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Securing the music rights for a song can be a lengthy, expensive process. Save time and money when you discover rights free music right here on PremiumBeat. High-quality music you can license and download in a few quick clicks? Yes please.

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The PremiumBeat library boasts thousands of rights free tracks that span a range of genres and moods. Thanks to the talented musicians from around the world that submit their music to us, our library is ever-expanding. Let the music take you on a whirlwind trip as you discover songs from countries you’ve only dreamed of visiting.

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When you add rights free music to your projects, you never need to worry about copyright infringement. Your YouTube videos and Instagram Reels will never be muted or taken down. Once you have a PremiumBeat license in your metaphorical pocket, you can create to your heart’s content and share projects with full confidence that you’re legally in the clear.

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PremiumBeat offers flexible license options to meet the needs of every music lover who comes our way. If your content is web-based or non-commercially distributed, the Standard license is for you. If you need a stellar song for a non-web advertisement or revenue-generating content, then the Premium license is what you need. Need a steady stream of fresh tracks for ongoing projects? Sign up for the Monthly Subscription and you’ll be set.
About rights free music
What are music rights?
Music rights is a broad term that refers to the various rights associated with a musical copyright. These rights have been put in place to protect the musicians and ensure that they receive royalties when their copyrighted songs are played by others. There are several music licenses, or legal agreements, that cover these rights. The synchronization license is required whenever a song is played in conjunction with visual media. With this license, the customer is allowed to create a new recording of the licensed song. The master license, on the other hand, covers the use of a recorded musical track with visual or audio media and does not allow the customer to record a new version of the song. The mechanical license allows a song to be reproduced and distributed in any format for a specific audience. With a print license, also known as print rights, a customer can print copies of the scores of the copyrighted song. There is also the theatrical license, or grand rights, that a theater must secure before a copyrighted song may be performed on-stage.
How do music rights work?
The moment you create an original song and fix it in a tangible format such as a sound recording, you own the rights to your work. Fixing it in a tangible format is a key element here. If you perform your original song without first writing it down or recording it, you do not have the rights to it. Once your work exists in a fixed format, you can choose to register it with the Copyright Office in your country. This effectively puts the facts of your copyrighted work on public record. If a dispute arises down the road regarding the copyright of your work, it will be easier to prove that you are the copyright holder.
Where to buy music rights?
There are several steps involved in buying music rights to a given song. You will first need to determine if the song is copyrighted or in the public domain. If it is a copyrighted song, you will need to contact the artist or rights holder. Once you open a line of communication with the copyright holder or holders, you can then begin the negotiation process regarding the upfront cost, rights, and royalties. The simpler, far less expensive option is to buy rights free music. This is the sort of music you can find in the PremiumBeat library. With thousands of professionally made music tracks and a wild variety of genres, there is plenty to explore. Once you find your favorites, simply add them to your cart, head to checkout, and select the license that meets your needs. Download and start enjoying your rights free music immediately.
How to ask for music rights?
You must first determine who owns the rights to the song you are interested in. If the copyright holder is a little-known musician, you may be able to contact them directly through their website or social media. If, however, the copyright holder is a famous musician, making contact may be rather difficult. It is also possible that the copyright will be distributed among that artist, the record company, and the PRO (Performing Rights Organization), which means you will have to contact each party. You may need to perform an exhaustive internet search to secure the contact details. Once you make contact, be patient. The process to obtain music rights can take several weeks if not much longer. Negotiations are a big part of the process so be prepared to present an informed, professional offer to the copyright holders.
How to find out who owns music rights?
The internet is your best friend when it comes to finding out who owns the music rights to a song you are interested in. Start by entering the name of the song and “music rights” or “license inquiry” into an internet search engine. Keep an eye out for the most professional results. The artist’s music publishing group or record company is a good place to start. The websites of many such organizations will have a “License Request” option within a dropdown menu at the top of the page or in the list of clickable options at the bottom of the page. If your internet search reveals that the musician who created the track you’re interested in is a part of a PRO, you can contact the PRO. Many of those organizations have phone numbers you can call to speak to a representative.

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How to use rights free music:

Music rights for social platforms

Music rights vary depending on the social media platform:

Instagram and Facebook: Music recorded during a live performance is allowed. There should always be a visual component to your video. The audio should not be the primary purpose of the clip. So if you whipped out your phone and filmed your favorite band doing their thing in a concert the other night, you can share the footage in a story, post, reel or IGTV video. Be careful you don’t use full-length recorded tracks too often, however. Doing so could result in your livestream being interrupted, or your video could be muted or removed.

YouTube: YouTube runs a software called Content ID that checks every uploaded video against a music database. This is done to protect artists against copyright infringement. If you use a song in your video that you do not have the rights for, YouTube will mute or take down your video. Make sure that never happens by licensing rights free music from PremiumBeat and adding those tracks to your videos.

Music rights for film

If you want to use copyrighted music in your film, you will need both a sync license and a master license. The sync license, short for synchronization, grants the right to synchronize a song with a visual image. You will need to obtain this right from the copyright owner, which is usually the publisher. The master license allows for the reproduction of a specific song recording in a film. This license needs to be obtained from the record label that owns the specific recording you are interested in using. You can always opt to skip this process by using rights free music in your film. PremiumBeat’s advanced filter options make it easy to find a cinematic soundtrack that will match the tone of your project. Click on the “Genres” filter, scroll down to “Production / Film Scores,” and take a listen to tracks that can enhance the mood, increase the tension, or otherwise add to the quality of your film.

Music rights for podcasts

If you want to play a copyrighted song in your podcast, you will need to obtain a sync license. While the sync license traditionally allowed the licensee to sync a song to a visual medium, with podcasts it is the larger audio program that the song is being synced to. If you would rather not deal with this lengthy licensing process, check out PremiumBeat’s rights free Audio Logo tracks. Audio logos are an excellent way to brand your podcast. Let listeners know what sort of show you have in store by kicking things off with an intro song that sets the tone. Go to the PremiumBeat library, click the “Genres” filter, and select “Audio Logos” to explore your options. Fall in love with a song that is not considered an audio logo? No worries. Any song you find on PremiumBeat comes with a fifteen-second clip that can easily be used as your intro.
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