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Unlock the Atomize Node for Action Inside Autodesk Smoke

Get the Atomize Node for Autodesk Flame inside of Smoke…and enhance your effects capabilities. Find out the how in this video tutorial!

Some may call it a hack (the developers would call it a bug), but for every Autodesk Smoke user out there, this is a must-have feature. Use Flame’s Automize node in Smoke.

All of the Flame effects nodes in Action are readable by Smoke to maintain compatibility between the software. These nodes are normally read-only in Smoke and you can’t edit the properties. However, some users have created expressions and linked node properties to Matchbox effects or dummy Axis in Action.

Due to an oversight in the code, the Atomize Node is freely available and editable inside of Smoke.  Check out the video to see how to get it and how it is used.

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  • Dave Crites

    Great find Brian! Thanks for taking the time to share.

  • David Jahns

    Cool tip – I don’t suppose you could do the same to enable 3D camera tracking, could you? ;-)

    • Brian Mulligan

      oh.. if it were only that easy. :)

  • Andy T

    Ahhhh!!! Fantastic :)

  • Pepeu Sorrentino

    Hi Brian, thanks a lot for sharing such a cool tip! Just one thing though, in my attempt, the result was almost the same, but in the object tab, my Atomize node is not editable…it is so, but just inside the channel editor, where the Round Dot option is not avaliable….
    Did I do anything wrong?

  • Pepeu Sorrentino

    Hi Brian, thanks a lot for the cool tip! Just one thing, I seem to have done wrong…In my attempt, the node was not editable in the object tab…just within the channel editor, where the “Round Dot” Button is not available….if you ever take some time to read this, It would be great! Thanx

    • Brian Mulligan

      My guess is that you are running 2015 now. Autodesk “fixed” this exploit in 2015. Sorry.

  • Pepeu Sorrentino

    Nailed it! I’m on 2015 alright…bummer…
    Thanx anyway!


    you mean to say that it can’t be done now!or

    atomize node isn’t accessible?any other option to get the same effect!

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