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An audio library with immense variety, PremiumBeat brings you the best in carefully curated musical content so that you can easily discover and download songs that excite you.

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With over 20,000 tracks and more than 25 musical genres to explore, you are sure to find stunning songs to suit your project needs within the PremiumBeat audio library. Discover sounds from around the world all from the comfort of your own home.

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When you discover music you love on PremiumBeat, you will never have to worry about paying royalties. Simply select the license plan that works for you, pay a one-time fee, and you’re set. You can use the track in perpetuity with complete peace of mind that you are legally covered. We are here to make the music licensing process as simple and affordable as possible.

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Rather than hiring a musician to create a song from scratch for your next project, come check out the PremiumBeat audio library and snag a song that is ready to go the moment you download. Our many filter options allow you to quickly and easily narrow down your search so that you can work smarter, not harder.
About audio library
What is an audio library?
Audio libraries are full of sounds and songs that customers can license for use in personal or work-related projects. Music composers create musical tracks with this purpose in mind. They then share their tracks with an audio library, or, in curated libraries, they submit their work for consideration. Customers can explore the audio library by listening to clips of the songs. If customers want to download a song for use in a project, they add it to their cart, head to check out, and select a license. Audio libraries take care of the nitty gritty of music licensing so that customers can opt for the license that meets the need of their project and then download the track without worry of legal repercussions. The customer base varies widely. Some people are interested in cinematic songs for their film or TV project, while others want intro songs for their podcasts. Some want upbeat music for commercial use while others want catchy beats for their latest YouTube video.
Which audio library is best?
The internet is home to many audio libraries. Some audio libraries focus on selling instrumental beats. These are ideal for musical artists who have their own lyrics and need music to accompany their vocals. Other audio libraries focus more on offering their customers a range of sound effects. PremiumBeat happens to be one of the leading audio libraries on the web. Home to over 20,000 carefully curated tracks, the PremiumBeat library includes music in a wide range of genres from contributors all over the world. Our advanced filter options include but are not limited to Mood, Duration, and BPM (Beats Per Minute), so you can find the perfect song for your project in a few quick clicks. We offer flexible license plans so that customers can select the license that meets their needs, download their music, and get started on their project right away.
Are audio libraries copyright-free?
Copyright-free songs are part of the public domain. Songs like “Happy Birthday,” that no one person can claim ownership of, are considered copyright-free. Audio libraries are often royalty-free. This means that there is a person who can claim original ownership of the song. This person shared their music with the audio library, likely received payment, and now the audio library can license the song out to interested parties. The people interested in using the song will not have to pay any recurring fees to the original creator because that has already been sorted out between the audio library and the creator. But just because a song is royalty-free does not mean it can be used any which way. Audio libraries have specific rules regarding the proper use of their songs. PremiumBeat offers two different music licenses that each explain how a given track is allowed to be used in a project.
What is the biggest audio library?
Audio libraries vary in size. While some boast hundreds of thousands of tracks, others focus more on carefully selecting their musical content so as to offer customers a curated collection. PremiumBeat, for example, invites composers to submit their work for consideration, but our review process is extensive. This is done so that every song accepted is a good fit for our library and to ensure that only the highest quality tracks are available on PremiumBeat. We now have over 20,000 tracks in our audio library, representing a wide variety of genres, subgenres, moods, and more. No matter the project our customers have in mind, they can find a song that suits their needs within our virtual walls. Search by instrument, song length, vocals, and beyond. When you click on a song, we will also present you with a list of songs with a similar sound, so you can easily find a track you are excited to work with.
Are audio libraries worth it?
If you are a music composer considering submitting your work to an audio library, there are a few things to consider. Some libraries are exclusive, meaning that they have the exclusive right to sell your work. These libraries tend to offer higher royalty payments to you as the creator. Some even offer upfront cash payments. If you share your music with a non-exclusive audio library on the other hand, you are allowed to upload your work to multiple non-exclusive libraries for sync licensing. These libraries often do not have the same sort of rigorous submission review process as the exclusive libraries, so if you are new to the game, that may be a good way to get your feet wet. But be aware that non-exclusive libraries are less likely to secure your music a spot in a TV or film project, and the payments you receive are generally lower.

Looking for specific audio for your project?

Take a deep-dive into our audio collection and filter music by styles and moods:

All-in-one audio library

Audio library for games

PremiumBeat makes finding music for your game far easier than beating the boss level. Simply go to the search engine, enter your keywords into the search bar, and be sure to check off the “Games” option from the “Genres” filter. To get even more specific, select a subgenre such as “8-Bit” or “Racing” from the Games filter. When you find a track that will level-up your game, add it to your cart, head to check out, select your license, and download. You will also receive loops and stems of your song. These shorter clips can work well as sounds that signify certain actions or story changes to people playing your game. Several seconds of a sound that informs players that something good has happened, such as unlocking a new challenge, as well as a sound that serves as an alarm that lets players know bad guys are rapidly approaching, can both help deepen your players’ involvement in the game.

Audio library for content creators

When was the last time you watched a clip on social media that had nothing but dead noise to back it up? Can’t remember? That’s because music is key for content creators. No matter whether you are looking to go viral on TikTok, garner attention with an Instagram reel, or grow your YouTube audience, including high-quality music is one of the best ways to immediately catch and hold your viewers’ attention. If you are exploring ways to brand your content, consistent sound can be a big help. Start by getting clear on the tone of your content. Let’s say you are creating content for a YouTube channel all about road trips. The tone may be adventurous and funny. You could then search our audio library by Mood and select “Adventure / Discovery” and “Comedy / Funny.” Download your favorite track and start creating.

Audio library for video editing

When you find a song you love within our audio library, try using it as an aid to your video editing project. The beats of the song can assist in your visual editing decisions. When a new instrument is introduced, for example, you might cut to a new shot in your video. Try matching the music to what is happening on screen. Let’s say a shot in your video shows a man scurrying down a series of steps. Pairing this visual with rapid musical notes, perhaps from a piano, with the notes descending in scale as the man gets progressively closer to the ground floor, could be a clever way to link audio and visual cues to strengthen the overall effect on the viewer.
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