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Give your video an elegant edge with a delicate piano cue, or lighten things up with a playful indie-pop beat. With a music collection that spans multiple genres, whatever stylistic approach your clients request, PremiumBeat can help you achieve it.

And because we handpick each track, our collection contains only the highest quality music. This is premium music for unforgettable videos.

Music That’s Made to Measure

As well as the full track, with PremiumBeat, you also get loops and short clips as part of the package too. So no matter the length of your scene, you can tweak your soundtrack until it fits just right.

Not quite ready to purchase? Download a free preview of any track and add it into your rough cut. That way, the happy couple can sign off on the right cue before you commit.

Licensing Made Easy

Every track in our library is royalty free and 100% copyright clear. That means, if your clients want to post their wedding video online, there’s no need to worry about copyright issues.

Once you’ve picked the music license that’s right for you, you can reuse your track in as many projects as you need. So even if you have multiple wedding videos lined up, one track can go a long way.
Music for Wedding Videos
Where to get music for wedding videos?
Working on a wedding video? Need a perfect music track to include in it? Rather than waste time scouring the Internet for a compelling wedding video soundtrack, simply head to PremiumBeat. We have a curated playlist of wedding songs so that you can find your perfect track in moments.

Does piano music make you swoon? Take a listen to “Spherical Piano” and fall in love with its warm, atmospheric sound. If string music makes you go weak in the knees, listen to “Flowing Prosperity.” Heartfelt and optimistic, it could serve as a stunning background song to your wedding video. If acoustic music with soothing lyrics is more your speed, check out “Run to You” and let the singer put words to the love you feel for your new spouse.

Of course, you can easily explore beyond our curated list by using the many filter options in our search engine. Search for tracks within your favorite genre or subgenre of music or find songs that feature instruments you adore. You can also click the “Mood” filter and select “Romantic / Sentimental” to hear some traditional tracks or type “wedding” into the search box.

Wondering where you can download free music for wedding videos? PremiumBeat can help you out with that too. Look to the filters on the left side of the music search engine. Scroll down to “Advanced” and select “Free Tracks.” For a unique free track sure to inspire a sense of positivity in your audience, listen to “Mellow Fellows.” Warm, bright, and soulful, it could serve as a special wedding single in your wedding video. If you had a winter wedding, a track like “Frozen Lake” could provide the perfect musical atmosphere for your sparkling, snowy video. Once you have found the tracks you want to complement your wedding videography, add them to your cart and head to check out. If you have selected free tracks, you will need to sign in to or create an account with PremiumBeat before downloading. If your tracks are not free, simply pay a one-time fee for your music license and download your track in moments.
Can you use any music for wedding videos?
No, you cannot legally use any music for wedding videos. While many assume it is safe to add a classic love song or other popular songs to their wedding video, this can only be done if they have obtained the rights to these songs. Obtaining licenses for copyrighted music such as this is a lengthy, pricy process, but due to copyright laws, it is necessary. While it may seem harmless to share one’s wedding video on Facebook or another social network, if it features a popular song that is being played without permission from the copyright holder, it is illegal and can result in a hefty copyright infringement fine. To avoid this unfortunate scenario, use alternative wedding video songs from royalty-free music libraries. High-quality libraries such as PremiumBeat boast an extensive collection of romantic songs that perform beautifully as background music in wedding videos. Explore what we have available and fall in love with your perfect wedding video song. Pay a one-time fee for your license and share your cinematic wedding video with complete peace of mind.
How to license music for wedding videos?
The cost to license a song for use in a wedding video varies. If you are interested in using a song by a little-known independent artist, the cost might be as low as $50. A popular song by a top artist, however, could easily cost you several thousand. If you want to upload your wedding video to a site such as YouTube, you must make sure you have obtained the proper license for your featured music. YouTube’s Content ID software checks every upload against its database to ensure that no copyright infringement has taken place. Videos that include unlicensed music will get taken down and the poster may be hit with a costly copyright claim. Sites such as Vimeo often delete the accounts of users who upload videos containing unlicensed music. To avoid this unfortunate situation, it is easiest to find songs for wedding videos on royalty-free music sites.

At PremiumBeat, for example, we make music licensing for wedding videos as simple as saying “I do.” Begin by exploring our library to find wedding music you love. You can build a wedding video playlist as you listen so that you don’t forget any of your favorites when you head to checkout. At checkout you will be presented with our flexible license options. Both the Standard license and Premium license cover wedding videos. For a one-time fee of $49, the Standard license allows for worldwide web-based distribution of your video, as long as the advertising spend is below $5,000 USD. If you are something of a celebrity or social influencer and your wedding video will be a big deal, the Premium license may be more suited to your needs. The best music for wedding videos is waiting for you in our library. Find your special soundtrack today.
How to choose music for wedding videos?
If you are creating the wedding video for your own wedding, ask yourself what sorts of music you and your partner find romantic. If you are the videographer, ask the soon-to-be-married couple. Music that the newlyweds love should be featured in the video.
  • Does the bride swoon for piano music?
  • Groom just can’t get enough jazz in his life?
Search PremiumBeat by Instruments or Genres to quickly and easily find tracks that match the couple. It is ideal if the music in the wedding video reflects the personalities and musical preferences of the newlyweds. Some couples adore old-school romantic songs and would love nothing more than to hear such tracks in their classic wedding video. Add that music to the video of another couple, however, and they might roll their eyes at their cheesy wedding video. There is no wedding video rule stating that you can’t play folk-pop, country, or whatever other genre the couple loves. If the couple leaves the music selection up to the videographer, however, probably best to go with popular wedding video songs to ensure the couple is happy with their finished product. Our curated wedding playlists can be listened to for inspiration.
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Royalty-Free Music for Wedding Videos

Every romantic song you hear on PremiumBeat is royalty-free, meaning that after paying a one-time fee for your music license, you are cleared to use your track in your wedding video and share it with the world. Fall in love with our sweeping, sentimental tracks today.

Wedding Trailer Songs

Want to offer your loved ones a teaser of your wedding video? In addition to the full-length track, every PremiumBeat song comes with 15-, 30-, and 60-second versions, making your video editing process that much simpler. Find the tracks you want to say “I do” to in our library now.

Romantic Music in a Range of Genres

Some people swoon to jazz music, while others get carried away by classical. PremiumBeat is home to thousands of romantic tracks in various genres so newlyweds can find the wedding video music that matches them. Dive into our library to discover your ideal wedding video soundtrack.

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