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Quick Tip: How to White Balance in Premiere Pro

Need to quickly correct the white balance of your footage or give multiple cameras a white balance baseline? Check out this tip for how to white balance in Premiere Pro.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Nothing SCREAMS ‘amateur status’ like un-white balanced video. If you don’t have the time or budget do to a full color grade/color correction on your project, at the very least take the time to white balance your footage.

Like in other NLEs, it’s actually quite simple to do a quick white balance in Premiere Pro. Using the Premiere Pro Fast Color Corrector you can choose a ‘white’ portion of the a frame of video to get a color balance baseline. Check out the tutorial below by video production professional Pamela Berry that demonstrates you how to do a quick white balance in Premiere Pro.

TIMESAVING TIP: Once you have the white balance setting applied to one clip, you can paste these color attributes on all similar clips. For info on pasting clip attributes see this tip on Adobe’s Premiere Pro help page.

Always white balance. It’s the right thing to do.

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  • cjh457

    Instead of pasting to multiple clips, I assume that you could also apply the effect to an adjustment layer?

    • Josh Lake

      This would work, but that is only assuming it is all from the same camera and none of the settings were changed between shots.

  • David

    Not a particularly good way of white balancing as it pollutes your blacks with a colour tint.

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