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October 25, 2012
Final Cut Pro XVideo Editing

RED Native Workflow in Final Cut Pro X

You can now edit R3D files natively within Final Cut Pro X!  In this video tutorial from RED Digital you’ll learn an FCPX based RED workflow, including working with camera files without transcoding

As Apple continues to improve Final Cut Pro X for the professional video editor, one welcome feature addition is the ability to edit RED files natively within the app.  In the following video tutorial you’ll be walked through a RED workflow in FCPX.  Topics covered in the video include importing, accessing and modifying RED metadata and RED RAW file settings, as well as enabling RED Rocket for use with Final Cut Pro X.

The example shows RED footage shot at 5K, another recent feature boost for FCPX.  Video editors with a RED Rocket card installed on their system can take full advantage of this high resolution playback.  Users without a Rocket will have their playback quality throttled down in FCPX for best performance.

Check out this useful video tutorial on RED workflow in FCPX:


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  • glamfish

    Just imported some RED footage into FCPX and it is very choppy on playback. Anyone know why?

    After what I understand it should play normally, but only ‘throttled down’ when I don’t have the Rocket card. I have an iMac 27′ with OSX 10.8.2 and FCPX 10.7

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