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5 Essential Final Cut Pro Audio Editing Tutorials

Johnathan Paul

Check out five essential Final Cut Pro audio editing tutorials that will help you increase your turnaround time!

Mixing and mastering audio is a challenge for a lot of professional videographers and filmmakers. But that doesn’t have to be the case, thanks to this handy roundup of essential Final Cut Pro audio editing tutorials.

1. Audio Basics in Final Cut Pro

Created By: Larry Jordan

In this clip, Larry Jordan takes us through the workflow of editing a project in Final Cut Pro X. He hits incredibly important topics such as audio techniques, settings, effects and working with music. This is really just a back-to-basics tutorial, which any professional needs every now and again.

2. Managing Audio Levels and Edits

Created By: Benjamin Halsall

This tutorial from professional video editor Ben Halsall goes over some essential tips for audio management in Final Cut Pro X. He goes over audio levels, mixing production music, and how to edit audio for techniques such as L cuts.

3. Keyframing Audio Effect in Final Cut Pro

Created By: Soho Editors

If you’re looking for professional Final Cut Pro X editing tips, then you’d be hard pressed to find a better source of information than Soho Editors. They are the #1 post-production agency in all of Europe, and their training courses are used by thousands. In this video, we’ll learn audio keyframing basics.

4. Adding Sound Effects Into Your Timeline

Created By: Dan Allen

In this tutorial, Dan Allen goes through the process of adding sound effects in Final Cut Pro X. Allen demonstrates how to download the additional content for Final Cut Pro X, in addition to spotlighting FCPX’s Music and Sound Browser. Remember: you can also import outside sound effects by going to File > Import.

5. Advanced Audio in Final Cut Pro

Created By: Michael Wohl

Michael Wohl is no stranger to Final Cut Pro X. He’s a professional editor, director, and producer who has used FCPX for many projects. In this video from Michael Horton’s YouTube channel, Wohl goes over advanced audio techniques in Final Cut Pro X.

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