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May 7, 2012
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Killer Tutorial for Creating Kinetic Typography in After Effects

Add visual interest to your motion graphics projects with kinetic typography!

In the last few years, the use of kinetic typography has become popular in all forms of media (commercials, film opens, product demo videos, etc.)  It adds style and makes text more engaging and dynamic.  For examples of impressive kinetic typography projects check out our roundup of Awesome Typography Videos.

If you’re wondering how to achieve a similar text effect in your own work, check out this entertaining tutorial by filmmaker and post pro Jesse Rosten. Using After Effects you’ll discover how to:

  • Time your text with audio/dialogue
  • Create custom text layouts
  • Set scale and position keyframes
  • Apply motion to your text with easing

Jesse is entertaining and presents the tutorial in a funny, conversational style.  For anyone interested in creating their own kinetic typography project, this tutorial is a terrific starting point!

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  • Sin S101

    Love it!.. I think I like you.. :) you’re fun.

  • Jason McCullough

    Im the summer marketing intern at my company and we just made two Kinetic Text videos a couple of weeks ago. I think we did a good job. Check ‘em out. Video 1:
    Video 2:

    • Danny Greer

      Thanks for sharing, Jason!

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  • John

    Hey Danny,
    This may be a simple question but I’m going to ask it anyway because I’m new to After Effects. When you upload the sound clip to your timeline, you automatically see the waveforms, and you can easily play back the sound.

    When I place it in my timeline, it is a solid green bar and no matter what I do, even through RAM Preview, I can never hear sound.

    Do you have any advice? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    • John

      I’m going to revise my question and ask how you can get the audio to play without opening a full screen view and leave the timeline and comp open

      • Richard

        press 0 on the numpad

        • Danny Greer

          Thanks for sharing, Richard.

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  • Beans

    Hi, I’ve been having some trouble with syncing audio. Basically, I can’t sync audio properly when worlds are run together or if I want to do syllables in some words as they are basically one big blob in the waveform. Any tips or tricks?

    • Battlespeed

      Not sure about AE, but you could analyze the track in a free application like Audacity. This lets you zoom in on the waveform to your heart’s content, and of course it has time markers so you can identify exactly when a particular audio event such as a single syllable occurs. Then, after identifying your sync times (simply writing them down) you can then take this information into AE.

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  • Nuveau Sapiens

    The name says it all: KILLER Tutorial.
    Thanks for teaching.

  • Battlespeed

    It’s really great to know how this is done – not necessarily so you can do it yourself, but so you can communicate effectively with the “creatives” who you hire to do it. This really makes it so much easier to collaborate with them to you get the results you want with the least amount of miscommunication (or, in some cases, at least to understand why your idea might not be feasible or practical).

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  • Mark Vagabond

    Well Done !!! Straight to point of the secret sauce !! :D

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