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Discover Cinema-Quality Royalty-Free Music with Masterworks


As a busy storyteller, you don’t always have time to listen to thousands of music tracks to find the perfect royalty-free music for your video project. Over the years, we’ve heard you loud and clear: quality is key.

That’s why, here at PremiumBeat, our focus has always been on high-quality music. We’re deliberately selective in the music we publish, and multiple members of our music content team review each track before we publish it. Our composers are full-time, professional musicians who are constantly monitoring industry trends and updating their gear to maintain a fresh, relevant sound.

We’ve now taken this quality-centric approach even further and are thrilled to introduce our Masterworks series, consisting of top-tier orchestral content with the quality you can only find in the film industry.

Introducing Masterworks

We’ve been out in the field recording live sessions with some of the top orchestras in the world. From popular classical works to original cinematic tracks, we’re bringing you cinema-quality stock music tracks at a cost that’s affordable for filmmakers large and small.

Why Record with a Live Orchestra?

Discover Cinema-Quality Royalty-Free Music with Masterworks

“Nothing beats working with live instruments,” says PremiumBeat music producer Kate Cooper. Since digital samples have become prominent in music, artists have struggled to make certain instruments sound less like someone pushing a button on a keyboard, and more like the real thing. “There’s a lot of great things that have developed with sampling software, but there are some instruments that you just can’t beat live, and those are horns and strings.”

While digital instruments have evolved over time, a live recording session is the only way to guarantee an authentic sound for stringed instruments like the violin. “The thing about stringed instruments is they breathe and they swell,” Cooper explains.

“There is so much nuance and detail to playing a stringed instrument,” says PremiumBeat music producer David Lizmi. “Thousands of micro-decisions are being made by the player and the resonance of the instrument for every note played. While software can get close, the full picture is only there when a human is playing it.”

See if you can hear for yourself in this video, where we compare the sound of digital instruments to a live orchestra.

How Did the Sessions Come Together?

To capture the full-bodied sound we were seeking, we called in the experts. After reaching out to some of the top orchestras in the world, we assembled a backstage crew made up of a PremiumBeat music producer, one (or more) of our composers, and a studio supervisor who manages the space and players.

Our music producers worked with the composer to select the genres and styles for the session. In sessions where we recorded original works, the composer wrote brand-new works and created a corresponding demo version. The music was then translated into sheet music, which the players were able to play on their first read. No practice necessary for these professionals!

Check out this behind-the-scenes look at our recording session with the Bratislava Symphony Orchestra.
Now available for use in your projects.

Dive into our collection of Masterworks music, and discover the perfect track for your project on PremiumBeat.

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