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Whether you need music for podcasts or background tracks for your next video, PremiumBeat has you covered. Our stock music library is home to high-quality tracks created by hundreds of artists. Download your favorites today.

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Corporate videos, YouTube vlogs, quirky podcasts, and more can all benefit from the addition of background music. Add one of PremiumBeat’s royalty free backing tracks to your next project to increase production value and amplify your content’s impact.

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PremiumBeat offers several flexible licensing plans to meet your needs. Regardless of whether you are working on a personal wedding video, a web-based advertisement, or anything in between, PremiumBeat is here to help with reasonably priced music licenses.

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When you license a track from PremiumBeat, you receive the full track, as well as loops and short clips. This saves you time on the editing process so you can keep on creating at a rapid rate.
About backing tracks
What is a royalty free backing track?
In the music world, a backing track is pre-recorded audio that musicians sing along to during a live performance. The royalty free aspect refers to the fact that the people using these royalty free backing tracks do not need to pay ongoing fees to the copyright owner of the music. If a musician wanted to use a royalty free blues backing track behind his or her live vocals, for example, the rights to the backing track would first need to be obtained. Once the musician has the appropriate music license in hand, he or she can perform with the backing track before an audience. Popular types of backing tracks include the rhythm section of a song, as well as the parts played by keyboards or acoustic guitars. These backing tracks can also function as royalty free background music in videos. When used in this way, the music is generally edited into the video and played at a lower volume so as to support the speaker in the video and not distract from whatever he or she is saying.
Are backing tracks copyrighted?
Yes, backing tracks are copyrighted. This means that if you would like to use a piece of music created by someone other than yourself in one of your projects, you will need to obtain the rights to use it. This is a time-consuming process. Make things easy for yourself by getting your royalty free backing tracks from a music library like PremiumBeat. We have taken care of all the fine print of music licensing for you, so that all you need to do is find music you love, add it to your cart, and go to check out to select the license that meets your needs. With several flexible license plans to choose from, you can easily set yourself up for success and avoid all risk of copyright infringement.
Where can I find free backing tracks?
There are a number of music libraries that offer free backing tracks, but for high-quality, carefully curated content, look no further than PremiumBeat. You can quickly and easily locate our free backing tracks by going to our search engine. Look at the search filters on the left side of the screen and scroll down to “Advanced.” Click “Advanced” and then select “Free Tracks” from the corresponding dropdown menu. These tracks can be used as backing tracks. Take a listen and when you find the song that matches the tone of your project, click the downward arrow button to the right of the song title. Log in or sign up for an account to download your backing track in moments.
Can you purchase backing tracks?
Yes, you can purchase backing tracks through online music libraries like PremiumBeat. The process is simple. Begin by heading to the PremiumBeat search engine. We have thousands of songs for you to explore. Utilize our advanced filter options to specify the piece of music you would like to find. If, for example, you are looking for electronic music to use as a backing track, you could start your search by clicking the “Genres” filter and selecting a subgenre from among the “Electronic” options. You can also select the sort of Mood, Instruments, and Duration you want. Upon finding the royalty free music backing tracks that best suit the needs of your project, add them to your cart. Go to check out to select your license. Once you have purchased and downloaded your tracks, you can incorporate them into your podcast, video, or other project.
What is the best background track for a video?
The best background track for a video does not distract the audience from the video’s content, but instead supports it. You want to opt for instrumental music that does not contain lyrics that could potentially compete with the narration in the video. Generally, music that moves along at a steady pace and is free of sudden rhythmic changes in tone or mood work well. When choosing the background track that will be best for your specific project, first ask yourself the mood of your video. Unless your aim is irony, you will want to select a backing track that matches the mood. You can search PremiumBeat by “Mood” for inspiration. Simply go to the search engine and click the “Mood” filter on the left side of the page.
Can you use backing tracks on YouTube?
You can use backing tracks on YouTube if you have the rights to them. This means that popular tracks by your favorite artists are not an option. If you were to use such songs in your video, YouTube would mute or take down your video. The safest option is to use royalty free backing tracks that you have purchased from reputable music sites like PremiumBeat. That way, you can focus on creating excellent video content without any worry of copyright infringement and legal repercussions.

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How to use royalty-free backing tracks:

Using backing tracks in video projects

When you add royalty free backing tracks to your video projects, you increase the production value and offer your audience a polished final product. This music can be used in various ways. If you are creating a corporate video, unobtrusive but upbeat background music can support your video’s content, for example. When backing tracks are added to dramatic films they can heighten the mood, stir up emotions in viewers, and aid transitions from one scene to the next. Background music has the ability to alter the viewer’s perception of a given scene in subtle ways. Imagine, for example, that a new character has just walked on screen. If there is no music playing, the audience may wonder what role this character plays in the film at large. If, however, a light-hearted and romantic tune is tinkling out, the audience will feel clued into the fact that this person may very well be the love interest.

Using music tracks in corporate videos

When it comes to creating engaging corporate videos, music is a key element. It can set the tone, keep your audience engaged, and help brand your content in the minds of viewers. To establish the ideal mood, opt for music that will evoke positive feelings. Upbeat, feel-good music can help your viewers form a positive association with your content. Research has found that listening to music can reduce anxiety, lower blood pressure, and improve mental alertness and memory, all excellent results of watching your video. A well-chosen backing track can help your brand’s message stick with viewers long after the video has ended. You can easily find corporate music on PremiumBeat by heading to the search engine, clicking “Genres,” and scrolling to the “Corporate” section.

Background music for podcasts

Considering that podcasts are an aural medium, it is no surprise that music can greatly enhance the overall quality of any podcast episode. Many popular podcasters choose to play music beds, meaning instrumental songs sans vocals, behind them as they speak. This background music can help maintain the audience’s attention and add dimensionality to the episode. If, for example, you wanted to create a storytelling podcast that features the sorts of tall tales one might expect to hear while seated by a campfire in the woods, try adding royalty free guitar backing tracks to your episodes. Acoustic music is often played by the fire, so you can deepen your listeners’ sense that they are out beneath the stars with you.
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