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Whether your podcast needs a theme song or sound effects, you’ve come to the right place. PremiumBeat is here to help you find a track to match the tone of your podcast.

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Pull Listeners Into Your Podcast

Help your listeners get lost in the world of your podcast by adding compelling podcast music. Explore the PremiumBeat library to find tracks that will allow you to set the tone, enhance the mood, and increase the entertainment value of your episodes.

All tracks in our collection are rights clear too, so you can be confident that your soundtrack won’t be flagged for copyright issues.

Brand Your Podcast With an Audio Logo

PremiumBeat has an entire collection of audio logos you can use to introduce your podcast. Use your own editing software to add a voiceover of yourself stating the name of your show atop the audio logo. Play it at the start of every podcast episode so listeners learn to recognize your show after hearing just a few notes.

Increase Production Value

When it comes to podcasts, a little music goes a long way. When you add exceptional music to your podcast, you wordlessly inform listeners that you have put thought into your project. PremiumBeat offers you access to thousands of royalty-free tracks so that you can quickly and easily find the perfect music to elevate the production value of your podcast.
About podcast music
What is podcast music?
Podcast music is music that podcast producers edit into their podcast episodes. The world of podcasts is diverse, so it is only fitting that the music best suited to each podcast varies based on podcast format and subject matter.

There are Interview Podcasts in which one or more hosts speak with a guest in each episode, and Conversational Podcasts where the hosts converse amongst themselves on a given topic. Finding a song that matches the tone of the podcast is wise. It is best to avoid distracting background music, as this detracts from what the hosts or guest may be saying, but the occasional bit of music can work well as a transition or a wisely timed sound effect.

There are also Monologue Podcasts in which only one host speaks for the entirety of the episode. Music can be an effective way to keep listeners engaged in such podcasts, as an hour-long monologue episode may be a bit difficult for some listeners to sit through.

Storytelling Podcasts tell a story that may be fiction or nonfiction. These podcasts often incorporate music that evokes a specific mood in the listener, not unlike how music is employed in films.
How much of a song can you use legally on a podcast?
Wondering how to use copyrighted music in a podcast? While there is a common misconception that using a short segment of a copyrighted song is permissible, this is unfortunately not the case. Using such music without permission is a copyright violation that can result in hefty fines. If you are determined to use commercial music in your podcast, you will have to obtain the rights to the song. This is generally a time-consuming process.

Instead, you may want to consider creative commons music for podcasts. Artists create this music with the intention of it being used by others for free. The artist retains the copyright to their original music and a license determines the ways in which that music can be used by the public.

The easiest way to find music to use in a podcast without worry of legal repercussion is to search royalty-free music libraries such as PremiumBeat. We have simplified the music licensing process so that all you have to do is discover music you love, add it to your cart, and head to checkout to select the license that meets your needs. You can then use the full song in your podcast with complete peace of mind.
Where can I find music for my podcast?
Looking for an online music library with a vast selection of music? PremiumBeat has got you covered. The advanced filters on our search engine allow you to specify the exact sort of tracks you are hoping to hear. Maybe you want some high-quality music beds, which are instrumental songs without vocals. Simply go to the PremiumBeat search engine, scroll down to the “Advanced” option at the bottom of the filters list, click it, and then select “Instrumental Only.” These can work well as background music for podcasts. If you are looking for podcast intro music, click “Genres” and select “Audio Logos.” With a range of genres and subgenres, instruments, moods, and more to choose from, you can find songs that feature your favorite sounds and discover new music from around the world with ease.
Where can I find free music for podcasts?
There are a number of music libraries out there that feature free music, but if you want the highest quality audio content, check out PremiumBeat’s collection. To find free music, go to our search engine and scroll down to the “Advanced” filter option. Select “Free Tracks” from the corresponding dropdown menu to explore your options. Our free tracks cover a variety of moods, from soulful a cappella to bright piano, dance grooves to uplifting nostalgia. To download any one of our free tracks, click the downward arrow to the right of the song’s title. The song will be added to your cart. Sign in or create a PremiumBeat account to head to checkout and download your free track.
What is good intro music for a podcast?
Good intro music for a podcast is catchy and effectively introduces the show. These intros usually run about thirty seconds, a minute at most. Most podcasters create short voiceovers that they layer atop a musical track. The voiceover states the podcast’s name and the name of the host and offers a brief explanation of what the show is all about. When selecting the music that will be used for an intro, it is best to focus on instrumental music. Songs with lyrics can distract listeners from the message shared in the voiceover. The podcast intro music has the power to instantly establish the tone of the show. If a show focuses on funny content, then an upbeat and quirky track can make for good intro music. If a show is more serious, however, such as dramatic storytelling podcasts, then an orchestral, cinematic piece may be more appropriate.

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Take a deep-dive into our music collection and filter tracks by instruments.

How to use podcast music:

Why good podcast music matters

Good podcast music professionalizes your podcast and offers it polish. A high-quality intro song, matched in tone to your content, immediately clues listeners into what they can expect from your show. It also serves to brand your podcast, which is essential if you want your show to stand out from the rest and stick in the minds of listeners. It is similar to the theme song of a film. When people hear the tune, they are instantly reminded of the movie. When looking for an appropriate theme for your podcast, it helps to be clear on who your intended audience is and what your ongoing content will be.

Types of podcast music

There are several different ways to employ podcast music in your episodes.

Podcast Intro Music: Podcast intro music, also known as an audio logo, is a brief musical clip played at the beginning of every episode to introduce the podcast. New and returning listeners can come to recognize the podcast based on the musical jingle alone.

Background Music: Background podcast music may play quietly while the podcast’s hosts discuss their topic. Such music is usually instrumental so as not to distract listeners from the show’s content.

Music Transitions: This music keys listeners into the fact that the podcast is moving from one segment to the next. Storytelling podcasts, for example, may use this music to announce an act break or shift from the beginning section of the story to the middle or end.

Outro Music: This music often includes a voiceover in which the host thanks the listeners for tuning in, offers instructions on how to subscribe to the podcast, and mentions what the audience can expect to hear in the upcoming episode.

Why you need to license music for your podcasts

Using copyrighted music in your podcast without permission from the copyright holder can result in legal repercussions. Playing just a few seconds of a copyrighted song can lead to a copyright claim, and you could be sued for the amount of money equal to the earnings of your podcast.

To avoid this headache, simply search the PremiumBeat library for music you love and add it to your cart. When you head to check out, you will be presented with our flexible license plan options. If your content is web-based or non-commercially distributed, our Standard License is for you. If your podcast generates revenue, then the Premium License will meet your needs. For the best-value plan, sign up for our monthly subscription. Get five tracks every month, including loops, stems, and shorts.
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Easy-to-use search engine

With PremiumBeat’s advanced search engine at your fingertips, you are bound to find the perfect music for your podcast in moments. Search our music library by Genre, Instrument, Mood, and more. Get started today.

Save time

When you download a music track from PremiumBeat, you get more than just the original full-length song. You also get pre-made shorts that are 15-, 30-, and 60-seconds in length, as well as loops and stems, all to help save you time on the editing process.

Simple licensing process

Find a piece of music you love, add it to your cart, and head to checkout to select the license that meets your needs. Need music on a regular basis? Check out our subscription model to get 5 royalty-free tracks every month.

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