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If you need free music for videos, you’ve come to the right place. PremiumBeat is home to excellent audio tracks you can use in your videos. Take your online media projects to the next level today.

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Elevate Your Video to the Next Level

Professional music can add polish to any video. Use PremiumBeat’s audio tracks to effortlessly enhance your next video project. Whether you need free music downloads for commercial purposes or passion projects, PremiumBeat is sure to have what you need.

Evoke Your Audiences' Emotions

Studies have shown that music has the ability to powerfully play on the emotions of listeners. When you add choice music clips to your videos, you harness this power, effectively stirring up feelings in your audience. You can quickly and easily search PremiumBeat by Mood to find music that matches the tone of your video today.

Create a Seamless Experience

Rather than jump abruptly from one scene to the next in your film, you can use music to ease transitions and smooth over the silence. Explore PremiumBeat’s free music for video editing to find tracks that suit your project. Every track you download comes with the full song, as well as 15-, 30-, and 60-second clips to save you time on the editing process.
About free music
Where can I download free music for video editing?
There are many music libraries on the internet that offer free music, but for a high-quality, carefully curated selection, look no further than PremiumBeat. We have an entire collection of free background music for videos. To explore what is available, head to PremiumBeat’s search engine. Look at the filters on the left side of the page and scroll down to the “Advanced” option. Click that and select “Free Tracks” from the corresponding dropdown menu. Listen at your leisure and when you find a track you would like to download, simply click the shopping cart icon to the right of the song’s title. You will then need to log in or sign up for an account. After doing so, your song will be ready for download.
Where do music and sound effects fit into the video?
Music and sound effects can be edited into videos in a number of ways. They are essential ingredients in films. Imagine watching your favorite movie without its original soundtrack. It simply would not be the same. Music increases the emotional impact of a scene and keeps viewers engaged. Intro music sets the tone, wordlessly informing the audience of the sort of content they can expect to see. Take a listen to PremiumBeat’s “Feel Good” versus “Sad / Nostalgic” tracks to hear for yourself just how quickly music can create a mood. Playing music during crucial scenes can also amplify the scene’s impact. A car chase is made that much more thrilling with high energy sound effects and fast-paced music, while a reunion of lovers comes across as all the more touching with the addition of gentle string music.
When can you use someone else's music or audio?
To legally use music you did not create yourself in a project you intend to share online, you will need to obtain permission from the copyright holder. Using such music without permission on a platform like YouTube can result in your video being muted or taken down at best, and severe copyright infringement consequences at worst. Tracking down the copyright holder can be difficult. There are usually at least two rights holders to a piece of recorded music. A composer or lyricist may own the rights to the written song while the record label may own the rights to the specific recording. You can skip this process entirely by using the professionally created music on PremiumBeat. All of our music is royalty free. This means that after your one-time fee, you never have to worry about ongoing fees. You can use the music in your projects in perpetuity, meaning forever.
What is audio copyright?
In the music world, a copyright protects audio recordings. Often referred to as a music copyright, this legal device protects the rights of a given song’s composer or writer. This copyright holder has the right to copy, distribute, or sell the track. If someone were interested in using this copyrighted track in an audiovisual work such as a TV show or commercial, film, or corporate video, music licensing would come into play. The individual would need to obtain both a synchronization license and a master license. The synchronization license is usually granted by the song’s composer and allows the licensee to use the composition (i.e. score and lyrics) of the song, while the master license comes from the record company and transfers the rights to the original recording of the song.
How can I get music for a video without copyright?
Copyright free music refers to music that does not have a copyright. This sort of music is part of the public domain, meaning no one person can claim to own the rights. Songs such as the ABCs or Happy Birthday are copyright free and can be used by anyone without the need to pay royalties to a copyright holder. Music generally enters the public domain if the original composer died over seventy years ago. There is also the Creative Commons, an international non-profit that provides free licenses for creators to use when making their work available to the public. There are several different Creative Commons licenses. The most accommodating is the Attribution license, which allows others to commercially distribute, adapt, and build upon the original work as long as credit is given to the original creator. The most restrictive is the Attribution-Non-Commercial-No-Derivatives, which does not allow for commercial use or for any changes to be made. If interested in using Creative Commons music in your video, be sure you are aware of the license that protects it.
How can I download the best royalty-free music for free?
The best royalty free music offers listeners a quality of sound that can’t be beat. These songs have been created by professionals who have put time and thought into the chords, melodies, and song structure, and used cutting edge software to perform audio mixing. When you explore the royalty free music available on PremiumBeat, you can rest assured that all tracks have been created in such a way. Our free music collection is diverse, so whether you want a piece of music that is empowering and soaring or warm and uplifting, you are bound to find what you need. To download, add your favorite free tracks to your cart and head to check out. We have taken care of the music licensing process for you, so you can edit these songs into your videos and share on streaming platforms without worry of copyright infringement.

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How to use free music:

Free music for Youtube videos

While it is possible to find music in a number of stock libraries, these libraries are not created equal. Some allow users to upload music without first checking the tracks for quality. It is also worth noting that even when a song is free, it is still important to confirm that it is royalty free to ensure you won’t wind up paying future fees for recurring use. Fortunately, every song you hear in the free collection on PremiumBeat is royalty free. Discover free background music for videos you plan to share on YouTube and download your favorites in a few quick clicks. We have also simplified the licensing process, so that all you need to do at checkout is select the type of license that meets your needs. Non-commercial videos can use the Standard license, while revenue-generating content should go with the Premium license.

Why is music important in videos?

Music plays a crucial role in videos. It keeps viewers engaged and has the power to generate strong emotion in the audience. Even a quiet background track can instill a specific feeling in your audience. Horror movies are made that much more frightening with the addition of eerie music that sends chills down the spine, while the orchestral soundtracks of dramatic films can sweep the audience up into heartfelt scenes. Music also helps make your video more memorable. You want to pick a tune that will stick in your listener’s ear long after your video ends. That way, when the song plays in their mind, your video and its message may arise in their subconscious.

Free music for social media videos

There is a reason the phrase “awkward silence” is well-known. Many people dislike sitting through an uncomfortably quiet stretch of time. You can erase any chance of this discomfort in your viewers by adding free music to the video clips you share on social media. Instantly pull the audience in with a catchy track that matches the mood of your video. It is easier for viewers to enter the world of your video when they are carried forward by an engaging song. When you download a free track from PremiumBeat, you also receive 15-, 30-, and 60-second clips of the song, making it that much easier to edit into your video clip. Because our tracks are also royalty-free, you will never have to spare a second thought about future fees.
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High-quality, carefully curated, professional songs by musicians from around the world, for free?! That’s right. Save your hard-earned money by adding free tracks from PremiumBeat to your next video.

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The PremiumBeat music library is home to thousands of choice tracks. You can quickly find the ideal music for your next video by using our advanced filters. Search by “Genres,” “Mood,” “Instruments,” and more.

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Whether you want to groove to some funk music, close your eyes and unwind to chill out tracks, or spice up the night with some Spanish Flamenco, you are bound to find what you’re looking for when you use the PremiumBeat search filters. Specify your song’s speed, duration, overall mood, and more.

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