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5 Products for Audio Editing Under $50

Danny Greer

Discover five products that can improve your audio editing without breaking the bank. What inexpensive gadgets do you use in your edit suite? Let us know in the comments below!

Editor’s Note: PremiumBeat is not paid by any software manufacturer or developer. These recommendations reflect our honest opinions of these products. 

1. Powermate USB

The Griffin Powermate is a multifunction controller that not only looks amazing in your edit suite, it also can serve a multitude of functions. Use the Powermate as a volume control or jog wheel in your video editing timeline. The controller comes in two flavors, Bluetooth and USB. The Bluetooth version costs twice as much as the USB version, and many users have actually reported having a better experience with the wired model. At around $25 USD, it’s an inexpensive tool to potentially speed up your audio and video editing workflow.

5 Products for Audio Editing Under $50: Powermate USB

2. Bluetooth Headphones

Most quality Bluetooth headphones extend well over the $100 USD range. That’s why we were surprised to hear about the new LX-10 from EditorsKeys (a company that specializes in shortcut keyboards for video editors). Currently retailing for $49.99 USD, the LX-10 offers ten hours of playback on a single charge. They sent us a loaner to review and we put it through the paces…

The line-in function is useful, enabling the headphones to work as a traditional wired version when Bluetooth isn’t available. The metal body is also a nice touch… the set feels substantial and able to withstand being tossed in a bag for editing-on-the-go.

Arguably, that’s where the strength lies with this pair of headphones… I can see this as the perfect set for video editing on the road. The sound is clear, but the top end does seem to get lost in the mids and the bass is a bit overpowerful. The ergonomics are ‘middle of the road’… while the earpieces are comfortable, the overall fit is a bit on the tight side.

That said, for the price, this is a respectable pair of headphones. You may find other wireless Bluetooth models in this lower price range, but for the battery time and overall quality, this is a solid choice under $50.

5 Products for Audio Editing Under $50: Bluetooth Headphones

3. Blue Snowball

Having a simple USB microphone in your edit suite is essential for recording ‘scratch track’ audio. Are you waiting on a final voiceover recording from voice talent? Do you need to test out the timing of narration? Having a mic handy makes it simple to record directly into your video editing application (check out our previous posts on instructions for doing this in Final Cut Pro X or Premiere Pro).

For nearly a decade, the Blue Snowball mic has been a great USB option (it’s the mic we use for on-the-fly recordings). The Snowball iCE offers much of the same functionality as the regular Snowball, has a built-in desk stand, and is available for less than $50.  The vintage stylings are a nice touch too.

5 Products for Audio Editing Under $50: Blue Snowball iCE

4. Blue Icicle

While we’re on the topic of microphones, it’s worth mentioning another product by Blue, the Icicle. This XLR to USB converter is a simple interface option for recording audio from any traditional microphone into your computer. Audio quality is 44.1 kHz / 16-bit and the unit is phantom powered — an external power source isn’t necessary.

5 Products for Audio Editing Under $50: Blue Icicle

5. Acoustic Panels

Upgrade the sound of your edit suite with acoustical wall tiles. A quality pair of foam panels can actually be purchased for less than $50 USD. Not only will the acoustic profile of your space be better for recording audio, it will also improve sound playback by minimizing reflection and reverb.

Got any go-to audio gear that you’d like to recommend? Let us know in the comments below!