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October 4, 2012
Final Cut Pro XPremiere ProVideo Editing

FCPX vs Premiere – Which Editing App is Right For You?

Not sure which video editing application to use? Check out this video that breaks down the differences between two of the leading contenders in pro editing – Final Cut Pro X vs. Premiere Pro.

FCPX vs Premiere

Whether you’re just now debating a jump from Final Cut Pro 7 or trying your hand at serious video editing for the first time, you may find yourself wondering which video editing application is right for your needs.

Ric Lanciotti, a professor at the Pacific Northwest College of Art, has examined in detail the differences in FCPX vs Premiere Pro and then shared them in the informative video below.  Ric comes at his analysis from usage in an educational environment but many of the comparison of FCPX vs Premiere are applicable for the professional editor as well.

The video runs at about :45 minutes, but for someone seriously looking at making a switch it’s time well spent.  In the end a winner is determined based on cost, features and usability (especially for users that are just getting into editing).  See for yourself the FCPX vs Premiere Pro victor… it may not be the one you would have guessed.  Thanks for sharing Ric!

Best viewed full screen:

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  • Gino Amadori Arias

    While FCP X might be great for students, it’s no so much for pros working on documentaries and having to meet certain broadcast standards and collaborative workflows alongside other people working with other apps, I know there are third party apps for that but they still don’t work as they should, which make you waste time in fixing stuff to send to others. FCP X is great if you are never going to leave FCP X and have relatively simple Timeline structures. But if you are planning working on documentary (with different video sources and frame rates, wanting collaboratively with others, such as post houses or audio studios you are better off spending a bit more money on AVID and Premiere Pro. Thats me talking after problems with FCP X on a 45min Documentary.

    • cem yildirim

      Not for pros?

      well, they seem pretty amateour then!

    • Danny Greer

      Good point, Gino. I’ve heard this echoed many times.

      For a university environment FCPX is totally sufficient at giving students their first go at video editing. It’s a simplified toolset that allow students to concentrate on editing fundamentals without being overwhelmed.

      That being said, for a pro environment I’d agree with you that it’s far too constraining. It’s essential that an editing app works well with other support applications.

      FCPX still has a ways to go to be highly useable in a collaborative post environment.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

      • Kes Akalaonu

        I watched this video before it was shared among the masses like it is now. I understand that the creator of this video made this presentation to determine the needs for his school but by the sound of his voice, he had already made up his mind which NLE he believed was best and that is for FCP X. Overall, I believe what Apple offers in pro apps is no longer sufficient for my needs. Adobe in my book is the clear winner with a suite of apps to tackle any post production situation. Now, I believe in 3-5 years, FCP X can be a dependable NLE in high end situations but it has lot of ways to go before it does that. Also, I have to disagree with you when you say that this program would help students concentrate on the editing fundamentals. In my opinion, I feel this program would make them disregard the fundamentals people like you and myself have learned and become dependent on what the software wants them to do. One such case comes from twitter discussion I had among editing instructors trying to teach FCP X centric students how Avid works and them being a bit dumbfounded by terms such as overwrite/insert and other editing fundamentals that carries from NLE to NLE. Now I know FCP X has the ability to do those things but with the paradigm it wants you to learn I feel it may cause more bad habits than good. I believe the more expensive NLEs reinforce better editing habits than FCP X that can be carried on into the real world and provide the next generation of editors with knowledge they need to prosper in the field. That’s my two cents on the matter.

  • Michael Robbins

    I honestly have to say that I feel sorry for his students. He seems to want to make it so easy that he is willing to cripple them and their future in editing. The fact that he would rather have FCPX organize files rather than teach the students proper file management is awful. If a recent graduate came to me for a job and i asked how they were with file management and they said they would let the software do that for them, i would not hire them. When I was going through school, we actually had a grade on how well we managed our media because it is that important. There are so many things wrong about this that I had to stop watching it.

    • Danny Greer

      I think for his type of usage the video did a decent job comparing the two systems (that’s not an easy task). Plus, everyone is going to come at a comparison with their own needs in mind. Totally agree though that manual (not ‘automated’) media management is essential…and was overlooked here. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Michael.

  • basementape

    Soundtack Pro? I thought it was soundtrack pro?… I was a student once and I had to learn complex things that confused me…I think FCPX is a drag…I have spent thousands of dollars and many hours learning with much confusion AVID, P Pro, FCPX, Smoke….and my verdict comes down to this….Apple took my best friend away…FCP 7. It could have been made into the greatest editor ever…No other editor on the market was as cool as FCP 7, Of course it had issues but all the editors do. Now I spend more time deciding which editor I should use.
    In fact I might even change career paths. I have lost my inspiration to edit over all this debacle…However my choice for now is going to be PPro, I know I will be forced into FCPX but I wish I didnt have to force my desire to create a good edit. Apple once again take something cool and kills it…As they have done to all the pro apps division. I cant stop progress and the world is shrinking and everyone is a rock star, so I guess now everyone is an editor…enter FCPX.

  • UnitedByPhotography™

    In the context of an educational facility fcp x is fine due to cost and simplicity of learning, but if you were then confronted with a traditional NLE configuration many students would find it confusing and out of their depth. Many people used to traditional NLE interface would opt for Avid or Premiere as it’s familiar. There are people and editors cutting documentaries and broadcast spec work on FCP X as well. It will all boil to price, convenience and what gets the job done.

  • Kostas Metaxas

    What about Edius? I use FCP, Premiere and Edius, BY FAR, absolutely smokes them…

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