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If you want your audience to recognize the podcast they are listening to as soon as they press PLAY, add one of our catchy audio logos to the start of each episode.

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Establish Your Brand

Audio editing software allows you to take an audio logo you love and mix it as you see fit. Record yourself introducing the show and saying a few words about what listeners can expect from your content. Add your voiceover to your audio logo and instantly up the professionalism of your brand.

Attract New Listeners

Well-chosen podcast music is an excellent way to pull new listeners in and keep them coming back for more. Head over to PremiumBeat’s library and enter your keywords into the search bar to find the perfect intro song or play with filters to search by genre or mood. You can also check out our curated collection for podcast audio logos that are bound to make a powerful first impression.


Audio logos are generally made up of short music sequences or jingles that have been created with easy recall in mind (pun intended!). The catchier your intro song, the more likely it is to play in listeners’ heads later, thus improving your customers’ knowledge and retention of your brand. If your intro is especially catchy, listeners may hum your tune, inspiring others to ask about it. A little free advertising never hurts.
About Podcast Logos
What is a podcast logo?
The term “podcast logo” can refer to the image logo or audio logo of a podcast. An image logo is the cover art associated with the podcast. It is the square JPEG or PNG file seen on iTunes. These visual logos usually include the title of the show and compelling artwork or a photo of the podcast host. Audio logos, on the other hand, are an aural way to brand a podcast. It is a recognizable melody, jingle, or theme music of sorts that plays in each episode. The audio logo may be heard at the beginning as an intro tune, or at the end, as an outro. It may also be played at key moments throughout the episode. If you intend to create and maintain a successful podcast, then you will need both an audio logo and image logo of professional quality. To get started quickly, go to PremiumBeat’s library and select “Audio Logos” from the advanced filters.
How do I create a podcast logo?
First things first, you need to think about your brand. What are the core values and attributes of your brand? Who is your intended audience? What message do you hope to convey to listeners? Once you have answers to these essential questions, you can begin to think about the corresponding sound. If, for example, your podcast discusses environmental issues, then according to Daniel Lafferty, Director of Music and Voice at PHMG, a leading audio branding agency, you will want to incorporate wooden and acoustic instruments such as the guitar and piano, as these evoke a natural, organic feeling in listeners. You can use any number of different audio editing software to begin creating your audio logo. As you compose, keep in mind that your audience may listen to your podcast on a phone, computer, or car radio, so you want to be sure it plays well across platforms. It is also helpful to remember that musical trends can change quickly. If you opt for the popular sound of the moment today, it likely won’t sound so cutting edge in the future.
How much does a podcast logo cost?
The price of a podcast logo depends in part on how it is made. If you intend to make a digital audio logo yourself, you will need a powerful computer or laptop, as well as DAW (digital audio workstation). It also takes time to create an original, catchy audio logo. You can save time and money by licensing a podcast audio logo. PremiumBeat offers several different licensing options for podcast audio logos. With the PremiumBeat standard license, it is just $49 to use one of our podcast audio logos as much as you want, in as many projects as you’d like, in perpetuity. There will be no recurring fee. This is ideal for non-commercially distributed projects. The premium license, intended for revenue-generating projects, is $199 and will cover your project in perpetuity as well. Check out our curated playlist of music for podcasts to get a sense of the sounds available to you.
How do I make a free podcast logo?
You can make a free podcast audio logo by downloading any one of PremiumBeat’s free tracks. To do so, go to PremiumBeat’s search engine. Look at the filters on the left side of the page and scroll down to the “Advanced” option on the bottom. Click that and then scroll to “Free Tracks.” Select “Free Tracks” and listen to the various free songs available to you. These tracks are full-length songs, but you can hear 15 to 30 second length clips, the appropriate length for a podcast intro, by clicking the encircled “15” or “30” under the “Shorts (Sec)” heading. Once you have found the song that is perfect for your podcast, click the “Get Free” option at the right to download. You can then upload your track to music editing software. Add a voiceover where you say the name of your podcast and the tagline, and just like that, you will have your podcast audio logo ready for show time!
How big are podcast logos?
Generally speaking, podcast audio logos run about 15 to 30 seconds in length. The podcast audio logo usually includes a voiceover from the host of the show in which he or she announces the title of the podcast and offers a few lines of information regarding the forthcoming content. These 15 to 30 seconds allow the audience to catch onto the melody so that they can begin to associate the audio logo with your brand. If your audio logo is especially catchy, it may result in stuck song syndrome, which is when a memorable piece of music occupies a person’s mind even after it is no longer being played, making your branding that much more effective. Be sure to use only the highest quality music for your podcast audio logo, as this is the first impression you will make on your listeners and you want it to be a good one.

Looking for something specific?

Take a deep-dive into our music collection and find podcast music by instruments.

How to use podcast audio

Audio logo for education podcasts

There are a couple of factors that affect the selection of an audio logo for an education podcast. The age of your audience and the subject matter at hand will both influence the audio logo you choose.

Age of audience: Is your podcast aimed at young children, such as those in the 2 to 6 age range? Or is this a podcast intended for adults who consider themselves life-long learners? Naturally, the audio logo you select for your podcast will vary dramatically based on the age of your audience. A quirky, upbeat little jingle that excites young children would likely be a little off-putting to a serious adult learner.

Subject: Is your podcast all about ancient history? Biology? Literary criticism? The audio logo you choose should fit your subject matter. If you are discussing ancient Egyptian rulers and rituals for an adult audience, for example, look for a dramatic audio logo that reminds listeners of that culture and time period. Lyres and lutes with a mystical sound could be a good choice.

Audio logos for websites

Scientific evidence supports that we form our opinions in a way that is inherently multisensory. Hearing is our second most major sense so appealing to your website visitors and potential customers and consumers via sound is a smart move. By providing a consistent sound unique to your brand, you can more effectively connect with your audience. In a way, sound adds another dimension to your website. Instead of just inviting visitors to gaze at a screen in the hopes that your visual content will positively impact them, you have sound effortlessly flowing toward them. Your audio logo could play as soon as visitors land on your site, or you could offer visitors the option of pressing PLAY themselves on a video or audio track. Regardless of how you share your audio logo, be sure it is memorable and unique. You want it to grab your audience’s attention and keep them engaged with your website content.

Audio logos for advertising

While many of us are familiar with the power of visuals in advertising, audio logos can be just as effective. Academic research has found that music can influence sales and consumer decisions. Sound can enhance the emotional appeal of your brand and give you a leg up on competition that haven’t yet developed their own unique sound. In advertisements, you can communicate the tone of your brand in as little as 3 to 5 seconds, with 3 seconds being the sweet spot. Your audio logo could be a short musical clip, riff, or sample. Just be sure you have the proper licensing for the sound before you move forward. Your audio logo can accompany the appearance of a visual logo or be used in audio-only advertisements such as those aired on the radio.
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