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With the immense PremiumBeat music library at your fingertips, you can find unparalleled royalty free songs in moments. Explore our offerings to take your projects to the next level today.

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Affordable Royalty Free Songs

PremiumBeat’s licenses were designed with the varying needs of our customers in mind. For those with just one project on their hands, our single purchase plans are perfect. The $49 Standard license was made for those working on web-based or non-commercially distributed content, while the $199 Premium license meets the needs of those preparing to put out a non-web advertisement or revenue-generating content.

Vast Selection of Tracks

With over 20,000 tracks in the PremiumBeat library, you are sure to find new music you love. Explore genres both new and familiar to you. We’ve got everything from royalty free rock songs to royalty free electronic tracks, with a whole world of genres in between. Get lost in our library and return to your projects with newly discovered musical gems.

Create Without Stress

When it comes to creating videos, podcasts, or any other media that will be publicly shared, it is crucial that creators have the legal rights to play all music used in their creations. Using copyrighted music without permission results in muted videos or takedowns, and sometimes, painfully expensive fines. You can skip this whole headache by using royalty free music in your work. Create with complete peace of mind.
About royalty-free songs
How to tell if a song is royalty free?
“Royalty free” refers to intellectual property that can be used without paying royalties to the intellectual property owner or creator. A royalty free song, therefore, is one that can be used without paying such recurring fees. One way to determine if a song is royalty free is to upload it to YouTube as a private video. YouTube will automatically run its Content ID software, a sophisticated copyright detection system. If the song is indeed copyrighted, it will be flagged. When you check out music on a site like PremiumBeat, you can rest assured that all of our music is royalty free. All you need to do is pay a one-time fee to acquire the rights to use your chosen song and then you will be set to use it in your project in perpetuity, which means forever. $49 for a Standard license and $199 for a Premium license is a pretty good deal for forever, no?
What songs are royalty free?
A wide range of songs are royalty free. In a richly diverse music library such as PremiumBeat, you can find royalty free songs in every genre, from royalty free pop songs to royalty free dubstep songs. There are even royalty free songs suitable for special occasions. If you are creating a commercial aimed at inspiring people to buy jewelry for loved ones around Valentine’s Day, for example, playing a romantic track in the background will greatly enhance the mood. You can find royalty free love songs in the PremiumBeat library faster than you can say, “I love you,” simply by clicking the “Mood” filter option and selecting “Romantic / Sentimental.” Or maybe you don’t have the best singing voice and you’d like to check out some royalty free happy birthday songs to play in a video you’re making for a loved one’s big day. Type “happy birthday” into the PremiumBeat search engine to find relevant tracks perfect for any birthday mood.
What is the most used royalty free song?
Most popular music is protected by copyright, but there are definitely some famous royalty free songs out there. Here is a brief list of royalty free songs that you have likely heard or even sung yourself:

Happy Birthday: When the lights dim in the dining room and friends approach carrying a candlelit cake, you know this is the song they will soon serenade you with.

Rockin’ Robin: Recorded by American singer Bobby Day in 1958, this catchy tune has been played in many movies and TV shows, from “You’ve Got Mail” to episodes of “The Office” and “Fringe.”

Music composed by old masters such as Beethoven and Mozart are in the public domain, meaning their songs can be freely used. So you can play Beethoven’s “Für Elise” or Mozart’s “The Magic Flute” in your videos or podcasts as you please.
Are holiday songs royalty free?
There’s nothing like holiday music to get you in the spirit of the season. Many well-known Christmas songs are royalty free. “Deck the Halls,” “Joy to the World,” “O Holy Night,” and “Silent Night” are just a few famous titles in the public domain. Royalty free Halloween songs are far less joyous. With lyrics that often involve fantastical monsters or murderous characters, such tunes are sure to spook listeners. Some eerie old ballads and nursery rhymes are royalty free, such as “Wind and Rain” and “Skin and Bones.” To save you time on your search for royalty free holiday songs, PremiumBeat has created curated collections. If you’re looking for chilling tracks, check out our royalty free Halloween collection. If bright and cheery Christmas tunes are what you’re here for, the royalty free Chrismas song collection is the way to go.
Are covers of songs royalty free?
If you’ve ever visited YouTube, you have likely seen videos posted of everyone from toddlers to indie artists performing covers of well-known songs. It may surprise you, however, to learn that most of these videos have been posted illegally. This is because it is necessary to acquire permission from the copyright holder before posting such videos and most people do not do that. Record labels and publishing companies can then enforce their copyrights, which leads to videos being muted or taken down, and can ultimately result in lawsuits. To legally post a cover song to YouTube, you need to obtain the two different copyrights: a mechanical license and a sync license. The mechanical license or reproduction license allows a song to be reproduced and distributed in any form of media for a specific audience. The sync license allows a music track to be played in conjunction with an audiovisual project, which would be a YouTube video in this case.

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How to use royalty-free songs:

Royalty free songs for YouTube

Adding music to your YouTube videos is a surefire way to kick your production value up a notch. Successful YouTube channel creators post high-quality content on a regular basis. But the lengthy process involved in acquiring the rights to play a copyrighted song in your videos hinders your ability to post that regular content. Save yourself time and money by using royalty free songs for YouTube. The PremiumBeat library is filled with professionally made songs by musicians from around the world, so you are sure to find tracks that match the vibe of your YouTube videos. Check out our “Mood” and Genres” filter to discover music similar in tone to your content. Do you make yoga videos? Explore the “Aerobics / Workout” or “Relaxation / Meditation” options under the “Mood” filter. If makeup tutorials are more your thing, we’ve got “Fashion / Lifestyle” tracks made for you.

Royalty free songs for Instagram

If you intend to create a compelling Instagram Reel or Story, adding music is an excellent way to up your production value. A compelling tune can pull your audience into your content and prevent them from scrolling away within moments. You can use music to brand your channel by opting for a consistent sound. On PremiumBeat, you can quickly and easily discover royalty free songs from a wide variety of genres. Think about the tone of your content. The royalty free songs you choose should match your Instagram’s mood. If you are into creating and sharing vibrant travel stories, for example, check out our “Vocals” and “World” options in the “Genres” dropdown menu. Sharing photos from your recent whirlwind trip around Asia? Add a royalty free K-Pop song. Need a tune that captures the sweet ease experienced in your Hawaiian vacation? Take a listen to royalty free songs from the “Hawaiian” genre, such as “Hawaiian Lullaby” or “Hawaiian Sunset.”

Royalty free songs for Twitch

Instantly make your gameplay more compelling to viewers by adding a royalty free background song to your livestream. Music covers up the dead noise, thereby keeping your audience engaged. Try to match the music to the sort of game you are playing. To do so, simply head to the PremiumBeat search engine and click “Genres.” Scroll down to “Games” and select your gaming style. We have everything from “Adventure” to “Racing.” If you would rather aurally capture the world of the game, you can select different filters. Say you are playing a highly technological, futuristic game, for example. “Rave” or “Techno” music might be just the thing to pull your audience in. You can also search for royalty free music on PremiumBeat by setting the BPM (Beats Per Minute) filter to your chosen song speed. A fast-paced song can greatly increase the excitement for viewers as you battle against a big boss.
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