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May 3, 2012
Final Cut Pro XVideo Editing

Everything You Need To Know About Multicam Editing in FCPX

Discover the time-saving benefits of multi-camera editing in Final Cut Pro X!

Final Cut Pro X Multicam

When Apple released the 10.0.3 update to Final Cut Pro X many pro editors were granted their #1 feature request: multi-camera editing.

The multicam editing experience in Final Cut Pro X streamlines the more clunky process present in earlier versions of FCP.  Improvements to the FCPX multicam tool include the ability to simultaneously view and edit 64 separate video tracks – none of which need to share the same resolution, frame rate or codec!  Audio and video can be automatically synced using FCPX’s built-in Audio Analysis feature.  These tremendous improvements now make Final Cut Pro X a great option for cutting multiple camera shoots.

How to Use the FCPX Multicam Function

Mark Spencer and Steve Martin from MacBreak Studio have put together a VERY in-depth 3 part video series on how to take advantage of all that the FCPX multicam tool has to offer.  Learn the specifics on how to setup your multiple camera projects, how to sync and edit your angles and what shortcuts can optimize your FCPX multicam workflow. “Sync” is the first video in the series and can be seen below.  Watch “Edit” and “Trim” on YouTube.

Short on time?  YouTube user tldtoday has put together a quick summary on how to get your FCPX multicam projects up and running.  To show the versatility of multicam in FCPX, he used 2 DSLR cameras, a video camera and audio from an external recorder in this example video.

What do you think of the Final Cut Pro X multi-camera editing?
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  • Fer93060

    is so complicated. is not plug and play. I use multi camera in adobe CS4 and the first time I used it, it was as simple as you can think. so if you don’t know how to make thing work good move out and let some body else do the job good for the consumers.

    • john

      I applaud these guys. Pure entertainment. But seriously. Just get to it because 4 minutes into this everyone is lost or doesn’t care. First rule. Don’t say I’m not going to talk about it, just don’t talk about it. Click on the files, choose multi-cam…. That’s it. We can all see the screen. The second guy adds no value. Tell what you are going to do in 15 secs then do it and tell us again what you just did. Then say, if you want to customize this further, watch these other tutorials. Geeks are funny.

  • Steve

    Thanks for posting this – one question: do you use the new multi cam clip in the timeline or the original footage? Once you see the synced clip, how do you select and bounce back and forth to add it to the timeline? thank you. Steve

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