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Whether you’re looking for a lush orchestral cue or an authentic indie beat, you can search our production music by mood, style and more. Looking from something more specific? Sort the violins from the violas with a powerful instrument filter. You’ll have your video’s ideal soundtrack lined up in no time.
About production music
What is production music?
Compelling music has the power to instantly up the production value of a project. Production music, also known as stock music, is music that has been created without a specific production in mind. This allows it to be edited into a wide variety of projects, from television shows to films, podcasts to YouTube content, websites to corporate presentations. Production music can be found within a production music library or stock music library. A high-quality production music library maintains a collection that covers many genres of music so that customers can find the most fitting tracks for their project. Customers can generally search the library by genre or enter keywords into a search engine to quickly find the piece of music that best meets their needs.
What is a production music library?
A production music library houses stock music that customers can license for use in their projects. A number of these music libraries can be found on the internet, but the quality varies dramatically. If you are searching for the biggest production music libraries, the libraries you find may at first glance appear impressive due to their vast collection but be sure to check where the music is coming from. Some such libraries accept every song submitted to them, which generally reduces the overall quality of the collection.

If you are wondering, “Where can I find production music that is of the highest quality?” you have come to the right place. PremiumBeat carefully reviews every musical submission to ensure that only the best tracks are accepted. Our music selection covers a wide range of genres and subgenres, moods, instruments, and more. We have simplified the music licensing process so that when customers find the production music they want to use in their projects, all they need to do is head to checkout and select the music license that meets their needs. After a one-time fee, their music downloads are ready to be incorporated into their projects.
How does production music work?
Composers create musical tracks that they then submit to production music libraries. If their tracks are accepted, the production library compensates the composers so that future customers will not have to involve themselves in that process. When these customers explore the music library and discover tracks they want to use in their projects, they pay the music library’s licensing fee instead of paying royalties, or ongoing fees, to the original composer. This greatly cuts down on the time and money that would otherwise be spent by the customer in trying to negotiate with artists and obtain licenses from multiple parties. The production music library streamlines the entire process by offering high-quality tracks to their customers with affordable licensing fees.
How much does production music cost?
The cost of production music depends on its source. Creative Commons music, for example, can be licensed for free with some rights reserved. Production music from a stock music library can be licensed for a fee but remains far more affordable to license than commercial music. This is because those interested in using commercial music, which is essentially the mainstream, popular music heard on the radio, must first obtain multiple music licenses from different sources. Such a process is time-consuming and costly. When customers choose to work with a production music library such as PremiumBeat, however, they can save time and money. The fees for production music on our site vary by license. The Standard license is $49 and ideal for personal use projects, while the Premium license is $199 and perfect for commercially distributed projects. Individuals who intend to use production music regularly can sign up for our Monthly Subscription to receive 5 Standard license tracks per month for just $64.95 a month. Because every track in our library is royalty-free, customers never need to worry about paying ongoing fees to the track’s original composer. After paying for their license, customers can incorporate tracks into their projects with complete peace of mind, knowing they have the rights to use the production music in perpetuity, meaning forever.
What can production music be used for?
Music makes an excellent addition to most projects, as it powerfully affects the listener’s perception of the project and can leave a lasting impression. High-quality production music adds to the professionalism of your project, whether you are working on a YouTube video, film, or podcast.

Production music for video: When it comes to video, production music makes all the difference. Imagine watching your favorite film without its iconic soundtrack or an informative corporate video without some upbeat background music. The experience simply would not be the same. You can use incidental music in your film, TV show, or YouTube video to establish a tone, enhance the atmosphere, and ease transitions from one scene to the next. Play with the advanced filters in the PremiumBeat search engine to quickly and easily find tracks that can set the mood of your video.

Production music for podcasts: Audio logos are key for memorable podcasts. An audio logo is a musical intro clip played at the start of every episode as a way to brand your show. To find the best downloadable music to be your audio logo, first consider the personality of your host and the tone of your content. Search PremiumBeat using the “Mood” filter to find tracks that match your tone. Each song you hear in our library comes with 15-, 30-, and 60-second clips. That 15-second clip may be the perfect length to introduce your podcast.
Who uses production music?
Production music is used by those who have projects that would benefit from the addition of music. Seeing as how the production value of a project generally goes up when paired with high-quality music, many people use it. Video editors, filmmakers, YouTubers, and podcasters alike all know production music is essential to a top-notch finished product. Studies have shown that music can reduce anxiety and improve a listener’s mood.

A video editor of a commercial can benefit from such effects by adding upbeat music to the project, thus instilling in the viewer both a positive sense and subsequent desire to purchase the goods or services. A filmmaker who wants to sweep viewers up into the world of their film can add moving orchestral tracks. YouTubers can stand out from the crowd with the addition of production music that keeps viewers engaged with their content. Podcasters can help their show stick in the minds of listeners by adding a catchy audio logo as an intro.
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