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May 23, 2013
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How to Create Blu-Rays with Adobe Premiere Pro & Encore

In this post we share how to create Blu-Ray discs using Adobe’s Premiere Pro video editing and Encore DVD authoring applications!

Making Blurays in EncorePreserve the high-definition quality of your project through delivery by burning your video project on Blu-Ray.  The videos below show you how to create Blu-Rays with Adobe Encore (and Premiere Pro for editing and exporting your video files).

In the following video tutorial, Dave Helmly Sr. Technical Sales Manager for Adobe’s pro video product line, goes over his workflow for using the Premiere Pro Creative Cloud and Encore CS6 to burn Bluray discs.  In addition, Dave also shares a slick way to create files with poster frames and chapter markers so you can have interactive playback on a variety of mobile devices including iPad and iPhone. This 20 minute video is an essential crash course for anyone looking to understand the fundamentals of DVD authoring with Encore:

In a recent webinar, post production pro and Premiumbeat friend, Larry Jordan, demonstrated everything you need to know about creating Blu-Ray DVDs using three Adobe applications:

  • Photoshop for creating DVD Menus
  • Premiere Pro for editing and exporting your HD video file
  • Encore for testing and authoring your Blu-Ray disc

The following video tutorial is a short excerpt of the full webinar and shows you how to create your menu buttons in Photoshop and import this file into Encore.  If you’re interested in extensive training on how to create Blu-Rays in Encore you can purchase the full one-hour webinar over on Larry’s site for $24.99.

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  • Doug

    I’m currently using all the products outlined in the “how-to-create-blu-rays-with-adobe-premiere-pro-encore/” tutorial on a Windows 7 and I’m finding that a good portion of what is shown in the video is not possible. Here are some of the issues I’m having.

    1. Quicktime 7 for windows doesn’t support m4v files or at least those in the H264 Blu-ray format.

    2. Encore won’t import the m4v and it’s support files as shown in the video.

    3. If I use Adobe dynamic Link direct to Encore, I can create Blu-ray discs but not with Encore as shown in the video. So I create ISO’s with Encore and use Image Burn but the problem there is that not all the audio tracks create in Premier, even though they work in Encore, make it to the ISO or perhaps the disc.

    I have been hunting for weeks for solutions and answers but have found none. You have no idea how frustrated I am right now with Adobe and the lack of support and information, especially after the money I’ve shelled out to create Blu-ray HD discs. Can any one help?


  • JamesB

    How would one author a Blu-ray (or DVD) and then create both a Blu-ray disc AND a DVD disc from the same project?

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