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November 7, 2012
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Creating Motion Infographics in Adobe After Effects

Want to create snappy motion infographics?  Check out this in-depth video tutorial series on creating engaging infographics using After Effects.

Adobe After Effects

If you’re looking to explain a concept, product or social initiative, motion infographics are effective at engaging your audience and delivering your message.  For the newbie video editor and motion designer however, the task of conceptualizing and creating motion infographics in After Effects can be a daunting task.

Portland based animator and designer Michael Jones recently created a sharp motion infographic, and then broke down the process in a series of in-depth video tutorials.  He demonstrates how he created specific shots, by explaining the step by step process in After Effects (see the video tutorials below).  The final video has a faith-based message, but the techniques used can obviously be applied to any project where you need to outline information (corporate, commercial, churches, organizations, etc).

First, let’s take a look at the final video:

This is a great series of case studies and tutorials for anyone interested in creating professional infographics in After Effects.  Thanks for sharing, Michael!

Learn how to visualize and setup this type of After Effects infographic project – overview and preproduction:

An in-depth look at text animation and creating a text reveal effect:

Animate a floating box with with masks in After Effects:

Recreate the cool shattered lightbulb effect:

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  • karel

    nice tut!!!
    keep this..

  • Ben

    The colours in the text reveal look like a different angle in the actual finished animation than in the tutorial version. Is there something else that you did. They look more organic.

  • karel

    how to make bounce box?

  • Craig

    Awesome stuff man, loved hearing about a good quality workflow. Now I think its about time I stopped making my graphics directly in AE and move to Illustrator :)

  • Melody Hill

    AWESOME! Thanks for this tut. Very good. And great Infographic.

  • Ira

    I really liked the SFX that were used in your animation. Would you mind sharing which ones you used?

  • insaf nias

    awesome dude..pure awesomeness

  • Billy

    where are the videos gone??

  • Valstorm

    I’d recommend looking into Adobe Audition for your Audio tracks. The issues you’re having with re-rendering every time for timing adjustments are much easier to work through when you dynamically link your After Effects and Audition projects with CS6+.

    Great insight into your workflow and organisation, good job.

  • LamPhan

    how long did it take you to complete the whole video? i mean from the moment you started with Illustrator.

  • Mike

    Thank You Danny!

  • Noah Henry

    In the first video, “overview and preproduction,” I saw that you had a template around your art boards. Could you attach that templet or explain how you went about creating it? It’s at about 8:36 on the video time line. Thanks!

  • Student

    Thank you so much…The tutorials have proved very helpful towards producing animated infographics and surely helped out my school project. Thank you again, great job :)

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