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February 25, 2013
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Add Depth To Your Project With After Effects 3D Lighting

Motion Graphics guru Chris Meyer shares a quick trick for increasing visual interest in your After Effects projects.

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If you’re into motion design and After Effects you’re likely already familiar with AE training by production duo Trish and Chris Meyer. In a recent After Effects Apprentice training course Chris demonstrates how to create an opening title for a medical themed project.

In this sample from that online training course Chris shows how adding a 3D light to your AE project can instantly give it more depth and focus your viewers attention to an area of the frame.   The short video tutorial covers adding a vignette to your AE project, using a 3D light’s fall off feature to focus attention on the foreground while darkening the background and casting shawdows between your composition’s layers.

For AE pros this may be a bit elementary, but it is a great reminder that the 3D light in After Effects is a powerful tool to make your compositions pop and give visual interest.  Have a look here:

Tutorial video originally seen on

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