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About Upbeat Music
What is upbeat music?
Upbeat music generally refers to the type of song that inspires a feel-good mood in the listener. It may also be called uplifting music. Upbeat music genres vary. Some studies have found that people can raise their mood by listening to happy, upbeat songs. These songs are usually positive both in terms of lyrical content and musical style and tend to include pop and various types of rock. Other research suggests that jazz and opera fans are the happiest music listeners. The music a given person will consider upbeat is subjective, however. Researchers suggest finding upbeat, positive songs within your favorite genre in order to raise your spirits. Audio analysts have actually found a way to measure the emotional impact of music by using “valence,” a concept from psychology. Valence determines when something is likely to make a person feel happy (positive valence) or sad (negative valence). Some musical streaming platforms use emotional valence to more accurately describe a given track’s likeliness to convey positivity to a listener. Perhaps it comes as no surprise that a popular feel-good song such as Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” has a musical positivity rating of 96.2. You can search the PremiumBeat library for similarly uplifting tracks to hear a range of feel-good music across numerous genres.
What does upbeat music mean?
In music theory, upbeat specifically refers to an unaccented beat that occurs before the first beat of a measure. It is also called the pickup. Alternatively, it could refer to the upward stroke made by a conductor, indicating the beat that initiates a new measure. Upbeat may also refer to a song’s tempo. A fast-paced track with a high BPM (Beats Per Minute) might be called upbeat. As an umbrella term for a type of music, upbeat music applies to songs that instill a positive mood in the listener. When it comes to describing a mood, the general definition of the word “upbeat” is “cheerful or optimistic.” Upbeat music could thus be described as music that lifts the spirits of the listener and inspires a positive outlook. Want good vibes in a space? Play some upbeat music. Such songs can bring a carefree smile to a listener’s face or inspire a desire to dance. Odds are good that if you have ever gone out dancing, you were moving your feet to upbeat tracks.
How does upbeat music affect the brain?
Music has the power to affect the brain regardless of genre. In general, music can reduce anxiety, stress, and blood pressure, as well as improve one’s mood, memory, and quality of sleep. Music activates certain regions in the brain, lighting up nerve pathways related to planning, attention, and movement. Upbeat music specifically can provide the listener with an energy boost and prime the brain for learning. Try listening to some songs that include positive lyrics before your next study session to experience these effects for yourself. Some research also suggests listening to music for 25 minutes every day for at least 10 days in order to prevent back pain. Happy songs can cause the brain to produce dopamine and serotonin, chemicals that evoke feelings of joy. Such music can also bring up happy memories for listeners, which deepens their positive mood. Studies have found that fast-paced music can stimulate the sympathetic nervous system and increase the listener’s heart rate. Listening to fast-paced, upbeat songs during a workout can result in a higher maximum heart rate, increase endurance, and distract from physical discomfort.
Where do I buy upbeat music?
A quick internet search will reveal a number of music libraries that offer upbeat music. For high-quality, professionally created tracks, look no further than PremiumBeat. We have thousands of upbeat tracks in a variety of genres, so you are sure to find the happy sound you are looking for. To get started, simply head to the PremiumBeat search engine. Look to the filters on the left side of the page. Click “Mood” and scroll down to select “Uplifting.” Your subsequent music results will all fall under the umbrella of feel-good music. From there, you can further specify the sort of tracks you want by using additional filters such as Genres, Instruments, and BPM (Beats Per Minute). Explore our inspirational corporate tracks, dance and techno beats, indie pop, and more. If you find an upbeat track you love, click its title and scroll down to the “More songs like this one” section to check out a curated playlist of similar songs. Once you have found the uplifting songs you want to use in your project, add them to your cart and head to check out. Select the music license that meets your needs. Our Standard license is perfect for personal use projects, while our Premium license is ideal for revenue-generating projects. Pay a one-time fee for your chosen license and download your tracks in moments. Our licenses cover unlimited use within your project in perpetuity, meaning forever.
What is the best upbeat music for video projects?
When selecting upbeat music for your video project, first consider the content of your video. With so many genres of upbeat music out there, you want to be sure you select a track that matches the tone of your video. PremiumBeat features hundreds of inspirational and motivational tracks that can boost the production value of any corporate video. A commercial video advertising a slick new shoe line could benefit from an electro pop track that features hip people walking around, exploring a city’s nightlife. Meanwhile, a song with tropical house elements may be perfect for a video meant to inspire viewers to vacation with a specific travel company. Need uplifting music for your film score? Songs such as “An Exciting Future” feature piano, strings, and hand claps to create an inspirational mood, ideal for that big feel-good scene in your movie. Need a track for a groovy house party scene? Try a song like “Let’s Boogie” to offer your audience a bright and driving pop-rock beat, perfect for a pool party in Los Angeles. You also search the PremiumBeat library by Instruments if you know you want an upbeat track that prominently features electric guitar or drums, for example.

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Love to travel? Take a trip to a far-off destination from the comfort of your own home by exploring the “Vocals” or “World” sections in the PremiumBeat library. With so many upbeat music tracks from around the world, you’re sure to find the specific sound you’re looking for. Check out feel-good Brazilian, Bollywood, and more.

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