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Cinema 4D Video Tutorial: Realistic Rose

Matt Jylkka

In this exclusive video tutorial we’ll show you how to create a rose in Cinema 4D . We’ve included the project file – so dive in!

In our latest Cinema 4D video tutorial we show you how to model irregular shapes and add organic textures. Follow the technique in this video to create a 3D rose in Maxon Cinema 4D:

While the video may be specifically about how to create a rose, the same texture and modeling techniques can be applied to any 3D objects you are trying to create. The following video tutorial covers:

  • Working with Objects
  • Saving Textures
  • Working with Joints
  • Using Cameras
  • Lighting a Scene

Notice how the flower petals have a very irregular shape. If you are interested in learning more about creating unconventional shapes in Cinema 4D check out our previous blog post on complex shapes.

Before you get started with this C4D tutorial you will need to download the project files and references images:

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Have any tips for creating a better rose in Cinema 4D? Share in the comments below