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Archive and Backup Files in Final Cut Pro X

Johnathan Paul

Prepare for the crash with these best practices for backing up and archiving your video files in Final Cut Pro X.

No matter which editing software you use, it’s likely that at some point your system is going to crash or your project will become corrupted. The good news is that each software has its own backup and autosave features. In fact, Final Cut Pro X creates a save every 15 minutes. So if your project does crash, you can restore it based on the last few autosaves. Here are some tutorials that run through that process.

In this episode of MacBreak Studio, we’ll find quite possibly the best breakdown of the Final Cut Pro X autosave feature and corrupted file resolution.

Next, Chip with Web Video Chefs shows us how to back up and archive our video files in FCPX. He’ll also show us how to make duplicate projects and how to move those projects to an external hard drive for long-term storage.

Want to know how to restore from a library backup? Here’s a quick rundown directly from Apple.

  1. In the Libraries List, select the library you want to restore.
  2. Choose File > Open Library > From Backup.
  3. In the “Restore from” pop-up menu, choose a backup from a specific time and date, or click ‘Other’ and navigate to a different backup file to open.

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Know of any other essential Final Cut Pro X tips and tricks? We’d love to hear all about them in the comments below.