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Whether you need epic music for your action-adventure trailer or beautiful solo piano music for your human drama film, PremiumBeat has the music tracks you need to take your film trailers to the next level.

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Immediately Engage Viewers

High-quality music for films can effectively pull viewers right into the film’s world. A compelling drumbeat, enchanting choir, or groovy guitar melody can help keep your viewers’ attention on your content for the duration of your trailer. Explore our vast library of tantalizing teaser music to find tracks best suited to your trailer.

Make an Impression on Your Audience

Studies have proven that music has a powerful impact on people. It can boost memory and ward off fatigue, ideal effects on your trailer-watching audience. By adding high-quality music from PremiumBeat to your trailer, you can energize your viewers and make your content more memorable. Find your perfect teaser music in our royalty free library today.

Express Characters' Motives

Music adds emotional depth to a scene. If a character is silently standing by a window while melancholic music plays, the audience will know an internal struggle is occurring. Play an optimistic tune, on the other hand, and it will be clear that the character has his or her sights set on sunny days ahead.
About trailer music
What is trailer music?
Trailer music is the background music that plays during a film preview. Many film trailers use epic music or dramatic music to drum up excitement and keep viewers engaged for the duration of the preview. Because film trailers are often released before the film is finished, the trailer music cannot always come from the film’s soundtrack.

The music from iconic movies is often used in trailers because such songs are easily recognizable to the masses and can quickly instill a similar mood to that of the original film. Popular choices include music from Gladiator, Requiem for a Dream, and Aliens, for action, psychological, and sci-fi films, respectively. Another popular trailer music choice is classical orchestral music. Carl Orff’s “Carmina Burana” became synonymous with action movies for many years, as its loud choral section and heavy metal percussion immediately enhance the intensity and drama of a scene.
What is trailer music structure?
To help your trailer stand out, it helps to include music that has been structured with trailers in mind. This is where smart music composition comes into play. Trailer music should have a cinematic, sweeping feel to it. Many trailer music composers focus on the intended emotional impact the music will have on the audience as they create their tracks. These composers often start with a simple melody that can be built upon as the song progresses. The standard structure for trailer music is rather specific. The tracks begin with a slow burn, build in intensity to an exciting crescendo, and then finish with a back end section.
Is trailer music a genre?
Trailer music is generally considered to be a subset of production music, also known as stock music, that can be licensed for use in film, television, or other media projects. Many of the tracks you hear played as movie trailer music come from these stock libraries and were specifically created with trailers in mind. Such music is fairly brief in order to match the length of the standard film trailer, which runs about two minutes. It aims to evoke a specific mood in viewers so that filmmakers can edit the tracks into their trailers and achieve the intended effect on their audience.
What's the best trailer music?
The best trailer music depends in part on the genre of your film. Action or adventure films benefit from epic trailer music. Songs with brooding brass, fast strings, and intense choir vocals generally achieve the desired epic effect. Such dramatic trailer music can excite viewers, raising their heart rate and encouraging engagement for the duration of the trailer. Many of the tracks on PremiumBeat fall under the epic music category, perfect for your film trailer. Check out “The Will to Win,” featuring lush strings, soaring brass, and heavy synth bass, or “A Moment of Triumph” for a track that builds to pump up your audience. You can also listen to similar tracks by clicking on an epic song title and scrolling down to the “More songs like this one” section.
How to buy trailer music?
Many music libraries offer music that one can buy for use in trailers. PremiumBeat is one of the best trailer music sites out there. To quickly find epic trailer music for your next project, head to the PremiumBeat search engine. Consider the intended effect your trailer will have on your audience. If you have created a feel-good film, you want trailer music that conjures up positive emotion in listeners. You can search for such uplifting music on PremiumBeat by heading to the search engine and looking to the filters on the left side of the page. Click “Mood” and select “Feel Good” or “Happy / Cheerful” from the dropdown menu. Add your favorite tracks to your cart and then head to check out to select the license that meets the needs of your project. Pay a one-time fee and use your track in a single project in perpetuity.
Where can I get free trailer music?
You can easily find free trailer music on PremiumBeat. To begin, head to our search engine. Look to the filters on the left side of the page and scroll down to the “Advanced” filter. Click that and then select “Free Tracks” from the corresponding dropdown menu. All the subsequent tracks you are presented with will be free.

