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August 7, 2012
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Compound Clips as Audio Tracks in Final Cut Pro X

Save time in your video editing by applying effects to multiple audio tracks at once in Final Cut Pro X.

The compound clip feature in FCPX can make your edits more organized and efficient!  By combining your audio clips into a single compound clip, you can essentially create master audio tracks to which you can apply effects.  Let’s take a closer look:

  1. First, highlight all of the audio clips you’d like to combine into a FCPX compound clip.  You may choose to group them by audio type (dialogue, music, sound effects, etc) or break them down further (audio from interview a, b roll audio, etc).
  2. Now right click on the chosen clips and choose “New Compound Clip” (click image for larger view).FCPX Compound Audio Clip
  3. You can now quickly adjust the volume, solo/mute or add effects to a grouping of audio clips at once inside Final Cut Pro X.
  4. If you want to later make changes to any of the individual audio clips inside your master compound clip, simply click the compound clip and it will expand revealing each audio clip inside it.

Aside from the inherent time saving benefits, this is also a great way to keep your FCPX project timelines more organized.

If you’re looking for a similar way of changing multiple audio clips at once inside Adobe Premiere Pro see our previous post on creating a submix.

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  • Tim Hobbs

    this came in very handy, simple to the point way to compound two clips you edited

    • Danny Greer

      Thanks for the feedback, Tim!

  • Mat

    I was dead against FCPX, However I have gotten over it….Obviously I have no choice since folks/clients are using it, so I had to get on board. I must say despite the missing features everyone complains about, I really like it and I hope APPLE continues do develop it into more of a PRO app as it were…AVID is not good for me and Premiere is cool but still buggy…at least on my system…So I will continue to keep learning it. I’ll use the other NLES if need be, but for the last 10 projects (paying I might add including a supplement commercial) FCPX worked flawlessly. I also updated my Red Giant and Boris suite as well as FxFactory for it and it added a whole level of coolness to it…

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