “Free Tracks” so that any search you conduct will only turn up free music results. From there, check out the other filters and apply the ones that will help you find the song you need. Background music is often instrumental, as lyrics can distract viewers. To search instrumental tracks, stay within that “Advanced” filter and click the “Instrumental Only” option. If you want some undistracting vocals, you can try going to the “Vocals” filter and selecting the “Oohs & Aahs” option.
How can I add free background music to a video clip?
Similar to any other audio clip, free background music can easily be added to a video clip using video editing software. First things first, you’ll want to dive into PremiumBeat’s free music library and explore until you find the free background music that perfectly complements your video. To cut down your search time, simply use the “Free Tracks” filter, which can be found within the “Advanced” filter options on the left side of the PremiumBeat search engine. Download your favorite songs. Upload your video to your video editing software of choice. Once your video clip is ready for editing, look to the Audio section and drag-and-drop your free background music track. Be sure to adjust the volume of the background music so that it remains in the background and does not become the central focus of the clip. Once your audio levels are right where you want them, you can export your completed video and share as you see fit.

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How to use free background music

Using free background music for YouTube videos

Background music is a powerful way to brand your video content and stand out in the minds of your viewers. Successful YouTube channels tend to have a specific tone to their videos. In order to create and maintain a cohesive tone, try using the same sort of background music in all of your videos. The music you choose will depend on the type of channel you have. If you create and share comedic content, for example, the background music you choose to use will be very different from the sorts of tracks a gaming channel, beauty channel, or educational channel would use. You’ll first want to ask yourself what tone you are trying to convey. Once you have a sense of that, you can go to PremiumBeat’s search engine and apply specific “Mood” filters to find optimal background music for your video content.

Using free background music in corporate projects

The findings of a number of marketing studies suggest that music enhances the success of video marketing campaigns. Background music that complements your project is an effective way to grab your audience’s attention straight away. You can affect your audience’s perception of your company or product by choosing music that matches what it is you hope to convey. Want to come across as competent and trustworthy? A song with a strong beat and uplifting tune can help. Curiously enough, scientific studies have found that music can help boost memory, so it certainly can’t hurt to offer viewers a catchy song to associate with your company. Background music can also help create an emotional connection with your target audience by positively affecting their mood. Stick with upbeat music to leave your viewers on a high note.

Using free background music for presentations

Let’s face it: presentations can be a little dull sometimes. In order to pull your target audience in right away and keep them engaged, add some background music. With PremiumBeat’s easy-to-use search engine, you can quickly find the sort of background music that will complement your presentation. Maybe you are pitching a film or other creative idea and you want to create a powerful mood for your audience. Simply explore PremiumBeat’s “Mood” filter options to find the song that will bring your presentation to life. If you have some public speaking jitters, help yourself out by using orchestral music in the classical style as your background music. Studies have found that this music actually causes dopamine levels to rise, effectively preventing the release of stress hormones. So your background music can simultaneously soothe your nervousness and calm your audience.
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