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CineFix Presents a Collection of the Best Visual Effects

Johnathan Paul

The film geeks of CineFix shine a light on some of the most interesting, well-executed, and groundbreaking visual effects in cinematic history.

Above image from the National Library of New Zealand

CineFix has joined forces with Indiewire to drop a new movie list every other Monday. Our favorite videos in the series are the ones that cover the world of visual effects. We rounded up the  videos we liked best – so let the mind melting begin!

There’s Just Something About Being Practical

Before the advent of computers, Hollywood had to build magic by hand, a practice that’s still thriving thanks to movie makers like  Peter Jackson and JJ Abrams. Let’s check out CineFix’s picks for the Top 10 Practical Effects of All Time.

All Hail the OGs of CGI

Let’s fire up the Flux Capacitor, get the DeLorean up to 88mph, and head out to Isla Nublar with Woody and the gang. Here are the Top 10 CGI Moments from Last Century.

The Future is Now

We’ve come a long way from the wire and foam model of King Kong back in 1933. We’ve flown through a stargate and traveled to a galaxy far, far away. Then came the real 2001 and the cutting edge got even sharper. You’ll see what we mean in CineFix’s Top 10 VFX Innovations of the 21st Century.

Number One with a Bullet Time

Slow motion and film go together like Zach Snyder and comic book adaptations. Whether we’re watching stuff blow up or some intense Kung Fu action, everything looks cooler when it’s slowed down. With that in mind, here are CineFix’s Top 10 Slow-Mo Moments of All Time.

Kiss and Makeup

Makeup effects are incredibly powerful. Who didn’t love Sloth’s ugly mug – even though you were a little scared of him at first. For our final video, here’s Cinefix’s Top 10 Makeup Transformations of All Time.

What are your thoughts on these videos? Do you agree with the films they mentioned? What’s missing? Give us your list in the comments below.