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July 16, 2013
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No More Encore – Adobe’s DVD Authoring App Gets End of Life Status

Adobe has announced they will no longer be supporting Encore – their popular DVD and Blu-Ray authoring application.

Adobe Encore

The times they are a’changing. As consumers trend away from physical media, it’s no wonder that the apps to create those physical media are shinking as well. First the demise of Apple’s DVD Studio Pro…now Adobe Encore.  Adobe has announced that the last version of Encore, CS6, will be its last.

In addition, Dynamic Link between Encore and Premiere Pro is no longer supported.  So much for the handy video editing to DVD creation workflow we reported on recently. That said, Encore is still available for those users who subscribe the Adobe Creative Cloud…but for how long will remain to be seen.

no dvdIndustry site Doddle notes that there are still several types of video that will require the creation of DVDs:  ”wedding and event videographers, corporate environments, as well as the independent producer.”  The trend in downloadable and streaming media isn’t slowing, so we can only expect to see DVD use to continue it’s sharp decline in these areas as well.

With professional Mac DVD authoring options dwindling, the best options now seem to be all Windows-centric.

What app are you using for DVD authoring?
Share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below!

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  • Todd Van Slyck

    Well I was using DVD Studio Pro. Then Encore. Oy

    • Nathan Lawrence

      Me too. This is really problematic. What’s left? Sony Vegas? Not happening.

    • Christopher Scott Knell

      No need to delete DVDSP or Adobe encore from your app folder… they just won’t be updating them any more. I doubt we’ll ever see any improvements to SD DVD’s anyway, so there’s no need to update the Apps either.
      My 2¢

  • anon

    The programs still work though. I have DVD Studio Pro 4 as well as Encore CS6. I mean, it’s not like they’re coming to your home and deleting the software off our computers right? They still work and function well enough so I mean, who cares if they’re not going to be updated anymore?

    • ec

      unless u have a creative cloud, they just pull the activation for it…. the downfall of the cloud.

      • Mr M.

        Good thing I’ve always been weary of the Cloud benefits

      • Trace

        2/26/2014: I just tried to Download it today on a new laptop and it’s gone from my CC control app. I did the same bouncing around, DVD Studio Pro -> even iDVD -> Encore. Depressing. -T

        • Aaron Matthew Kaiser

          I was depressed as well, but looks like you can still download it as part of the CC subscription! Just go to “more information” for premiere, download CS6, then uninstall everything except for Encore. About to do that now. Here’s the 411:

  • Josh

    I am a CC user and Encore CS6 is part of the PPro CS6 download. As far as I know, Adobe is continuing to offer CS6 versions of their software through CC.

  • Shai Yammanee

    Damn, like others here I moved from DVD Studio Pro to Encore. Now this is going away. Well, at least the app will still work for a while yet. Sigh.

  • Diane Lynn

    I have the final model of PowerMacs to use my essential, unreplacable software. The stake through the heart was removing Rosetta from Lion, so only software designed for Intel machines can be used.

  • Jith Paul

    If you have a CC subscription, you still have access to Encore CS6.

  • Emkaytoo

    ::bangs head on desk, repeatedly::

    Looks like I’ll be delaying my upgrade to CC.

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  • fawn alleyne

    I’m just going to give my clients mp4′s on a USB key instead of a DVD. $6 for a 4GB USB is a bit more expensive, but saved me the time of authoring a DVD.

  • Thurstan

    Yeah I’ll always be a supporter of Disc media.. been doing that for 7 years, for me, video on USB or anything else that doesn’t use a disc Is something I’m not going to adjust to, some of us out there love putting our creativity into what we do!

  • Dasfer

    More like the big software companies are trying to impose their will and eradicate the use of physical media distribution so that they might micro manage every-ones life. Ideologically, these bigots are no different than Monsanto trying to impose their toxic, foul G.M.O. swill onto the populace.

    • steve

      Great analogy

  • rzr219

    Same boat, went from FCP to Encore. Oh well for what I do DVD’s are fine and I can still make Bluerays with Encore. Just bought a new Discproducer DVD model as if I gave it to one parent in media form, no one else would buy a copy. Just sad as I am shooting HD and have to dumb it down to DVD. Took a survey and parents said they would not pay the extra cost for BlueRay media. So the paying masses have spoken in my case.

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  • jiveaces

    The only reason people are shying away from DVDs is because there is nothing left to create them with or on. Talk about a self fulfilling prophecy.

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