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Free Lens Flare Setups for Autodesk Smoke 2013

Inside Smoke’s Action Node is a true 3D Lens Flare tool.  We’ve got 15 FREE custom Lens Flare presets for Smoke 2013.   Enjoy!

Smoke 2013 Header

The Pre-Release Trial V2 has just been released for Smoke 2013.

The NEW version has several exciting features added to it, as well as many bug fixes.  Autodesk is listening to all of the user feedback, and as a result the Free Trial has been extended to December 2012.  Some of the new features include a Desktop Paint option with tracking and Autopaint, as well as many other clip based tools for deinterlacing,  audio mixdowns, resizing, and denoise.  Grant Kay from Autodesk has put together a quick introduction video to the new tools.

You can download the Free Smoke 2013 V2 Trial here.  If you have already been using Smoke 2013 V1, then there are some things to note before installing V2.

Warning: Smoke 2013 Pre-Release 2 Projects are not compatible with Pre-Release 1.  Once you install V2, you will lose access to all V1 projects and clips.  So if you have projects in progress, finish them before you update.  See What’s New in the Smoke Help for a list of the new features, and the Release Notes for all the fixed and known bugs.

Now, onto the free lens flares!


The lens flares inside of Smoke’s Action Node are true 3D lens flares. They contain all of the high quality lens flare behaviors you expect from other great lens flare generators like Video Copilot’s Optical Flares.

The flares react to frame borders and motion blur.  Since Action is a 3D compositing environment, it has natural object occlusion.  The occlusion is simply based on the Z position of the light in relation to other objects in the scene. What could be easier?

Autodesk Smoke Lens Flare

Custom Lens Flares in Smoke 2013 are created using a procedural method.  There is a central Lens Flare Node where you connect any number of Iris, Glow, Streaks, Glints, Ring, and Lens Textures.

Autodesk Smoke Nodes

Each texture element then has a set of menus to allow you to design the look of the flare.  You can attach any clip media as a Diffuse Texture to the flare elements, and that media will then be used as part of the flare.  For instance if you put a Smiley Face logo on the iris,  it will react like an iris refection in the flare.

Smoke lens flare

I have created 15 custom lens flares that you can add to your Smoke 2013 projects.  Feel free to modify them as needed to suit your needs. They are simply a starting point for you to work with. You can never have too many choices!  Some are quite normal and others are more abstract.

To Install:
Unzip the file and place the setups anywhere you want. You can navigate to them via the Smoke Media browser.  If you want them to be with the default Smoke Flares, then place them in /usr/discreet/smoke_2013.1_PreRelease2/lensflare/presets/custom/

If anyone has any questions, drop a comment below.

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD free custom Lens Flares for Smoke from

Free Smoke Flares

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  • Jaypdots

    Super helpful! Thanks!

  • Autodesk Hwan

    cannot download it.

  • Alejandro Reyes Anzola

    Thats is awesome ! Do you know if they will work with Smoke 2011 ? 

    • Brian Mulligan

      I don’t think so. They have a newer node in the setup that was built in 2012. Sorry. send me an email at bkm.editor @ and I can send you some of these flares created in an earlier version.

  • summerfun1984

    HI, I know those used to work with SMAC 2012. I had to reinstall my whole system, so I just downloaded the presets again. So when I’m inside the presets of action, I can see your lensflares, but they won’t load into my action setup…. Any ideas?

    • Brian Mulligan

      I built some of these in Smoke 2013, others were some 2012 flares I reloaded and reserved. I’ll send you the 2012 versions if you want them. Email me at bkm.editor at From your post are you trying to load them in 2012 or 2013?

  • Anders Utterstrom

    Brian, just a quick note to say Thank You for your work with explaining the nodes. I really appreciate it. Anders/Chicago

    • Brian Mulligan

      Glad you are liking it. Let me know if there is anything special you would like me to cover.

  • Josh Lake

    Hey, man. This is really awesome and I will use this a lot, but I have just one issue. I want to have them in my presets, but I can’t seem to locate /usr/discreet/smoke_2013.1_PreRelease2/lensflare/presets/custom/ using Finder,

    • Brian Mulligan

      you can find it via the Go in the finder menu bar… .it’s a hidden folder, all of /usr/discreet/ is.

      Using “Go To Folder” is easy and you have two ways of accessing it from the Mac OS X desktop:

      From the “Go” menu in Finder – navigate down to “Go to Folder” or better yet…
      Hit Command+Shift+G from the OS X desktop

      If you are now using PreRelease 3 is /usr/discreeet/smoke_2013.1.pr18_PreRelease3/lensflare/presets/custom/

  • Pitt Anuar

    Hi Brian, is this compatible with version 3?

    • Brian Mulligan

      Very much so.
      If you are now using PreRelease 3 is /usr/discreeet/smoke_2013.1.pr18_PreRelease3/lensflare/presets/custom/

      • Pitt Anuar

        awesome, you are.thanks brian.

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  • Enric Ferres

    great gift! Thank’s

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