As you listen to the available tracks, ask yourself if the given song matches the mood of your trailer. If your film is a heartfelt human drama, the warm and uplifting free track “In the End They Parted” may be just what you need. A slick adventure film, on the other hand, would be better off with the floating synth found in the dance groove “L.A. Nightlife.” Once you have found the track that meets the needs of your trailer, add it to your cart and head to check out. You will be prompted to log in or create an account. Upon completion of this task, your free trailer music download will be ready to go.
Can I use copyrighted music in my trailer?
In order to use copyrighted music in your trailer, you will first need to obtain the rights. Audiovisual projects such as trailers generally require two music licenses: the sync license and the master license. The sync license is typically held by the song’s composer. It grants the licensee the right to use the track’s score and lyrics.

The master license is usually held by the record company. It grants the right to use the original recording of the track. The licensing process for copyrighted music can be a lengthy and expensive endeavor. Save time and money by using royalty free music from PremiumBeat in your trailer. We have simplified the licensing process so that all you need to do is find tracks you love in our library, add them to your cart, and head to check out. Select the license that meets the needs of your project, pay the one-time fee, and download your track in moments.

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How to use trailer music:

How to compose your own trailer music

Good news: You don’t have to be a professional film composer to compose your own trailer music. You can start by compiling a music list of inspiration. Consider trailers you have seen recently that featured music you found engaging, with a sound you would like to emulate in your own creations. You may not have the luxury of being involved in a trailer’s post-production process in which the audio is synchronized with the moving images, but you can still compose music that music supervisors will be excited to use. The art of music supervision involves licensing pre-existing tracks, such as the tracks you will create, for use in audiovisual projects like trailers. If you compose music that you are passionate about, odds are good that music supervisors will find your tracks equally engaging. There are also online courses you can take that will teach you the ins and outs of the trailer music composition process.

How to edit a song into a trailer

Watch the trailer several times through to get a sense of the various moods of the trailer. Consider how the story flows from one section to the next. Think of the trailer as having three very short acts. You want music that can open the trailer and introduce the world and tone in act one, increase the pace and tension in act two, and reach an emotional crescendo in act three. Use your editing software to drag and drop your music into the trailer and see how the visuals line up with the audio. Try to edit the music so that it matches the cuts of the trailer. A sudden shift in the song’s percussive beat can be aligned with a new visual shot, for example.

How to choose the best trailer music track

Generally, the best trailer music is epic. Tracks with this quick pace and intense buildup to a crescendo can pull the audience right into the action of the trailer and keep them engaged until the final shot. Head to PremiumBeat’s search engine to check out hundreds of these tracks. Click the “Genres” filter and select “Trailer” from the “Production / Film Scores” option. Take a listen to teaser music such as “Inside the Story,” which features tense orchestral sonorities to create a dire mood, or “Trailing the Adventure,” with a combination of triumphant strings, electric guitar, and synthesizer that comes together to instill an adventurous mood in listeners. When you find the epic track that matches the tone of your trailer, add it to your cart, and head to check out. Pay the one-time fee for your license and download in moments.
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PremiumBeat has taken care of the complexities of the licensing process so that you don’t have to worry about a thing. Simply find tracks you love in our library, add them to your cart, and head to check out to select the license that meets your needs. Pay a one-time fee and download your track in moments.

Music to match every mood and genre

With so many different styles of music to be found in the PremiumBeat library, you can find the perfect track for your trailer in no time. Search by Genres to check out “Production / Film Scores” music or Mood for “Epic / Orchestral” tracks. The teaser music to match the mood of your trailer is waiting for you.

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Professional musicians from around the world submit their 100% original music to PremiumBeat. We carefully consider every submission to ensure that you are only hearing tracks of the highest quality in our library.

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