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September 20, 2013
Final Cut ProVideo Editing

Tips for Success: How to Keep Running Final Cut Pro 7

Are you holding off making the switch from Final Cut Pro 7 to another video editing app? Heed this advice to keep things running as smoothly as possible.

It’s been a few years since Apple made the (now infamous) announcement of Final Cut Pro X as an upgrade/replacement to their popular FCP video editing app. Although Apple has made significant improvements to FCPX since that time, some pro editors are still holding their ground – resistant to switching from their trusty Final Cut Pro 7. Or, perhaps they’ve already made the switch to Premiere or Avid, but still have to pop open FCP 7 to make updates to previous projects.

With FCP 7 now unsupported, it will become more and more problematic to use the app into the future. So what to do?

Our friend Chris at ScreenLight shares 8 tips he picked up on a recent Reddit discussion on avoiding crashes with FCP 7. Here’s the rundown:

  1. Keep projects small – under 100mb is recommended.
  2. Don’t bring any big images into your project – over 2k images create problems.
  3. Keep your OS at 10.6.8. This may mean you have to keep a spare computer around to run it.
  4. Keep all your footage as ProRes. The time it takes to transcode can save headaches in re: crashes.
  5. The read/write speed of the network must be fast enough to support your footage bit rate.
  6. For third party I/O solutions (like AJA) make sure all firmware and drives are updated.
  7. Turn off high quality scrub in your FCP sequence.
  8. Make sure you do not have Perian installed on your machine. Perian is known to cause stuttering and distorted playback in FCP.

If you’re wondering about FCP7 compatibility with Mountain Lion, see our earlier post here.

Have you already made the switch from FCP 7? If so, to what app?
Still running FCP7 and have future-proofing tips to share?
Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • Mo

    Good tips but it actually makes me don’t want to keep it now. If you can’t do anything in higher quality then why keep FCP7?

  • Tony Sarcasto

    FCPX is unworkable for my needs. I was stupid to make the switch, but I believed Apple’s hype. X is just a slightly upgraded version (with better quality codecs) of the freeware crap that comes preloaded on most PCs. Its great for my Dad who has the barest understanding of editing and no technical ability. Problem is, he can’t find his footage.

    For me, I re-reverted back to FCP7 I’ve got it working great on Mavericks. No problems with the OS. By the way, my Avid ProTools completely threw up with the OS change. I also use Premiere, but FCP 7 is far more friendly.

    But folks, we need to stand up. Demand Apple release the technology behind FCP7. They have made a financial commitment to X but someone else can certainly make hay of the popular design. All that really is holding back FCP7 is the upgrade to contemporary 4K codecs (and beyond to 8K and whatever else will come out). The problem is Apple. They are now holding back the advancement of editing, worldwide, in order to protect their stupid decision to come out with X. We already know virtually nobody professional is using FCPX while the program they tried to kill is still dominating the marketplace. We need to get some support, upgrades, progress with what already works; what we already know. This website is as good as any to get a movement started. Demand Apple release the FCP7 technology they want to throw in the trash to other developers who will make something out of it.

    • Suresh Luxuriousz-Pr

      I second that Tony.. I tried getting in contact with the FCP team but got a bunch of retards on the phone who didn’t even knew that FCP7 was out there … Meanwhile, I got informed that installing 10.6.8 with Rosetta on a separate disk will improve the performance (emulation 64 bit)..

      Would it not be amazing if they would continue developing FCP7 for professionals..

    • Leon

      I second that too. FCPX went out in a movement where Apple was kind of aiming to daily user of iOs, where the computer is just an extension of the handheld, like saying that mountain lion looks ans feels and works (all the promotion was about sharing) just like your iPad – what for then should I have a laptop. Mavericks got back to power users. I hoped that this return would also affect FCP, but it wasn’t. And the next goes again to turn our working machine into a social reds machine.
      I know whole video-schools which went depressed to premiere.
      Important: if you see the core, apple is heading from Quicktime (QT-Kit) to AV-Foundation, there a new frameworks inside the video core. The new systems are migrating, this is why FCP7 will be outdated. So yes, we have to do something, final cut was the most intuitive between the powerful editing programs, and one of the most powerful (for its control of keyframes everywhere, and even relation of effects to quartz composer). Maybe I am giving wrong info, its just what I think/saw.
      If Apple does not port to FCPXI or release the technology which allowed us to get into the depth, we will have to change to less good solutions, I am looking now at light works.

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