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Looking to license music for commercial use? You’ve come to the right place. PremiumBeat offers a simplified music licensing process so you can download music for commercial purposes in a few quick clicks.

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Capture the Essence of Your Brand

Music is an excellent way to establish the voice of your brand in the minds of consumers. Make your product more enticing with upbeat and catchy indie-pop or establish an epic mood with compelling orchestral tracks. With thousands of high-quality tracks to explore in the PremiumBeat library, you can easily find music that will take your commercial project to the next level.

Commercial Music Licensing Made Easy

Our entire library of music tracks is royalty free, so you never need to worry about paying fees in the future. Simply find the track that suits your commercial project and select the Premium license at checkout to cover use in commercial films, TV productions, advertisements, and more.

Juice up Your Ads and Promos

Studies have shown that ads and promos that feature music perform better than those without. Give your commercial projects a leg up on the competition by including professional, high-quality music right from the start. The PremiumBeat library is home to a wide range of musical genres and moods. Search using our advanced filters to find your perfect tracks for commercial use in no time.
About music for commercial use
How can I use a song for commercial use?
Commercial use describes an activity that involves using a product or service for financial gain. Markedly different from personal use, which generally has a very limited audience such as a wedding compilation video, commercial use projects aim to reach a wide audience. Radio or TV advertisements, commercial films, websites that promote goods or services, and video games are just a few examples of commercial projects.
Music for commercial use refers to music tracks that an individual has licensed in order to use them in for-profit commercial projects. When you license a song from PremiumBeat under our Premium license, you have the rights to use the track in your single commercial project in perpetuity.
Can I use royalty free music for commercial use?
You can use royalty free music for commercial use as long as you obtain the appropriate music license. Royalty free music is not a specific genre of music but rather a licensing type. The term “royalty free” means that you will not have to pay royalties, that is, ongoing fees, to the original creator or copyright holder. Instead, you pay a one-time fee to obtain the license.

All music heard on PremiumBeat is royalty free. To use any of our tracks in a commercial project, simply add it to your cart, head to checkout, and select the Premium License option. After you pay a one-time fee for the license, you will have the rights to use your track in a single revenue-generating project in perpetuity.
Can you buy music for commercial use?
You can buy music for commercial use from a number of music libraries. Performing rights organizations such as BMI, SESAC, and ASCAP manage songs from thousands of artists. These musicians are generally well-known, resulting in more expensive licenses.

Stock music libraries offer music for commercial use as well, but the quality of the content varies greatly. Some of those libraries allow users to upload their songs, resulting in a vast library where not all songs are created equal. To ensure that you are only hearing professional quality tracks, buy your music for commercial use from PremiumBeat. Our Premium license allows for unlimited use of a given track within a single project after paying a reasonably priced one-time fee. The license covers your project in perpetuity, meaning forever.
Is there any free music for commercial use?
PremiumBeat offers free music for commercial use. To explore our free collection, go to the PremiumBeat search engine. Look at the filters on the left side of the page and scroll down to “Advanced.” Click that and then select “Free Tracks” from the corresponding dropdown menu. Play each piece of music and listen carefully to determine which track will best fit the tone of your commercial project. We have songs such as “Life Is Journey,” a bouncy and building number that features floating piano to create a hopeful, proud mood, and “L.A. Nightlife,” a dance groove with synth textures that will leave your listeners feeling carefree and upbeat. Once you have found the song that suits your needs, click the downward arrow to the right of the song’s title. You will then be prompted to log in or sign up for a PremiumBeat account. Upon completion, you will be ready to download your free track.
Can you use Creative Commons music for commercial use?
You can use Creative Commons music free for commercial use, but you must make sure you are aware of the specific Creative Commons license that your chosen tracks are protected by. The requirements of the Creative Commons licenses vary. All their licenses require users to give credit to the original creator of the song when it is shared.

The Attribution-Sharealike license allows users to remix and build upon the song for commercial purposes, as long as credit is given to the original work and the user licenses the new creation under the same terms. This is similar to open source software licenses.

Then there is the Attribution-NoDerivs license which allows for redistribution of the song for commercial purposes as long as it remains in its original state and credit is given to the creator.

Several Creative Commons licenses are Non-Commercial, meaning all commercial use is prohibited, so it is essential that you be aware what license you are working with before employing a song for commercial use.

Looking for specific corporate music?

Take a deep-dive into our music collection and filter tracks by instruments.

How to use royalty-free music:

Intro music for commercial use

Intro music makes an excellent addition to commercial projects. A catchy tune can pull your audience in and help keep them engaged for the duration of your commercial, YouTube video, or other project. Search music by Mood on PremiumBeat to quickly and easily find tracks that will match your intended tone. A high-energy commercial for running shoes could effectively kick things off by adding intro music found under the “Action / Sports” or “Aerobics / Workout” category. Advertisements for perfume can enchant audiences with “Sexy / Sensual” music. The options are endless. Regardless of your content, aim to pick a memorable tune that will stick in the minds of viewers so that they can later associate the song with your message. Instrumental music works well because it does not have lyrics that distract viewers from the narration in your commercial video or advertisement.

Music for commercial use on Youtube

Copyright law dictates that if you want to use copyrighted music in your YouTube videos, you must first obtain the rights to the songs from the copyright holders. There are generally two copyright licenses involved when it comes to audiovisual projects: the synchronization license and the master license. The synchronization or sync license is usually held by the song’s composer, while the master license is held by the record company. The sync license grants the licensee the right to use the score and lyrics of the track, while the master license grants the right to use the original recording of the song. Obtaining both licenses can be a lengthy, time-consuming process. You can save time and money by searching for commercial music for YouTube on PremiumBeat.

How to download music for commercial use on Premiumbeat

All of the songs you hear on PremiumBeat can be licensed for commercial use, so you can think of us as a commercial music library filled with thousands of choice tracks for your commercial projects. To download music for commercial use from PremiumBeat, first head to the search engine. Search by Genres, Mood, Instruments and more to find the songs that suit your needs. Upon finding the tracks you would like to download, add them to your cart and head to checkout. You will be presented with our flexible license plan options. Because you intend to use the songs for commercial use, select the Premium License. This license allows you to use a track in a single revenue-generating project in perpetuity. Pay your one-time fee, download your music, and add it to your commercial projects today.
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The PremiumBeat library of music is filled with tracks by professional artists from around the world. Every song you hear is 100% original and exclusively available on PremiumBeat.

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Our music licensing process is straightforward. We offer flexible license types from Standard to Premium, with affordable license fees to meet any budget.

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Our entire library has been carefully curated to ensure that you are only hearing the best of the best. With so many categories of music to explore, from Afrobeat to Swing, Country to Classical, and all sorts of genres in between, you are sure to find the songs you need for your next commercial project.

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