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Whether you want copyright free hip hop music, holiday music, or any genre in between, PremiumBeat is here to break down where you can find epic copyright free music to match the mood of any project.

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No one wants to spend hours working on a creative project only to get slapped with a copyright infringement case as soon as the project is publicly shared. Fortunately, when you work with copyright free music, copyright infringement becomes a thing of the past. Offer yourself complete peace of mind by adding epic copyright free music to your videos, livestream, podcast, and more.

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Obtaining a copyright license can be a major headache. With copyright free music, you can skip that time-consuming process entirely. Find music you’re excited about on PremiumBeat, add it to your cart, and select one of our flexible license plans to start working with those tracks you love today.

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The PremiumBeat search engine boasts a variety of filter options so that you can find the perfect track for your project in no time. Search by Mood or Genre, Duration or BPM. With specific sub-genres such as Smooth Jazz or Alternative-Grunge, and a search-by-instruments option that includes Pan Flute and Sleigh Bells, you’re bound to find exactly the sort of sound you have in mind.
About copyright free music
What is copyright free music?
Copyright free music technically refers to music that does not have a copyright. This would be music that is in the public domain, such as the Happy Birthday song or the ABCs. No one can claim ownership of these songs and so anyone can use them without needing to pay royalties to a copyright holder or worrying about facing legal repercussions. The terms “copyright free” and “royalty free” are often used interchangeably when in fact their meaning is quite different. Royalty free music refers to songs that do not require the payment of royalties, or ongoing fees to the copyright holder. The copyright is still preserved, however, and so the tracks are not copyright free. The music on PremiumBeat is royalty free, which means that it can be licensed and used in the projects of licensees after just a one-time fee.
Is copyright free music free?
Yes, copyright free music is generally free to use. This may be because the copyright has expired, as with songs that came out prior to 1925, or because no rights were ever applied to the music. This means that if you choose to use music that is in the public domain in your project, you will not have to pay for the rights to use it. Sometimes, however, people mistakenly use the term “copyright free” music when they mean “royalty free” music. Royalty free music does require the payment of a fee in order to license a given track. That said, you can find free music on PremiumBeat by using the filters on our search engine. Once on the search engine page, look to the filters on the left. Scroll down to the bottom and click the “Advanced” filter option. Within that dropdown menu, you will see a “Free Tracks” option. Click that in order to explore the tracks that you can download for free.
How to copyright music for free?
When you create an original work, you automatically own a free copyright for that work, be it a book, painting, or song. Your work must be fixed in some tangible format, meaning it must be written down or recorded. If you perform an original song without writing it down or recording it, you do not have a copyright for it. If you have a fixed form of the song, then no further action is required from you in order to have the copyright. You can choose to register your work to have the facts of your copyright on public record. This generally makes it easier to prove that the work is indeed yours if a dispute arises. Many register their work with the United States Copyright Office. This costs about $100 plus a $35 filing fee.
How do I find good copyright free music?
There are a variety of music libraries out there, but you can easily find epic copyright free music right here on PremiumBeat. (For over a thousand seriously epic tracks, check out our epic music genre collection.) Every single track you hear within our library has undergone a careful music review process so that you are only hearing the best of the best on PremiumBeat. With nearly thirty genres and many more subgenres to explore, you are bound to find a track that will take your project to the next level. Whether you are looking for copyright free hip hop music to hook your YouTube audience, copyright free elevator music to add to the background of your podcast, or copyright free intro music to increase the production value of your movie trailer, PremiumBeat has you covered.
What songs are copyright free?
Songs enter the public domain 95 years after they have been released. Some of the most popular copyright free music includes songs like “Take Me Out to the Ball Game,” which was first released in 1908. There are also songs like “Rockin’ Robin,” which was released in 1958, but entered the public domain because its copyright was never renewed. Seasonal music is also often copyright free. “Deck the Halls,” “Jingle Bells,” and “Silent Night,” - just check out our Christmas playlist - are just a few titles of copyright free Christmas music you can find in the public domain. An internet search for copyright free Halloween music will also reveal a number of spooky tracks.

Looking for specific music?

Take a deep-dive into our copyright free music collection and filter tracks by instruments.

How to use copyright free music:

Using copyright free music for Youtube

If you want to add music to your YouTube videos, copyright free tracks are a great option. This is in part because YouTube has strict policies regarding the use of copyrighted music. To use such music, you would need to get permission from the original creator, which is easier said than done. YouTube’s Content ID software checks every uploaded video against its database to make sure no copyright infringement is occurring. If the software discovers that infringement is taking place, the video will be muted or taken down. By using copyright free music, you can skip this unpleasant experience and upload your video with complete peace of mind that your hard work won’t go to waste. To find some choice copyright free music for your YouTube channel, try entering “public domain music” into an internet search. This is music to which no exclusive intellectual property rights apply. Listen to some of the results and see if anything matches the tone of your YouTube content. Keep in mind that while the music and lyrics of a song may be in the public domain, an individual’s sound recording of that song may well be copyrighted. So if you particularly love the song, you might just have to sing it yourself! Otherwise, try our music library. All of PremiumBeat music is cleared for use on Youtube.

Using copyright free music for Twitch

Music makes a great addition to a Twitch stream as it creates an atmosphere and keeps your viewers engaged. Most Twitch streamers add background music to their stream to make the gameplay more exciting, so if you’d like to increase the popularity of your stream, adding music is a wise move. Twitch has rules, however, regarding the music you are allowed to add to your livestream. Twitch must officially approve the music and if it is copyrighted it must qualify for fair use. If it doesn’t qualify, then you will need to obtain permission from the copyright holder. Twitch Community Guidelines specify the sort of music that users can share. If you have any original music, meaning you wrote it and hold all recording and performing rights to it, you can share it as long as you are not under a contract with a record label. You can also use musical tracks that have been licensed to you. This means that if you find music on PremiumBeat that you know would be perfect for your Twitch stream (under our Games genre perhaps), you can add the tracks to your cart, select the appropriate license, download and add to your stream with confidence.

Using copyright free music for Instagram

If you create an original track, you won’t need to worry about copyrights (because you will automatically be the copyright holder) so you can easily add your tune to your Instagram Reel or Story. First you will need to upload your song recording to your phone or computer. Then record your Instagram video while your song plays in the background. The speakers should pick up the song fairly well. Another option is to create a video using editing software. To up the professionalism of your video, edit your footage in time with certain aural shifts in the song. Each time you cut to a new shot in your video, for example, try to line that cut up with a change in the song’s tempo or a shift from a stanza to the chorus. If you need high-quality sound for your Reel video, PremiumBeat’ standard music license covers this use case. Search for the right track, license it in seconds, and embed it in your edit.
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