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June 12, 2012
Premiere ProVideo Editing

Premiere Pro Shortcut: Switching Between Panels in the Editing Interface

Save time in post by quickly navigating the Premiere Pro interface with a set of keyboard shortcuts.

If you’re already a Premiere Pro shortcut user, you can give your edits an additional speed boost by learning the shortcuts for switching between the panels.  Sure, you can use your mouse and click the panels to select them, but reaching for your mouse will slow you down.

Either use one of the following shortcuts to select an exact panel or cycle through the each of the panels in the Premiere Pro user interface.   Shortcuts increase your editing efficiency – use them!

 SHIFT and 1 = Project Panel  SHIFT and 2 = Source Monitor
 SHIFT and 3 = Timeline  SHIFT and 4 = Program Monitor
 SHIFT and 5 = Effects Controls  SHIFT and 6 = Audio Mixer
 SHIFT and 7 = Effects  SHIFT and 8 = Media Browser

Activate Premiere Pro panels in rotation to the right:
Hold down CTRL and SHIFT and tap the period key.

Activate Premiere Pro panels in rotation to the left:
Hold down CTRL and SHIFT and tap the comma key.

A gold line appears around a panel when it’s selected:

Interested in learning more Adobe Premiere Pro shortcuts?
Check out our previous post showing you how to customize your own.

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