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An Outstanding Library of PRO-Free Music

Are you working on a project destined for television, film or radio?

In certain cases, your broadcaster or end client may require that all music used in your content be composed by artists who are free of affiliation with performance rights organizations (PROs). Similarly, content broadcast in Germany, including online and at physical events, exceptionally requires additional licensing by German PRO GEMA.

Our curated PRO-free music collection was designed to help you complete your publicly broadcast project, worry-free.

Exceptional PRO-Free Music for Any Project

With a PRO-free music library that spans a huge range of musical styles - from indie-pop to film score, and beyond - it’s easy to find a track to match your creative project. And because each cue is handpicked, our collection contains only the highest quality music. Simplify your life with tracks by world-class artists that offer total peace of mind.

PRO-Free Music Safe for Use on YouTube™ and Vimeo®

When you choose PremiumBeat's PRO-free music, not only will your video sound astounding but you can put other copyright issues to the back of your mind, too. Because our tracks are fully royalty free, your video won’t be flagged or blocked on any online platforms.
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Our hand-selected library of music gives you the polished feel of the big production houses—plus, all our tracks are 100% exclusive and copyright clear.
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