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August 29, 2012
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3 Video Transcription Services for Video Editors

Save time in post-production by leveraging low-cost online video transcription services.  Create quick paper edits or stringouts by having your footage transcribed FIRST!

Professional video transcription isn’t what it used to be.  No longer do you have to send tapes or DVDs off to a professional transcriptionist only to wait a week or two to get a digital or paper transcription back.  If you’re still working under this prehistoric method, take a look at these 3 online services that’ll get your video transcribed in a matter of hours – not weeks.  Discover how having a professional transcription created for your footage or final video can speed up your post production and give added value to your final product.

Pro Video Transcription for Video Editors

Blog friends recently tipped us off to a new transcription service called (read that post here).  That got us thinking about the other options for transcription services and how many video editors may not even know they exist.  Although there are some software options that attempt to ‘transcribe on the fly’ (like Adobe’s Speech Analysis) these software options just cannot give as accurate a result as a trained human transcriptionist.  Especially with video, different shooting situations and mic setups may not provide optimal audio, so it’s going to take human intelligence to determine exactly what is being said and by whom.

Having your videos transcribed is important not just good for improving post production (creating paper edits and quickly being able to locate soundbites), but also has positive impacts on final distribution.  If you’re going to post your video work online, a transcribed video will mean better search engine visibility (Google can’t discern what is being talked about in video) and a better experience for an audience that prefers to follow along with a written version (training videos & tutorials especially).

Whether you’re a video editor, producer or in-charge of distribution, discover the value of having your footage or final video transcribed using low cost online services.  If your time is worth money, the following options could basically be considered free!

Speechpad Video Transcription

SpeechPad video transcriptions

Speechpad is the most popular online transcription service on the list.  The ability to upload or link to a variety of file types and websites make it a good choice for video editors.  For instance, you can include a link to your Vimeo or YouTube video page and the transcription will be made based on that.  Add timestamping to the video for an additional .25 cents a minute (important for making those paper edits).  We use SpeechPad for the transcription of the Premiumbeat video tutorials and have had good experience.  100% moneyback guarantee.

  • $1/min delivered in one week
  • $1.50/min delivered in 48 hours
  • $2/min delivered in 24 hours

FoxTranscribe Video Transcriptions

FoxTranscribe - Video Transcriptions

Like SpeechPad, FoxTranscribe excels in the ability to upload a wide variety of file formats making it easier to get your videos in the transcription cue. The service is a bit more stripped down though, with only one pricing option: $1/min with delivery in 48 hours.  You can add a timestamp to your video for free, but it only appears in 2 minute intervals.  Like SpeechPad speakers are noted in the transcript, making it easier for interviews with more than one person.

SpeakerText Video Transcriptions

SpeakerText Video Transcriptions

SpeakerText specializes in video and podcast transcriptions.  Import your videos from a variety of online services including YouTube, Vimeo, Blip.TV, Brightcove, Wistia and others.  For added convenience you can add your entire library from any of these accounts making the import process even faster.

Customers that get 10+ hours of video transcribed a month will have access to SpeakerText’s CaptionBox, an online plugin that highlights the words on the transcript as they are said in the video.   For video professionals that need are concerned with having the most options for their web videos, SpeakerText provides some nice additional options at the transcription cost of $2/min with 48 hour delivery.

Do you get your video footage transcribed during post production?
If so, what service do you use?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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  • Gretta Wing Miller

    We use
    Have for years, never an error.

  • WKP
    • Karen J.

      We tried Vivid, amazing service, only cost me half of what others charge .thanks

  • Kelly

    We use they offer fast turnarounds and are also extremely accurate.

  • Tracey

    We have been using for years. Best pricing that know of and they are super nice. Their base for videos was only 90 cents a minute last time I checked. They have got weekend service too. Which for some reason we end up using a lot. lol Seems like someone always has to have something yesterday.

  • Jones

    We have been using for the last couple years for our video transcription work. They providing accurate transcription at affordable price.

  • Jack

    has anyone tried – seem to be offering 0.80 per minute

  • Paul

    We use Great pricing combined with accuracy and rapid turnaround. Really helps when we need transcripts quickly!

  • waynerodden

    Hey guys i’m just starting out online and was wondering! if any one could recomend a program to transcribe or should i avoid them?

  • Kevin Farrell – for accurate and low priced transcription services.

  • Lesley Dehn

    Complete video, audio, podcast transcription with captioning and subtitling services is provided at discounted prices at

  • David Levy

    If quality and TAT besides low cost is what needed than go for video or post production transcription solutions at Habile Data

  • Henry Scott

    Go to Hi-Tech BPO Services Transcription Solutions at & realize professional transcription services at cost effective prices.

  • Jack Smith

    For better quality video transcription services go to

  • Joy Smith

    Why should you not go to because thier video transcription services is best, quick & cost effective.

  • Joshua Schmidt

    Not sure why the editor chose only 3 above? Could have research better!

    • Jeremy

      haha. below is the reason why only 3 were listed. There are dozens and dozens and no matter what you;ll get people commenting and plugging their own (either as themselves or a “customer”).

  • Silvia

    You should also check out TranscribeMe’s SRT video transcriptions that can easily pair with closed caption software, as well their standard transcription format offerings.

  • Christina Capulet

    I need a fast and reliable service and so always return to the same company, Type It Tiger ( Not only have they never let me down, but their rates are super competitive and they are able to offer related services such as translation (something that is useful for video transcription for the purpose of subtitles or video transcripts in multiple languages).

  • Editor

    Speechpad has been consistently late for me. A quoted 48 hour job takes about to 4 days.
    no explanations and no reply to emails. No discounts either.

  • lpelayo now allows the user the ablity to upload video clips from iPad/iPhones devices for Automated transcribing and timing. The speech to text engine is speaker independent so multiple speakers are not an issue as long as they are not speaking over each other. The quality is comparable to Adobe Audtion. The differance here is you get the tools to edit the text and timings and can export out a traditial text file or SRT, WebVTT or TTML closed captioning files. Also they now offer a Human powered transcription service as part of the platform.

  • Joey

    You can also try SpokenData web transcription service at You get automatic transcription of your multimedia files for free or you can buy a human transcription. SpokenData also has an advanced subtitles editor. Editing the transcription is a piece of cake once you get used to it.

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  • John Smith

    Any idea how is I am tempted to use them because they have to quite responsive so far in replying to my questions and sending the quote.

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