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Music Showcase: The Best Royalty Free Halloween Music

Danny Greer
By Danny Greer

If you’re creating a Halloween themed project or need scary horror music for your film or video, these top tracks will set the spooky tone.

Every Halloween or horror themed project is complete with a soundtrack of eerie music! The right music can drive intensity, build suspense and get your audience’s heart rate skyrocketing.

In this post, we’ve rounded up the top royalty free Halloween music for use in your video and media projects. Whether, you need a creepy film score or background track for your zombie themed app or game, one of these top tracks should fit the bill.

We work exclusively with the leading production music composers to create high quality, affordably priced music tracks for media. For usage, our Standard License allows you to use our royalty free music in multiple projects without any future fees or royalties.

Give your next project feelings of suspense and tension – check out our showcase of the best royalty free Halloween music:

Music Showcase: The Best Royalty Free Halloween Music
  • Creeping Demons
  • Terrifying and suspenseful, featuring eerie, building orchestral pads and plodding, pulsing cinematic drums that eventually explode in several aggressive hits.
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  • The Fear
  • Dark and foreboding with a chilling build that features tense strings and sinister drones that create a bone chilling fearful mood.
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  • Intruder
  • A dark pulsing and sinister introduction leads to swelling drones, goulish sound effects, screams and swelling string textures that build at the end create a mood of anticipation and fear.
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  • Terror Within
  • A smooth yet sinister introduction leads to sparse drum hits, swelling strings and underlying eerie textures that create a mood of anticipation and fear.
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  • Axed
  • A dark and sinister introduction leads to a pulsing piano melody and smooth strings that create a mood of anticipation and suspense.
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