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October 23, 2012
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Final Cut Pro X Gets Major Update in Version 10.0.6

Final Cut Pro X gets a significant update with the release of version 10.0.6.  In this post, we share what improvements were made and why Apple might be once again focused on the professional market.

When Apple released Final Cut Pro X in April of 2011, it caught a lot of flack…and that backlash from the pro community hasn’t let up much since.  Weekly we see case studies of pro video operations jumping ship from their beloved legacy versions of Final Cut Pro to Adobe Premiere Pro or Avid Media Composer.  The cries of “why did Apple abandon the pro market” can still be seen frequently around the ‘net and in pro video circles.  But with each new FCPX update since the original release, Apple is adding new features that address the needs and concerns of post production professionals.  The new feature additions in FCPX version 10.0.6 are a testament to that.

Final Cut Pro X 10.0.6

Lost in the hubbub around the announcement of skinnier iMacs and pint-sized iPads, Apple announced some major improvements to Final Cut Pro X.  Being touted as the most significant update since the initial FCPX release, here are a few of the improvements in Final Cut Pro 10.0.6:

  • RED Camera support with native REDCODE Raw editing or background transcoding to ProRes
  • Resolution support updated from 4K to 5K
  • MXF plug-in support to work natively with MXF files using third party plug-ins
  • A dual viewer Event Viewer and Timeline Viewer, similar to what you were used to seeing in earlier versions of Final Cut Pro
  • Improved Sharing, including the ability to add custom Share output and output to multiple destinations
  • ‘Copy and paste attributes’ window
  • Multichannel audio editing
  • Unified Import, single-window interface to import from all sources
  • Create freeze frames with a single shortcut
  • Compound clips are saved to the Event Browser
  • Expanded Multicam functions
  • Drop shadow effect with custom controls
  • Flexible Clip Connections
  • Chapter markers for export to Quicktime, DVD and Blu-Ray

For more info has a detailed breakdown of each of the new FCPX 10.0.6 features.

The FCPX 10.0.6 update is FREE for existing Final Cut Pro X users and can be downloaded from the Mac App Store.

Although it may be too little too late for some video editing pros that have already jumped ship from Apple, those willing to take a shot on Final Cut Pro X might be surprised at how far it’s come since it’s initial release.  Perhaps Apple just put he app to market too early…and instead should of waited until they could integrate the type of features we’re now seeing.  These incremental advances in the video editing application show positive signs that Apple does indeed care about their user base and are are dedicated to the app into the future.

What do you think of the new 10.0.6 FCPX update?
Are you ready to make the switch to FCPX?  Tell us in the comments!

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  • Philip Hodgetts

    You’d be surprised how many “Pros” have simply not moved from FCP 6 or 7.

    • Danny Greer

      I hear from people everyday that are still on legacy versions. Everyone is going to have to make a jump at some point. I wonder if this new update is just the push they needed to make the leap. By the way, terrific feature breakdown Philip!

  • Mbeck

    Too little too late.. I have moved to premiere pro, although I still use FCPX from time to time.. It is not my primary editor by a long shot. Recently I had to stop using it all together because the “share” menu quit working… Sheesh!

    • Braden Storrs

      Well, the share menu has been completely redesigned so you shouldn’t have a problem.

  • Braden Storrs

    Those that still try to shout above reality of what FCP 10 is saying FCP 10 is not a professionals tool and isn’t cut out for “real” work are simply ignorant or in denial repeating myths they’ve heard. Especially after this update! There are always things that cold be improved with any NLE but with this update i think we’ve got 99+% of them covered. :)

  • jared

    Well if they move, then they are missing out. FCP X has become a amazing editor and with each new update, it just keeps getting better and better. Editing on it is a dream, so much faster than FCP 6 & 7 and it has certainly sped up my work flow. The comment I hate the most is “It looks like iMovie” ok, so it has a similar layout, but that’s where it stops. These Pro features are nowhere to be found in iMovie. So instead of grumbling, download the free trail. Find some online tutorials and you will be amazed.

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  • Henry Jenkins

    I wish I waited to update until now.

  • Lucas Barros

    I’ve used FCPX for a while, but changed to Adobe CS6. It’s way ahead and simpler.
    If only they would put “In and Out Export” it would be a more usable software for big workflows. Without it just is too much hassle.

  • Bryce

    I am having render problems with the new update. I try to render time lapse video I shot with a go-pro, It doesn’t want to render jpg images that I made into a compound clip and shorten into time lapse. I render the clip and the render bar doesn’t go away. Any solutions?

    • Create Your Economy

      Bryce, I see you wrote seven months ago so maybe too little too late but the way I do my timelapse projects in any editor is to import them into a folder then use Quicktime Pro to export a time lapse of the images. It works beautifully especially when I use lightroom and batch correct them first. It’s just quicker this way. I hope that helps.

  • Danthefcpman

    I’m still using FCP7, but looking to move forward with X. The release of v10 does not mean it is the last, more updates will come just as long as we continue to leave feedback of the app. This is how Apple can make improvements !! Fear not, changes and improvement will come with this new version and will continue to be the industry leader !!

  • willard

    I am one of the happy few that works with Media Composer, Final Cut 7 and Final Cut X. They all have merit. And in fact it doesn’t matter what buttons you have, knowing when to push them on which project is what matters.

  • robnicol

    Having worked with FCP classic since version 1 I’ve been through a lot of development, angst and learning, and by version 7 it was a pretty solid platform, with a few obvious issues. But most professional editors knew how to deal with those issues and get material in and out. By professional I mean people who make their living editing and delivering feature, documentary programs or tvc work. This is the area where FCP made a huge impact and wooed many an editor from more established pipelines.

    Having tried both Premier Pro and FCP X as an alternative to my traditional workflow I have to say that both are disappointing. The idea of these systems is interchangeability – it’s fundamental with film and video projects, as media needs to be moved between different systems. While we all love XML formats, there’s a lot to be said for the simplicity and dumbness of EDLs, and it seems that we have lost that common format interchange which served the industry so well for many years. Apple has opted for a non-standard (is there a standard?) version of both EDL and XML – meaning that the fundamentals of re-linking and import are simply lost when moving between systems.

    For my money I don’t see the new speed and workflow advantages outweighing the poor implementation of the very foundations of the concept. Give me a 64-bit FCP8 and I’ll be happy again.

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  • angga

    weiii bro thats great

  • Simo R

    Well, a very long time to solve a problem. So been also a editor teacher and using FCP for a long time, decisions had to be made. It was not possible to deal with a situation about all this hesitations about software. And last year we stop teaching FCP and change to Adobe. The result is a better integration with photoshop and after effects, that´s good, and we still keep the focus in what is a good editing and why. No more of this was better and this will be good in the future.

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