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September 5, 2012
After EffectsVideo Editing

Unique Typography in After Effects with Type-O-Matic

Making typography videos in After Effects is easier than ever with the FREE Type-O-Matic tool from motion design firm Hamo Studio.

free typeomatic animation

We love quality typography.  Just check out past posts, including this roundup of impressive typography videos and a tutorial on creating kinetic type in After Effects.  Typography videos can be crazy-effective at delivering your message, but they can also be really time intensive – keyframing, keyframing, keyframing.

This new Type-O-Matic tool from Barcelona’s Hamo Studios (free!) attempts to speed up the process of creating creating quality typography videos in After Effects.  Type-O-Matic is actually an AE project that’s already setup for animating text.

A controller lets you modify the opacity, position, rotation and scale of your text.  Additional tools create text masks and unfold (giving the appearance that the text is actually ‘unfolding’).  Whether you’re a video editor or motion designer, Type-O-Matic is a quick way to make your typography more dynamic and engaging.

Head over to Hamo Studio to download the FREE Type-O-Matic typography tool.

Have a look at this After Effects typography tool in action:

Learn how to use the Type-O-Matic in your existing AE projects:

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  • cathlyn

    Personally, I do have experience of wasting tons of hours, just to create and position the right text and effects at the right times in AE. Sometimes, we just BUY some effects to speed up the process of making it ourselves. This tool you have here is pretty interesting, and it is a free download!! Woot! For extra help, you guys should checkout some of the basic fundamentals of typography here:

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