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February 24, 2014
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Mark II Artist’s Viewfinder for Photographers & Cinematographers

The Mark II Artist’s Viewfinder is a smartphone app with a powerful toolkit for visualizing your shots. We’ve got 10 copies to give away!

Artist Viewfinder

Frame up your shots before pulling out your gear. The Mark II Artist’s Viewfinder app simulates camera and lens combinations so you can see what your shots will look like quickly and easily. The app utilizes a database of “more than 470 still and motion picture cameras, 150 medium/large format backs and countless lenses”.

Win a copy of Artist’s Viewfinder!

Dire Studio, makers of Artist’s Viewfinder have provided us with 10 COPIES to give away! To enter simply write your favorite camera brand in the comments below. 10 winners will be picked at random on 2/27/2014.

Artist's Viewfinder

We think the Mark II Artist’s Viewfinder especially comes in handy when location scouting. The iOS app allows you to save high resolution shot examples to your phone along with location and simulation metadata, so you can quickly recall the exact spot and lens/camera combo later on. Extra bonus: you can send this info off to your crew from directly within the app.

You can purchase the Artist’s Viewfinder from the App Store for $24.99 (it is currently iOS only).

Thanks to Dire Studio for providing the copies of Artist’s Viewfinder!

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  • gra173

    My Favourite Camera Brand is Canon.

  • Sakis Mpampanikas

    canon :)

    • Danny Greer

      Congrats Sakis. You’re one of our winners. I’ve sent you a message on Facebook to connect with the promo code.

      • Sakis Mpampanikas

        thanks my friend :)

  • David

    I want one!

  • Chris W

    Sony (NEX-6)

  • Marshal Foster

    Canon or Leica. It’s an incredibly hard choice.

    • Danny Greer

      Congrats Marshal. You’ve won a copy of the Viewfinder app. I’ve sent you a message on Facebook with the promo code.

  • Jan Domke

    Sigma :)

    • Danny Greer

      Congrats Jan! You’re one of our winners. I’ve sent a message on Facebook with the promo code. Thanks!

      • Jan Domke

        Awesome, thx!!!

  • Paul


  • Joey Manna


  • Anton


  • Evan McGrath

    Canon guy through and through. Stills, video, glass, canon is crushing.

    Everyone loves Arri though am I right?

  • b!


  • Morgan Paar


  • Alexandra Londono


    • Danny Greer

      Congrats Alexandra. You’ve won a copy. I’ve sent you a FB message to connect.

  • Gloria Cristina

    Even do I love Nikon, Canon is the perfect combination!

  • Nick


  • matti

    canon too

  • Chris Cruz


  • Jake Lerchen

    Canon! Love the C300

  • Tiago


  • Ruaraid


  • Lenin Angelo Lavina


    • Danny Greer

      Hi Lenin. Congrats you’re one of our winners. I’ve sent you a Facebook message to connect.

      • Lenin Angelo Lavina

        Woohoo! Fantastic! Thanks =)

  • samwro


    • Danny Greer

      Congrats, you’re one of our winners. We’ve sent a message to you on Twitter to connect!

  • RTLDan

    I’m loving Canon (in big part because of Magic Lantern!)

  • Max

    Blackmagic. Aww yeah.

  • Aaron Dolan


  • alex

    Current favorite is Panasonic!

  • Ryan Christopher

    RED. Love the product. Love the culture. One hell of a brand.

    • Danny Greer

      Congrats, you’re one of our winners! We’ve sent a message to your Facebook account.

  • Lovin’ Light

    Canon. I like the 7D in particular.

  • Karen Cerino

    Canon, love my D60!

  • ƪ(ړײ)‎ƪ​​

    Nikon D5300

  • thatbrandonguy

    I’ve always been a fan of Canon cameras.

  • David Perez

    Mi favorite camera brand Canon

  • Christian Cubacub

    Canon all day, everyday!

  • Desbris

    Canon :)

  • Emmanuel


  • Mason Marino


  • Dominik

    Canon. The C100/300/500 have a great form factor and their glass is awesome.

  • Cristian Agostini

    For filming Canon!

  • Liam White

    RED. Still use Canon for some gigs, but anything I care about gets an EPIC.

  • Justin Dial

    Canon. 60D

  • Ethan Giventer

    Canon is my favorite for DSLR filmmaking. But the GH3&4 make a strong case in image quality! For major shoots, definitely RED.

    • Danny Greer

      Hey Ethan. You’re one of our winners. We’ve sent a message to your Facebook page. Congratulations!

  • YouGuysTookAllTheGoodNames

    Definitely RED, Alexa is a close second though.

  • Tony Cimerol

    Arri. More specifically Arri Amira

  • Ericsson San Pablo

    My favourite camera brand is Sony!

  • Andreas

    My favorite camera brand is Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera.

  • Seamus Mulligan-Ferry


  • Chad Hallblade


  • squaredog


    • squaredog

      Aww it’s already over…

  • Haoyuan Ren


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