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September 5, 2012
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File Naming for Video Editors, Designers & Photographers

Avoid a media management meltdown by following these tips on file naming – especially applicable for video editors, graphic designers and photographers!

File Naming

When you’re naming your digital files, especially deliverables, there’s an easy way to save yourself headaches down the road:

ALWAYS version

NEVER use the word “final”

With video editing, photography and graphic design, its typical that a final version may not stay a final version for long.  Clients may request changes, weeks, months or even years down the road.  Worse, they have multiple rounds of changes after you’ve send them a “final” deliverable.  So, using the word “final” in your naming can quickly get you into hot water.

Instead, use a version number so there will be no confusion as to what file is the latest version.

A few more best practices for naming and working with digital files…


Always hyphenate file names to separate words instead of using underscores.  Aside from being easy to look at, file names with hypens are more web friendly (search engines can parse out the words).  For instance a good looking filename would be “”


Add metadata to the file to help jog your memory about changes that were made to the project.  On a Mac you can “get info” on a file (shortcut: CMD + I) and make notes on the file (for example date delivered, changes, distribution, etc).  Once you’ve added this metadata to your video, graphic or photo you can enable it to show up in the Finder window (View > Show View Options > Show Comments).


Always keep your file names consistent throughout your digital pipeline.  Once a version name is created in your project (be it Photoshop, Illustrator or a timeline in a video editing application) do not change it!  I’ve seen editors change version numbers on their final deliverable video, but not on the sequences in their video editing app.  What an organizational nightmare!  Make sure your source file or editing sequence has the same name as the flattened (delivered) video or graphic.

Do you have any tricks you use for naming your digital files?
How do you keep your versions organized?
Share in the comments!

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  • wearethedx16

    Totally agree, never use FINAL, otherwise you’ll find yourself with a Project_Final and a Project_Final_FINAL

    I append file names with [square brackets] for more detail.

    • Danny Greer

      I like your brackets suggestion, Ben. Seems like a good way to get more info, regardless of your Finder settings. Thanks for sharing.

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  • Joel Morales

    Such a good article! Ben, your comment made me laugh. I’ve had my fair share of Project_Final_FINALS, but now I won’t have to deal with that anymore. The “hyphenating files” tip was helpful as well!

    • Danny Greer

      Thanks for the positive feedback, Joel!

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  • Brandybuck

    Use humpback naming– this is what tech-savvy people use, especially programmers. An example of humpback naming would be ApocolypseNoon, KungFuKoala, KillPhilVol3-2014

    • Brandybuck

      More commonly known as ‘CamelCase’

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  • Ross

    I always have an EXPORTS folder. Usually within there are 2 subfolder, APPROVALS and TESTS. When exporting a sequence to send a client, I will send it to APPROVALS and name it along the lines of ‘V1 – 12/09/13′. Then when I go to make changes I’ll duplicate the sequence and start making changes. When it comes to delivery, always keep subfolders with the date, and if your on a MAC, use a coloured label to remember the latest version of the ‘final’ cut. @rossneileditor

  • Cherry

    This is fantastic no more final of final of final of final

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