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Effective 4K Workflows in Avid Media Composer

Johnathan Paul

Ensure a smooth 4K workflow in Avid Media Composer.

As more and more video productions adopt 4K, particularly for larger commercial work, the need to have a solid video editing workflow to handle the demands of 4K footage is an absolute must. Even though many video producers and indie filmmakers are using Premiere Pro in their pipeline, Avid and Lightworks persist as the editing app of choice for many Hollywood and professional editors.

The following tutorials by Media Composer expert Kevin P McAuliffe provide a ton of tips and tricks for working with 4K footage in Avid.

In part one he goes over the basics, such as transcoding, AMA linking & basic editing. AMA (Avid Media Access) is powerful in regards to working with 4K footage.

In part two Kevin goes through the ins and outs of offline and online video editing, as well as key Avid features you need to be aware of.

Working with RED footage will give you an advantage that you never realized you had.

Hopefully these tutorials get you on your way to a an effective 4K workflow. Thanks for sharing, Kevin!

Got 4K or Avid tips to share? Let us know in the comments below.