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The Lowdown on Royalty Free Music

You may be familiar with the term, but do you know the details? In a nutshell, royalty free music refers to licensing. Say you’re making a movie trailer and need ‘background’ music. By choosing royalty free music (like all the tracks at PremiumBeat), you’re protecting yourself against any legal issues down the line. That’s because all copyright details have been taken care of for you.

Want to know more? Keep reading and become a royalty free expert.

Music Licensing Made Easy

What do our music licenses cover?

With a Standard License from PremiumBeat, you can use your track in as many projects as you need, for as long as you want (within the license agreement terms, of course). So, if you get a track for an online video, you pay one price whether you have 100 visitors or 10,000, or if you use the music for 1 month or 10 years. One license, unlimited use.

Royalty free doesn’t mean copyright free.

Anyone who creates a piece of music automatically owns the copyright to it. But at PremiumBeat, we’ve already worked with artists to secure the rights for you. In other words, you can focus on wowing your audience with a stunning soundtrack and not worry about the small print.

Music for Big Scale Projects

What about public performance rights?

Public performance royalties are paid to composers when their music is broadcast on TV, radio, film, or theatre. And usually, this is something that a royalty free music license doesn’t cover. But the good news is, these royalties aren’t being paid by you. They’re being paid, via Performing Rights Organizations, by the distributor of your work, say, a TV network. So for the person buying the music license, ‘royalty free’ still means royalty free. Now that you know what royalty free music is, explore PremiumBeat's music library!
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